Dream meaning of city

To dream that you are in a strange city, denotes you will have sorrowful occasion to change your abode or mode of living.

To dream of a city council, foretells that your interests will clash with public institutions and there will be discouraging outlooks for you.

City Hall

To dream of a city hall, denotes contentions and threatened law suits.

To a young woman this dream is a foreboding of unhappy estrangement from her lover by her failure to keep virtue inviolate.

Physical Physical
You need more privacy or more social involvement. You are dealing with community issues involving cooperation and interdependence.
Emotional Emotional
To be alone in a city means you feel rejected or overwhelmed by others. A city in ruins means you’re neglecting social relationships.
Spiritual Spiritual
A city with tall skyscrapers indicates you’re dealing with collective thought and belief structures and world views.


Ornamental reliefs on capitals, lintels, and tympana of the Middle Ages often depict the outlines of a walled city, although in a way which is more emblematic than symbolic. These ornaments are a kind of prefiguration of the heavenly Jerusalem. An angel armed with a sword is sometimes to be seen at the city gate.

Jung sees the city as a mother-symbol and as a symbol of the feminine principle in general: that is, he interprets the City as a woman who shelters her inhabitants as if they were her children; that is why the two mother-gods Rhea and Cybele—as well as other allegorical figures derived from them—wear a crown after the pattern of a wall. The Old Testament speaks of cities as women.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

The meaning of a dream about a city very much depends on one’s perspective and personal associations.

In earlier cultural times the city was the place of action and excitement, with very positive connotations, the place to market wares and to buy food, goods, and services. Entertainment and songs glorified particular cities (e.g., New York, Chicago, San Francisco, London, and Paris).

More recently, the city has become associated with crime, gangs, drug wars, and police brutality.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The city symbolizes the human psyche. Depending on how it is represented in the dream it indicates how things are in your mind.

If the city offers a beautiful spectacle it means that harmony reigns inside you. In case it is noisy and polluted, it is a clear indication that your ideas are altered by the internal chaos you are experiencing. On the other hand, the city can represent everything around you, including family and friends.

If you feel alone as you enter it in the dream, you can feel that way with your social role in reality.

If you dream that it is fortified with walls it will express your need for self- defense against outside threats; and a ruined city warns against neglected relationships. Finally, to get lost in the city shows your own existential loss.

Mythological cities usually have eight gates, one of which is sealed. Each door represents a change in your life; the eighth is the end of the trip, in other words, death.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

Tall buildings, busy streets, traffic and crowds …. Cities have a lot of energy and development. Dreams of cities can represent your desire for more excitement, more social interaction, or more culture. They can also symbolize your detachment from the natural world, your isolation in a crowded place, or stress at having too much to do all the time.

To dream of having fun in a city means you crave stimulation and you want people around you.
To dream of being scared or lost in a city symbolizes your feeling of isolation from the social world. You don’t feel like you belong, and you don’t know how to find your way back into the group.
To dream of being angry or irritated in a city or to see small signs of nature in a city, such as a tree or a bird, suggests you haven’t been getting enough of the natural world. You need more nature in your life to feel balanced.
To dream of a city that has been destroyed means your social connections may be falling apart. Are you neglecting your friends?

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