Dream meaning of message

Dreaming with a message is not a modern dream, in ancient times text messages were considered those that were received by any means and were even part of important predictions. At that time, messages delivered positive or negative news and the receiver was in charge of interpreting them through dream experts.

Nowadays, messages have been transformed into e-mails or text messages, but this does not mean that their prediction has changed over time, on the contrary, it has gained new interpretations of what dreaming about a message can mean.

Of course, dreaming about message depends on the type of message, the medium, who sent it or whether we sent it. Also, the meaning varies depending on whether it is a message of love or perhaps a message of hate. In some cases, dreamers warned about dreams with message from death or that were considered as a premonition for the death of a close acquaintance.

What does it mean to dream of a message?

What does it mean to dream of message

To understand the meaning of dreaming with message we divide most types of messages that may come to you in a normal day in your life. Each dream with message means something different from the previous one and as we mentioned, it will depend on the sender and the situation you are currently in to receive a certain message. Below is a list of meanings of dreaming with messages.

Dreaming of a love message

To dream of a love message predicts the arrival of good news related to your family and relationships. That is, you are about to receive an important call about the result of a long work, for which you took great care and devoted time. However, to dream of a love message when you are single and unemployed means that your situation is changing and that someone will give you the opportunity you need.

Dreams with voice mail

To dream of voice mail predicts the arrival of news, but it will depend on your feelings at the time of the dream to determine whether it is positive or negative news. Generally, if you dreamed with voice message you are anxious to know the answer to a project, job interview or situation that is bothering you because you do not know the outcome, which generates stress. However, dreaming of a voice message coming to you is a sign that the answer is very close.

Dreaming of a text message

To dream of text message predicts that your social circle is expanding, but you need to show yourself to the world as you really are and not hide yourself from society. In other words, you are seeking approval from different people, but selling yourself as a totally different person than you are. Therefore, if you dream with text message you must show your qualities and that your social circle adapts to your needs and behaviors.

Dreams with message from ex

Dreaming with message from ex has several meanings. If you are in a monotonous relationship, it means that you want to improve your sexual and sentimental experiences. If you are single, it means that you want to live good experiences again and spend time in the company of someone. However, dreaming of a message from your ex does not mean that you miss her, but it does mean that you would like to have those experiences.

Dreams with message in the sky

To dream of a message in the sky portends either distress or happiness. The reason for these two opposites is determined by your feelings at the time of the dream. If you were afraid, stressed and alone and you dreamt with message in the sky, it predicts that you are not having a good horizon in your personal life and only problems will come day by day. But, when you dream with message in the sky and you were calm and happy, it is because moments of good luck, business and prosperity are coming.

Dreaming with message from God

To dream of a message from God augurs blessings and a change in your life situation, in case you are in a bad stage. It is a frequent dream when there are distressed or stressed people who are not looking for meaning in their lives and through prayers they ask for some kind of sign. To dream of a message from God involves your spiritual, sentimental and harmonious side, however, it may warn you that you lack the above and it is time to return to the fullness.

Dreaming of Facebook message

To dream of Facebook message portends meeting friends, since the platform is dedicated exclusively to this and our brain interprets its services as what your life needs at this moment. For those who use this social network to do business or seek employment, dreaming with Facebook message will mean positive anxiety, ie, desire that your messages are accepted by others and seek new opportunities.

Dreaming of WhatsApp message

This dream is part of the new interpretations thanks to modernity and technology. When you dream of WhatsApp message simply refers to the need to keep you informed about some event in your life, whether work, economic or sentimental. That is, if you dreamed with WhatsApp message you are waiting for a response or invitation to start a new project, therefore, your stress levels may increase and you may feel frustrated by not receiving answers.

Dreams with chat message

To dream of a chat message indicates prosperous relationships, as long as you are calm at the moment of receiving the message. When you are unhappy with what you read, it means that you are approaching a stage of stress because of third parties whose actions are affecting you directly, however, caution is recommended to respond to the situation. If you dream of a chat message but you cannot respond, it means that you are sorry for your behavior in a situation and that you would like to apologize and remedy what happened.

Dreaming of a death message

To dream of a death message foretells new life-changing news, meaning that the message you will receive in the following days will change your way of being and behaving with others. However, it does not mean that someone is going to die or get married, as the message is received directly by you and involves your life. To dream frequently with a death message means fears and uncertainty, precisely because you do not know an answer that will change your life.

Dreams with message from dead relative

To dream of a message from a dead relative foretells changes in the family and an upcoming friendly meeting with relatives. It is a sign of how distant you are from your family or how little importance you give to them.

If you dream of a message from a dead relative, you are about to receive news from your family, which you cannot avoid or pass up, since the message is considered important. In other circumstances, dreaming of a message from a dead relative means that you miss that person and that you never expressed your affection before death.

Dreams with message from a dead person

To dream of a message from a dead person, that you know and was your friend, means that you miss that person and you have time without knowing about his relatives or children that he left in this world. The best way to honor a dream with a message from a dead person is to ask for his descendants, to know the current situation or to visit him in the cemetery. However, it is recommended that once you have done this, you dedicate some time of thought and gratitude to him, reminding him that he is always present in your life.

Dreams with message of infidelity

Dreams with message of infidelity

To dream of a message of infidelity foretells lack of confidence, low self-esteem and if you have a partner, a constant dissatisfaction with her. It is a sign to change the situation and seek dialogue with your partner to avoid repeating past mistakes, including those committed by parents. If you are single and dream of infidelity message means that you lack self-esteem and are allowing others to make important decisions for you, therefore, it is essential that you make a self-assessment of your life and direct things in your favor, without relying on others.

Secret message

In waking life, secret messages or codes are used to convey important information as speedily as possible and to keep secrets from outsiders or enemies.

Any dream in which you were sent a code that you could decipher may therefore indicate the need for speed and secrecy when communicating with someone in waking life.

Unable to understand the code

If, however, you were unable to understand the code, this suggests that you are finding it impossible to understand someone in real life. The secret message in your dream may also appear in the form of an anagram (a word puzzle in which you rearrange the letters of the original word or phrases).

If your dream messages don’t make sense, look for hidden codes. Write the mystery message or word down on a piece of paper and try to see if there are any words that sound the same but mean something different.

Can you rearrange the letters to form different words or another phrase? In most cases, if you play around with the words you’ll discover their secrets.

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