What does it mean to dream about bridge

Dreams of a bridge represent connecting one place in consciousness to another, one relationship to another, or one aspect of yourself to another.

If you successfully cross the bridge, you’ve left the past behind. If the bridge is broken or in need of repair, then it is suggesting that you need to slowdown in a new relationship or business venture. If the bridge is burned, then it means a relationship has been severed.

A bridge in the dream might represent a crossing point in your life. Imagine your feelings as you cross the bridge.

A bridge is essentially that which makes a connection between two separate entities. You are seeking to make connections within your own consciousness. A dream about a bridge indicates that some sort of transition is taking place or that you are in search of a solution to what feels like an insurmountable problem. Since a bridge takes you from one place to another, it also carries the meaning of a transition in life.

Since many bridges are suspended over water, an emotional issue is often the underlying conflict being expressed by this symbol.

Dreaming of this symbol is a sign that you are evolving or undergoing a change. Perhaps it is a job, a move, or a relationship that will soon begin. In this case it will critical whether the oneiric bridge was firm and if you crossed it safely. It may also refer to something more spiritual: the reception of new values and the burial of the past.
Another possibility is that you are trying to join two pieces of your life or to fill an empty space of your life.

Life is a bridge that crosses a sea full of changes. We must cross it but never build our house on it. The dream may represent your life journey.

To see a long bridge dilapidated, and mysteriously winding into darkness, profound melancholy over the loss of dearest possessions and dismal situations will fall upon you.
To the young and those in love, disappointment in the heart’s fondest hopes, as the loved one will fall below your ideal.
To cross a bridge safely, a final surmounting of difficulties, though the means seem hardly safe to use. Any obstacle or delay denotes disaster.
To see a bridge give way before you, beware of treachery and false admirers.
Affluence comes with clear waters. Sorrowful returns of best efforts are experienced after looking upon or coming in contact with muddy or turbid water in dreams.

A bridge can symbolize transitioning from one phase or place in life to another.

Such as when transitioning from living with family to living on your own, or from single life to married life, or from professional to retired. In this sense, a bridge symbolizes an important juncture in your life, between two points.

Being across a bridge from someone you know can symbolize a divide between you. A divide might be caused by hurt feelings, difference of opinion, or different backgrounds. Or it might be a matter of opportunity or personal connection.

Freud lists four meanings of the bridge symbol:

  • It may represent the male sexual organ, which ‘bridges the gap’ between male and female sexual partners.
  • It may also symbolize birth – that is, the crossing from ‘the other world’ to this, or from womb to independent existence.
  • It may represent (something that leads to) death – that is, a return to the womb, or to ‘the other world’, ‘the other side’.
  • It may symbolize any sort of transition in the dreamer’s life. However, the symbolized change may be something that can be achieved more easily, but still possibly requiring will and determination; for example, a change of lifestyle, or a passmg from middle years into old age.

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Last night, a terrifying bridge dream: Ian, Chris, and I are in the station wagon going up a ramp. We go off and land on a parapet – precarious but solid. I get out and go for help. This entails dropping off the parapet – some 40 feet down into water, into which I sink some 20 feet before touching bottom. Then I go up, like a shot, and try to get back in the car via a ramp. But it is one-way. Somewhere along the way, a man is lifting cars with ease.

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