Dream Interpretation

1 flavor


To taste or dream of different flavors in your dream suggests that you need to have more variety in your life. Consider the significance of the specific flavors (i.e. sour, sweet, salty).
2 USB drive

USB drive

To see a USB Drive in your dream refers to ideas and advices that you need to look at incorporating into a waking situation or some aspect of your life.Dreaming of using a USB Drive means that you are able to easily convey your feelings, beliefs ...
3 styrofoam


To see Styrofoam in your dream indicates that you are undergoing some form of transition in your life. In particular, to see a Styrofoam cup in your dream suggests that you are feeling somewhat insecure or instable in a relationship.
4 pentagram


The pentagram is a widely misunderstood symbol; it has its roots in Christianity but is often used in the media in an inverted shape to refer to elements of the evil side of the occult. Its pure meaning connects to the five senses and the experience ...
5 image


If you dream that you see images, you will have poor success in business or love.To set up an image in your home, portends that you will be weak minded and easily led astray.Women should be careful of their reputation after a dream of this ...
6 Saturn


To see Saturn in your dream represents discipline, constraints, and limitations. It is a reflection of your conservative attitude.Alternatively, the dream refers to the cycles of life and how it brings about destruction and rebirth.Saturn ...
7 attic


An attic in dreams is associated with thoughts or thinking processes. It can symbolize your mental, intellectual, or spiritual life. The symbolism derives from a physical orientation representing areas of the body.The attic is the head or mind. ...
8 rainforest


To dream that you are in a rainforest suggests that you feel your emotions are being undermined and "cut down".Alternatively, the dream represents your waking concerns about the environment. It may also be a metaphor of the impact that you have ...
9 defibrillator


To dream that someone is using a defibrillator on you implies that you need to be reenergized. You need to literally get a jumpstart on your goals.
10 crutches


To dream that you go on crutches, denotes that you will depend largely on others for your support and advancement.To see others on crutches, denotes unsatisfactory results from labors.The symbolic meaning of the crutch derives directly from ...
11 coffin


Naturally all human beings at some point in our lives have very strange dreams where animals, objects and even coffins usually appear. And that's precisely what I come to talk about. Currently we do not find many results when we ask ourselves this ...
12 tennis


To dream that you are playing tennis represents changes or challenges in your life. You need to actively assert yourself and prove yourself time and time again.Alternatively, playing or watching tennis indicates that you are unable to commit to ...
13 floodlights


To see floodlights in your dreams symbolize your desire to open up and be understood. You need to try to shed as much light on a subject as you can.To see a floodlight burn out symbolizes that you are being kept out in the dark about certain ...
14 lava


In dreams we can see fascinating things, when we are in the dream plane, everything can feel and look very real and we can even feel disappointed with reality when we realize that it was all a dream. Sometimes it is not necessary to have a close ...
15 pizzeria


To dream that you are in a pizzeria implies that you are surrounded by love and warmth. You feel at ease. Dreaming that your own a pizzeria represents dedication and commitment.
16 end


To dream of an end to something represents an achievement or goal that has been reached. It may also mean that the bad times are coming to an end. Or perhaps your time is running out and you need to come to a decision about some issue.The end of ...
17 wall


To see a wall in your dream signifies limitations, obstacles and boundaries. There is a barrier obstructing your progress. Alternatively, the wall indicates that you are too accustomed to your old habits and way of thinking. You feel stuck. If you ...
18 thread


To dream of thread, denotes that your fortune lies beyond intricate paths.To see broken threads, you will suffer loss through the faithlessness of friends.See also: SpoolsTo dream that you threaten someone suggests that you need to assert and ...
19 pregnant


Maternity is a subject that although it is mainly related to women, in dreams it can also reach the male public. This is because dreaming of pregnancy is related to the need for affection, care and protection that we as human beings can feel. ...
20 bass guitar

bass guitar

To hear a bass guitar in your dream symbolizes harmony and unity.If you see or dream that you are playing a bass guitar, then it suggests that you are feeling overshadowed or under- appreciated. You feel you are not being recognized for your ...

Dreams are symbols used by subjectivity to impress the objective or material mind with a sense of coming good or evil. Subjectivity is the spiritual part of man.

The soul is that circle of man lying just outside the gross materiality and partaking largely of it.

Dreams really are, in the truest sense, a doorway: to greater self-awareness, knowledge, success, and the possibility of a rich, full life.

Sounds great, but how do you open and walk through that door?

Creative problem solving in dreams can take place either by considering dream activities and images as realistic representations or as metaphors or symbols.

Dream Interpretation

Dreams expand your sense of personal identity because you realize you’re composed of energy, emotions, thoughts, and higher patterns of awareness.

You, the soul, are never unconscious! You are always focusing on themes and issues that further your growth, flowing through different realms of your awareness.

By interpreting night dreams, you can discover what’s going on in your innermost life.

What Purpose Do Dreams Serve?

Dreams expand your capacity to know things that are in the past, the future, in other locations, and other dimensions of reality. Dreams that come true, or give you information you couldn’t obtain by normal means, can open you to know, not just theorize, that we are all much more vast than we realize.

Dreams help you in real ways — with problem solving, decision making, improving communication, healing yourself and others, even manifesting the help and resources you need.

The more you work with dreams, the more you’ll learn to trust yourself, and you’ll realize how naturally intuitive and creative you are.

Dreams Help You

Dreams help you in real ways — with problem solving, decision making, improving communication, healing yourself and others, even manifesting the help and resources you need. The dream state is a fertile field awaiting the seeds you sow.

They teach you about your psychological process and the subconscious beliefs and fears that interfere with growth and happiness. Your dreams can show you how to be more flexible, tolerant, loving, and lovable.

Dedicate Your Bedroom to Sleep

stage of dream

  1. Instead of using your bed as an office, think of your bedroom as a personal sleep sanctuary.
  2. To quiet your bedroom, remove noisemakers like television, radio, and telephone.
  3. Move the bookcases to another room.
  4. Meditate in bed, sitting up, before sleep, or use the time to write in your dream diary.
Dream Dictionary
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