Dream meaning of house

Surely you have wondered, what happens when you dream of a house? Have you ever woken up from a warm and deep dream where the protagonist was related to a house?

First of all you must take into account that there are many dream variants that modify the final interpretation, where certain factors within the context influence, for example, dreaming of a house, new, haunted, old, haunted, abandoned, so you must pay attention to every detail to achieve an ideal meaning to what your subconscious is telling you which is showing you in your hours of rest.

At the moment of the interpretation of the dreams it is necessary to study the state of mind of the person as well as the environment that surrounds where you have had the vision, only in this way you will know how to interpret what the mind wants to say.

Generally, in childhood it is common to draw houses, chimney, trees, little road, but what you did not know is that it symbolizes longings and the way of seeing life, nowadays there are hundreds of studies where the true representations of the houses in the infantile knowledge have been made.

For this reason, we explain to you what it means to dream of a house, its symbolism as well as the dreams that are related to it.

What does it mean to dream of a house?

What does it mean to dream of a house?

Many times you have imagined the home of your dreams and you have detailed in your subconscious how you want it to be. Houses are those places where we have the full freedom to feel comfortable, relaxed, as we really want to be.

Within the meaning of dreams and the dream world reveals the personality and the interior. It is interesting to find these messages that are sent to us from various contexts.

Generally speaking, it involves dreaming about great aspects of your life, for example, doors represent opportunities, rooms symbolize great aspects of your life. While the attic highlights the intellect and the subconscious.

In this way there are great revelations within the meaning of dreams, so you should consider the color, appearance, and size of the house.

In general terms, we will explain concisely the meanings of dreams with a house and what it represents in your life.

Dreaming of an old house

This is a dream where it reveals the need to establish priorities, abrupt and rapid changes. If you dreamed of a destroyed house with peeling walls may be giving you a warning, it means that your house is uninhabitable and you must make reforms. In any case, within the interpretation of dreams it speaks of problems, but don’t be scared before these negative energies, because old houses can be painted and redecorated in your own way, precisely what you need in your life.

Everything that is old, no longer useful, is about to expire, so it should go to the trash. You urgently need something new.

Dreams with a new house

If you dreamed of a new house, this is a good omen, doors full of success and opportunities will be waiting for you, this means that the decisions you have made lately have borne fruit.

If you still live with your parents and you have this type of dream, it informs you that it is necessary to be independent to make your life and begin to experience your financial efforts.

Dreaming of moving house

Within the meaning of house dreams, moving or change of environment symbolizes the bridge between past and future as well as the way in which the transition is taking place.

If it is a change of house and you are happy, it represents well-being in your family, if this dream causes you sadness, it means that you are leaving behind life circumstances that you will miss.

On the other hand, several analysts interpreted that very decisive emotional changes will come, but be careful not to feel overwhelmed because everything you have achieved can get out of control.

Dreams of a beautiful house

To dream of a beautiful house symbolizes inner peace in your daily life, and to be sure of yourself and what you must do to bring out great ideas and get ahead. It is trying to tell you that you are striving to achieve success and abundance for those around you.

Dreams with a big house

This type of dream symbolizes success at work and financial level, you will have abundance for you and yours. But you must know how to manage it so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. The quality and size of the house indicate the self-demand of the person, the ambitions in life.

A luxurious and large home represents complicated goals, but they are not impossible to achieve. If you have dreamed of a large house with a sea view, it indicates that it is time to relax and start taking life calmly and connect with the spiritual world; it also portends moments of family togetherness and happiness that you cannot miss.

Dreaming of a luxurious house

If you dream of a luxurious house, it indicates that you will accomplish your goals and you have achieved stability and balance in your life, it represents sentimental and economic prosperity.

Dreaming of a haunted house

Dreaming of a haunted house

Like other dreams, it is important to evaluate how you feel at the moment you enter your house. If you haven’t seen any horror movies and you feel scared, this is most likely a warning that you need to pay attention to. In case you felt comfortable, it is a warning that you are able to deal with problems and leave them in oblivion.

If you dream that you have visited a haunted house it indicates that you are ready to experience new things, but really sudden change does not please you, and if a ghost appears it is likely that someone from the past appears unexpectedly to give you an important message.

To dream of a dirty house

To dream of a dirty house symbolizes reflection and analysis of the interior, of feelings that perhaps are not clear or are under pressure, this is not bad, you just have to make big changes where dreams with dirty places indicate that you should do it soon.

Analysts reveal that the things that torment you have to do with past situations, so you should take advantage of the moment to solve everything quickly and move forward with one less weight. You still have the strength to renew your life, since the dream works as a reminder that the solution is in your hands.

Get rid of everything that does not belong to you, as well as toxic people who dirty your life, dreaming of a dirty house symbolizes cleaning the heart of the negative vibes and put color to your environment.

Dreams about cleaning the house

Dreaming about cleaning the house within the interpretation of dreams represents that it is time to reflect on your life, giving the necessary strength to put order in your life. The cleaning reveals that this dream is from the inside; your thoughts require cleaning of certain behaviors, toxic people and everything that is necessary to evolve.

You should clean your negative emotions, review what you keep inside and put order, which is called introspection, clean what you keep there and access to eliminate what is left over and keep the necessary things.

Dreams of buying a house

It is interpreted that you are immersed in an upcoming project in the family, personal and professional field. Your subconscious will speak to you of images that you are buying a house, or during the process of a pregnancy or business creation, or the beginning of a relationship with a partner that you will meet soon.

Other dream interpretations are to fight for what you want, leading to the completion of projects, to have a lot of savings in the bank and the best thing is to be independent.

To dream of a house under construction

When the house is being built, it indicates the need for you to solve contradictions and decide on the ideal path. It symbolizes interesting expectations for the future, where it implies that you are progressing in a positive way, making your life prepare for something better.

If in that house you have bricklayers, it can warn you that progress is coming or you are preparing the changes that you have wanted to make for a long time, but it is delaying you.

The interpretation of the dream symbolizes it to build a life full of dreams and to realize them without fear, to draw the projects and to risk until achieving them. It is a dream of great vitality, decision and energy. These dreams are typical of people who are family leaders and the best thing to do is to create a house to shelter them.

Dreams that a house falls down

This dream means that there is a lack of intimacy in your life, you feel that you are being watched and people get into your affairs. It symbolizes gossip, criticism and conflicts in your work, business or romantic relationships.

To dream of an abandoned house

It represents guilt, abandonment and perhaps with your attitudes you will ruin your life; it reveals that you will lose your job, problems with your partner and your property.

Dreaming of an empty house

If you have had this dream, it indicates insecurity, and that for some reason you do not feel comfortable with situations and your subconscious manifests itself through dreams with empty house, you are the material lack in front of the situation.

Dreams with unknown house

To dream of an unknown house and this is beautiful both inside and outside, with luxurious details, symbolizes your desire to evolve, and everything you do will be positive; it also means great expectations for your future in all areas that you develop.

To dream of a wooden house

To dream of a wooden house symbolizes peace, tranquility, serenity, showing that life is easy, it is a house where it represents the isolation of problems that are linked to your home. It reveals the way you should face the world.

Dreams with childhood home

It is a very vinous dream, where it symbolizes the family nexus, it also focuses on personal aspects that were developed in childhood and were part of that place. You are currently experiencing feelings that remind you of the past and moments in which you dealt with.

Dreaming of a destroyed house

These dreams are a bad omen, it may be a symbol that you will go through very painful bad times, also the need to make vital changes and redirect your life.

Dreams with old and ugly house

This aspect in the dream reveals that it is about the physical state of the body and that we must take care of ourselves because diseases are coming.

It may also present the way of acting and thinking, indicating that dreams should change adapting to the situations that arise in life.

To dream that I live in another house

To be in another home within the interpretation of dreams means that you have achieved intimacy with the person, although if you feel uncomfortable it may mean that the relationship is not going so well.

Dreams about painting a house

The colors in dreams symbolize life, it is important that you know what kind of color you were painting the house. Analysts indicate that it is necessary to give color to your life, reflecting positively on the environment where you live. Depending on the color you have dreamed, it will tell you a different need, or an emotional situation, because if you are painting them gray it is a symbol of sadness, it is time to look for the range of colors and paint your life.

Dreaming of a messy house

Dream interpreters reveal that it is a stage of emotional imbalance, or you are going through bad emotional and sentimental stages. So these analysts refer that you have a totally disconcerting concept of life, but most of these dreams depend on the personal circumstances of the dreamer.

Dreams with house keys

It means that you will have access to those things that seemed impossible to reach, but this is an element of double use either to access or to close the way to people becoming two meanings.

It is also the change that is needed to make the change, if your life is monotonous and you need to disconnect from things it is normal to dream and your subconscious is giving you alerts to look for activities that distract you or maybe you make meetings with old friends.

Dreaming of a white house

In the meaning of dreams with white house is a sign that you need to make a change because you have a busy life with triumphs but you need to disconnect from the things that give you stress.

Dreams with burnt house

It is one of the most feared dreams in the dream world, but do not worry, although it seems so, it does not represent any negative change, on the contrary, it symbolizes love, desire to live a crazy and passionate love.

Dreaming of a dark house

To dream that you find yourself in a dark house is interpreted as the dreamer is waiting for a situation to be resolved, whether it is a family quarrel, problems among friends or simply some circumstance that affects you and you want it to be resolved soon.

Others interpret it as moments of anxiety for your family, which will be difficult to deal with but the dreamer may be ignoring it.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
A house symbolizes your personal self, life situation, current state, and possibly your health. A new house or a bigger house indicates you’ve entered a new expanded phase. If the house is too small or cluttered, you are finding motivation to begin to change.
Emotional Emotional
A childhood home represents emotions, attitudes, and behaviors, created when you lived in that residence, that need to be changed now. If the house is empty, you feel insecure and isolated, or you need to develop more independence. A haunted house means unfinished emotional business related to family, dead relatives, or repressed feelings. A burglarized house means you feel vulnerable or violated, or unconscious knowledge is trying to make itself known.
Spiritual Spiritual
If the house is under construction and not yet complete, or if it needs repair, you are doing inner psychological work, getting ready for a growth spurt. Cleaning house means you’re clearing old thoughts, seeking self-improvement. Specific rooms in the house indicate specific aspects of your psyche.

Other meanings of dreaming of house

To dream that the house moves: great changes are coming in your social status, they reveal that you will become a very influential and different person.

If you have dreamed of stealing a house: it means that it is necessary to modify aspects in life, perhaps you feel sadness for things you cannot have; it symbolizes frustration for not achieving the goal.

Dreams with a glass house: reveals that compliments are hurting you, and that you will lose your dignity because of a deception and pretending what you are not.

A dream vision that the house moves: means that there is instability and imbalance in your life, that you are not doing things as they should and it is time to face the problems since your values are at stake.

To dream of the attic of the house: depending on the condition of the attic, if it is in good condition, it reveals great steps at a professional level; this type of dream will depend on the situation you wake up with, if it is happiness or if you must adjust your expectations to get what you want.

If you dreamed of the house flooded: within the meaning of dreams reveals that they are totally unexpected events and you must be attentive to face such circumstances.

If you have seen in dreams a country house: indicates that you do not like to live a hectic life, and that you want a quiet life without shocks, dreaming of the countryside reveals that you want to escape from the problems, so it is necessary to face them and seek solutions.

Dreams that you live alone in a house: maybe you are thinking of becoming independent because you need it, it is time to assume certain responsibilities and your subconscious warns you that you must be determined once and for all.


Mystics have always traditionally considered the feminine aspect of the universe as a chest, a house or a wall, as well as an enclosed garden. Another symbolic association is that which equates the house (and the above, related forms) with the repository of all wisdom, that is, tradition itself. In architectural symbolism, on the other hand, the house carries not only an overall symbolism but also particular associations attached to each of its component parts.
Nevertheless, the house as a home arouses strong, spontaneous associations with the human body and human thought (or life, in other words), as has been confirmed empirically by psychoanalysts.

The outside of the house signifies the outward appearance of Man: his personality or his mask. The various floors are related to the vertical and spatial symbols. The roof and upper floor correspond to the head and the mind, as well as to the conscious exercise of self-control. Similarly, the basement corresponds to the unconscious and the instincts (just as sewers do, in symbols pertaining to the city). The kitchen, since this is where foodstuff is transformed, sometimes signifies the place or the moment of psychic transmutation in the alchemical sense. The intercommunicating rooms speak for themselves.
The stairs are the link between the various planes of the psyche, but their particular significance depends upon whether they are seen as ascending or descending.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

Because a house is a personal dwelling place, a house under construction shows inner work is being performed on the psyche. The condition of a house – whether it is in disrepair or it is fixed up and newly painted – is also symbolic.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The house symbolizes the personality, the current situation, and the emotional or professional relationships. Therefore, to find out the meaning of this dream you must analyze all aspects.
The interior of the house is your body; the dining room and the kitchen represent the digestive system; the bedroom, rest and sexual activity; bathroom, kidneys and cleanliness, both physical and spiritual; the upper floors, the mind; and the cellar or basement, the unconscious.

Nomadic gypsies believe that dreams in which you are forced to leave your home indicate that you expect a favorable opportunity.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

An old house signifies a reunion or renewal of an old association. A new house predicts financial security. Building a house or seeing one under construction forecasts unexpected gain, possibly through a legacy; buying a house indicates a short but exciting love affair; selling a house augurs a release from pressing responsibilities.
A dream which featured a house being demolished or being in an empty one suggests you are grieving over a recent loss, broken relationship, or missed opportunity; don’t despair, time really does heal all things.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Haunted House: A house is always a symbol of the self. A haunted house then is a sense of self that is plagued by regrets of the past that continue to haunt you. What mistakes have you made that you cannot forgive yourself for?

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Anything that is a home in a dream connects to your sense of self. A house is a clear reflection of identity at the time of the dream. The sense of identity that the dream is trying to express relates directly to the qualities of the house as it appears in the dream. A house from your past and/or childhood relates to your identity as it was generated at the time you lived there.
A house from your imagination also relates to your sense of self, and you must use the context of the dream to inform you of the meaning to associate with it.
A mansion is an expanded sense of self, while something small or more rundown is asking you to look at issues of self-worth.
A house under construction is the self being built up, whereas one that is being destroyed takes on the view of deconstruction or reinvention. The same ideas should be applied to any living space, from an apartment to a hotel room, a great big house or a hovel.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Houses symbolize your mind, with all their levels and secret passageways and dark closets and wide-open rooms with windows, and dreams about houses (or any living space) reflect the current state of your mental life.

Huge spaces mean you have an open mind and lots of potential.
Tiny, cramped spaces mean you have narrowed yourself too much.
Lavish furnishings and opulence show inner richness.
Spare, meager furnishings or a run-down house mean you need to enrich your mind.
Secret rooms and hidden passageways show you still have much to discover about yourself.
If you are only renting, you haven’t quite settled into your real way of thinking yet. Some self-examination may be in order.
An empty living space means great potential to take your life in any direction.
If you are looking at homes to buy, you are trying out a big change in attitude and perception. Are you upgrading or downgrading?

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