Dream meaning of weight

To dream of your own weight represents your self-esteem, influence, or power of persuasion. It is also indicative of the burdens you carry in life. Alternatively, it represents your weight concerns about your fitness and appearance. The dream can also be a pun for “waiting”.

If in the dream we are weighing ourselves and see that we have gained a few pounds, this warns of our fear of facing some responsibilities for which we are not prepared, but these new obligations will bring us profits and prosperity.

If we dream that we weigh ourselves and lose a few pounds, it is a sign that we lack the character to defend our views and are immersed in the decisions that others make.

Usually dreams in which we feel light or weightless indicate our need to grow spiritually. If in the dream we feel light, it suggests that we should release ourselves from the pressures established by some situation that concerns us, as well as from our longing for a spiritually higher life.

If in the dream we feel uncomfortable with the feeling of lightness, it indicates that we are paying too much attention to superficial matters, and we should give the necessary importance to some aspects of our behavior to give solidity to our relationships.

In the case that we see ourselves in the dream weighing an object in kilograms, it indicates that we are determining the importance of some situation that worries us in real life, if what we weigh is light, it suggests that the worries are insignificant and we are giving them too much importance.

If the object we weigh is too heavy, it warns that we are not paying the attention that this situation requires and it is necessary to establish the importance of this in order to resolve any inconveniences that may arise.

To dream that you are lifting weights

Lifting weights

To dream that you are lifting weights represents your strength and power. Do not underestimate what a person can do. Alternatively, the dream is a metaphor that you are flexing your muscles. You want others to know that you are in charge.

To dream that you lift weights in the gym is a sign that you should prepare yourself properly to face some difficult tests that will arise and that you will have to overcome in order to consolidate your projects on a professional level.

In the case of dreaming that we do not agree to lift a load, it will be a sign that we will not face the consequences of our actions, we will make mistakes that will hurt a very dear person and it is very possible that they will move away completely.


To see a weight lifter in your dream indicates that you need to enhance your sense of power and use that power to your advantage.

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3 Definitions
  1. Being weighed down in a dream may indicate that the dreamer is waiting for someone or something to change before they can feel unburdened in their life. Lightness, alternatively, often represents lighter, or more positive, emotions.

  2. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 2:28 pm

    Whether the weighing involved yourself, others, or things, the dream is telling you that you are under close scrutiny by those whose judgment could affect your future, so be careful not to do anything you can’t justify for the time being. 

  3. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    Weights are used to counterbalance the muscles in the body in order to help them expand and grow. Weights connect to the principle that controlled effort is a part of the idea of change.
    If weights appear in your dream, you desire to increase and expand certain aspects of your identity and are willing to make the effort to create that change. Such a dream may also point to resistance to the work associated with facing change. Look to the context of the dream to illuminate which sensibility is being expressed.

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