Dream meaning of doors

Dreaming about doors is one of the most representative dreams we can have. If you dreamt of doors you are one step away from winning or losing something important for you or your partner. Doors have represented the entrance or exit to a new space. Therefore, you should not take lightly a dream with doors because it means something important to happen and we will detail it below.

We usually see images with positive messages throughout the day where doors are the main protagonist. From religious ones like “God opens doors day by day” to motivational ones “doors are waiting to open”, we will always find doors as the beginning or the end of an event in our life.

However, we must identify what type of door we are opening or closing, as well as whether we are able to cross it or what is the color of the doors. In some cases it is only one door, in other dreams it is many doors in a long hallway. All this has its own meaning of the dream and will help us to understand What does it mean to dream of doors?

What does it mean to dream of doors?

Whether entering, exiting or seeing doors the meaning is one of change. To dream of doors represents a positive or negative beginning. To understand this prediction we divide the most frequent dreams with doors into several meanings. If the dream becomes recurrent in your life, take into account the opportunities that are presenting themselves in your day to day life or, on the contrary, escape from most of the problems that are bothering you. Here are the meanings of dreaming about doors.

Dreams with open doors

Unlike our previous dream, dreaming of open doors is positive, but it will come from a third party, that is, there is a person who is preparing the way for you to succeed or change your life.

This dream predicts the importance of being attentive to the signs around us. That is, conversations about a new company, a new business or the arrival of important people that we can meet or approach them. You should take the dream with open doors as opportunities in the environment, waiting to be taken by you.

If the door is in a building of interest to you, it means that a job promotion is coming. If it is in an old building, it means that gifts will come from your family and will substantially change your life. If the door is a place you are afraid or phobic of, it means that your current problems will be coming to an end as long as you wish to get out of them.

Dreaming of opening doors

To dream of opening doors is positive no matter what your current circumstances are. If you are going through a bad phase or streak in your life, it means that changes are coming and whatever is bothering you is about to end. However, since you are the one who is opening the doors, it means that the changes or the bad period will come to your life by your own merits and abilities.

Now, if you are going through a stage of uncertainty or various paths to take, dreaming of opening doors will bring positive energies and mental calm. That is, you will end up taking the right path or making the change you were waiting for. In these cases it is recommended to be prudent and analyze the next steps to take.

On the other hand, if you are in an excellent stage of your life and you dreamed of opening doors, then you are approaching improvements in your salary, an improvement in your work area and new friends. In general, it is a good time to invest in new businesses or start your own from scratch. You are with all energies aligned to make a new change in your life.

Dreaming of closed doorways

Contrary to our previous predictions, dreaming of closed doors is not positive. It is a bad omen for the meaning of not finding the way out of the problems we have, predicting the arrival of new inconveniences.

If you dreamt of closed doors, it is not the time to invest. It is convenient to properly analyze our next steps and establish what kind of relationships we have with our environment, as well as the possibility of better organizing the time we dedicate to our job and family. That is to say, to look for the way to relax in the environment we have, so that new ideas come to our mind and we can get out of the problems.

When we dream of trying to open closed doors, it means that we seek to protect ourselves from people who want to cause us harm. This dream suggests not to trust anyone and to be attentive to betrayals, avoiding giving explanations or telling secrets to third parties.

Dreams with many doors

Dreams with many doors

This dream can have different meanings. To dream of many doors represents the balance between positive and negative, that is, it warns us that we must be attentive to opportunities, but they can not be taken in haste. The meaning of dreaming of many doors depends on their condition.

If the doors look good and are in perfect condition, the meaning is positive. If the opposite is true and they are in terrible condition, the meaning is negative. Emotions play an important role in the dream.

If we were afraid to open them, then we are trying to escape from an important decision or we are not ready to take them (change of city, a new job, new responsibilities). On the contrary, if we are happy to see them, then we are waiting for the arrival of new news and emotions in our life.

Dreaming of closing doors

Did you dream of closing doors? Then you are trying to close your life to change or people. However, this does not suggest that it is negative since you are trying to defend yourself or push away things that you consider negative for you, such as new people, false job offers or hypocrisy.

Generally, dreaming of closing doors is protection against the unknown. It is a time when you prefer to be conservative and not dare the unknown. Generally, we will seek comfort rather than challenges of which we do not know the way or the possible outcome.

Dreams with wooden doors

To dream of wooden doors symbolizes change, but it depends on what you do with the door. If you dream of having problems with this door and you have to repair it, then it predicts the arrival of conflicting situations to your project, which will trigger economic problems and abuse from other people.

If you dreamed of wooden doors in perfect condition, then it predicts the arrival of opportunities and help from other people in your project. For it to be a positive dream the door must be easy to open and not be afraid to do so, otherwise, the energies will be negative.

Dreaming of entrances that open

Did you dream of doors that open? Analyze your life for a moment and review the opportunities you are having. It is a stage where some people want to contribute positively in your life, but you are not waking up to these situations. That is, this dream predicts opportunities that you are not taking, therefore, they can close at any time and not reopen. In general, it is an invitation to be awake and always ask for the opportunities available to be taken.

Dreams with white doors

To dream of white doors is a sign of tranquility, optimism and spirituality. Whether you are religious or not, new positive energies are bound to change your life. If you are going through a stage of distress, new opportunities will come and you will solve both your economic and sentimental problems. If you are going through a stage of normality, expect tranquility to come into your life represented in greater economic gains with less or similar effort. It is a dream of positive energies and good luck.

Dreaming of gates and keys

It will absolutely depend on your reality and actuality to interpret a dream with gates and keys. If you are going through a bad time, then it means that you try to repress your feelings as much as possible and do not want to open yourself to the public for any reason, so much so that you prefer solitude to receive advice, even if it is positive. If you are going through a good time, then you prefer to isolate your emotions because of past experiences that were not profitable for you and you do not want to repeat them.

Dreams with corridors and doors

It is one of the dreams that represent fear and uncertainty. To dream of corridors and doors represents indecision and the path to take. However, it depends on the feelings you had at the time to interpret the dream. In some cases, the dreamer will be happy to see all these doors and represent the opportunities that are available to you. In other cases, the dreamer is afraid and will represent the lack of opportunities and all the doors you have failed to open.

Dreaming of small doors

Did you dream of small doors? This is a dream vision of self-esteem and opportunity. You are at a stage where you prefer small challenges but they have big rewards for you. In addition, you are looking for emotional balance rather than economic balance. A small door is a sign that the path is not clear, but you should not worry because you have an entrance or exit to a world of better opportunities at an economic, sentimental and spiritual level. To dream of small doors predicts good luck in sentimental matters, taking precautions.

Physical Physical
Stepping through a door symbolizes a new endeavor, or moving from one phase of life to another. A closed door is an unavailable opportunity, or you must exert effort to open it. A choice of many doors shows a juncture at which a choice must be made. Revolving doors suggest you’re moving in circles, going nowhere.
Emotional Emotional
If doors are locked or obstructed, you are making life difficult for yourself through resistance, or there are repressed, hidden emotions you’re avoiding. You need to find the key that allows entry without force. If you can’t find the door out of someplace, you’re feeling trapped by life circumstances. A door slammed in your face represents opportunities that are denied you, possibly because you feel unwanted.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are bridging two states of awareness. A small door symbolizes the desire for inner exploration and self-discovery.

Other meanings of dreams with doors

Doorknob. To see a doorknob in your dream symbolizes either access or restriction. Alternatively, the dream may suggest that you are not thinking intelligently.

If you dream that the doorknob is talking, then it means that someone is always watching you. It also indicates that you are being underestimated in some way.

Doormat. To see a doormat in your dream indicates that you feel others are walking all over you and taking advantage you.
Consider also if there is any message or words on the door mat as this will be significant in meaning.

Doorway. To see a bricked-up doorway in your dream implies that you are shutting yourself down from the world. If you are inside the bricked-up doorway, then it represents your sheltered life.

If you are outside the bricked-up doorway, then it means that there is a deep secret that you are trying to prevent from coming out. Alternatively, a bricked-up doorway is similar to a locked door and signifies missed or denied opportunities.

A feminine symbol which, notwithstanding, contains all the implications of the symbolic hole, since it is the door which gives access to the hole; its significance is therefore the antithesis of the wall. There is the same relationship between the temple-door and the altar as between the circumference and the centre: even though in each case the two component elements are the farthest apart, they are nonetheless, in a way, the closest since the one determines and reflects the other.
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4 Definitions
  1. Doors may have a variety of different meanings that can usually be ascertained depending on how the door is disposed in a dream.

    An open door indicates a new opportunity; stepping through a doorway means appropriating a new opportunity, or entering into a new phase of life; a choice of many doorways shows a juncture at which a choice must be made; and a locked door indicates something repressed or hidden.

    A closed door may represent something hidden, or it may symbolize an opportunity that is closed to us.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 5, 2022 at 6:16 am

    It is a beautiful symbol full of meaning, especially if it is opening. In that case, it generally represents personal development and desire to explore your inner world, or it suggests that you are about to cross the threshold of a new life stage or to begin an important new project.

    If in the dream they shut the door in your face, you may have the feeling of being excluded or ignored by others.

    If you are not able to open it, it is a reminder that, right now, you should not try to alter the situation in which you are.

    If the door is too narrow you may have to give up some of your demands in order to succeed.

    For Freud, this dream has a clear sexual reading: door represents the vagina. Consequently, if it is narrow it is a symbol of sexual difficulties, and the act of opening and closing it continuously is a clear allusion to intercourse.

    The doorknob predicts unexpected good luck; its hinges, family problems.

    A closed door predicts lost opportunities; an open one, fortune; a revolving one, the arrival of a monotonous period; and a trapdoor, shocking news.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 9, 2022 at 4:41 pm

    Closed or locked doors usually signify vain regrets over past or missed opportunities; save your energy. An open door, especially if it reveals a pleasing vista, predicts a realization of your highest hopes. More than one door in a dream means that you will soon be able to choose from a number of good opportunities.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 13, 2022 at 10:21 am

    You may be facing an opportunity or choice to venture into the unknown. A door is the obstacle that separates a person from accessing whatever is in the room to which the door marks the entrance. It represents both opportunity and choice. What is on the other side connects with opportunity. The volition required to open it and cross the threshold connects with choice. Additionally, when one door closes, another one opens, suggesting a correlation with transitions in life. Even if you think you know what is on the other side, a closed door creates mystery and uncertainty and usually refers to something that is unknown.

    A door that is ajar or open is an invitation from the unconscious to check out what’s beyond it. The more doors there are, the more complex the choice at hand may be. The size and weight of the door may indicate the importance of the issue being expressed.

    Shutting a door indicates the will to end something or the ability to set a boundary with certainty and clarity. A door being shut on the dreamer is an obstacle that is created by another person or a set of circumstances in the dreamer’s waking life. The person creating the obstacle may in fact be yourself. If you are not in control of whether the door is open or closed, issues of forced choice or lack of choice could be indicated.

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