Dream meaning of violated

To feel or dream that you have been violated represents feelings of being oppressed by others or by situations in your life. You feel that you do not have the power to change the path that your life is taking on. Try not to blame yourself for circumstances that are beyond your control.

Dreams in which scenes of violence appear usually have negative connotations. These types of dreams also usually occur when people have just overcome some kind of physical or emotional violence. According to psychology experts, violent dreams are part of the consequences of having suffered an accident in which one was on the verge of death.

Dreams have always been related to the spiritual part. The opinion of some experts connected with the supernatural world, such as spiritualists or clairvoyants, agrees that violent dreams can be interpreted as the need to make changes in one’s personality or emotions.

These dreams can also be related to a lack of affection from a partner, family, or friends. They also indicate some other kind of deficiency that may be more related to the physical health part, or also to some material well-being.

Dreams in which impulsive situations are shown also denote a part of the personality subject to that same impulsiveness. It is very likely that people who have this type of dream are going through a difficult phase that they are not yet able to overcome.

In the case of dreaming of a rape, the interpretation of such dreams can be confusing. This is because it is necessary to analyze how this fact relates to the person’s real life. In the case where the dreamer is a survivor of such an event, it is likely that the emotional consequences left behind are worsening the person’s mental health.

dream that you have been violated

What does it mean to dream of a rape from the point of view of psychology?

Rape, in a broad use of the word, does not only designate the act of violating a person’s body or personal space. Usually this word arouses in people a feeling of terror and pain. Rape can be related not only to the sexual act, but also to the act of violating a person’s privacy.

In different treatises on psychology, most authors and experts on the subject agree that one of the emotional sequels that survives rape is shown through dreams. Statistically there is a high rate of patients who have been raped, that in the last days to that fact have these kinds of dreams.

The repetition of this fact in the person’s mind is one of the pathologies. Not being able to forget the details of what happened is classified as trauma. This can manifest itself in different ways, people usually have physical symptoms mainly, but also some other mental symptoms. Some are the lack or excess of sleep, that’s where the appearance of dreams in which the rape scenes are shown comes into play.

But it is also necessary to consider that there are people who dream about this subject without having suffered this type of violence in real life. In this case they can be influenced by several external factors, such as what they see on television, social networks, advertising, books, movies; but mainly by the news.

Unfortunately, events of this type continue to be recorded in the world population on a daily basis. Rape rates are still high in different countries around the world. This has generated a widespread reaction of fear at the possibility of suffering this type of violence at any time. Therefore, it is not surprising that having this kind of dream is common for some people, who seek to prevent this fact in their lives.


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