Walking and talking in your sleep

Sleepwalking is an attempt to put a dream into action. Most likely you have grown out of the habit, if you ever had it, but if an occasion arises which is very stressful, we may, like Lady Macbeth, reenact the nightmare in this way.

Talking in your sleep is similar in cause to sleep movement. It is an attempt to carry a dream on verbally.

You are more likely to walk or talk or move in your sleep when you are under mental pressure.

Most of the time this is totally harmless but some sleepwalkers and talkers can put themselves in real danger.

Precautions should therefore be taken.

Make sure windows are closed and, if stairs are a hazard, doors locked.

If you’re really worried about your sleepwalking, seek advice from your doctor and if someone you know is sleepwalking don’t try to wake them – just guide them quietly and gently back to bed.

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