What does it mean to dream about video games

Dreams sometimes cause us much curiosity, because they are usually associated with very elaborate mental processes. These can be triggered by external sensory or somatic stimuli, and even aspects of daily life. It is the case of dreaming with video games, where you go back to the time of your childhood when you used to share with your friends and family.

When you dream of games in video format, it means that you like to have a lot of fun and get together with friends. You are sociable, outgoing and this is the way you can express what you feel. This dream vision points to the true meaning of life, to focus on helping others without receiving anything in return. Just like the process of life that children go through.

This type of dream represents that inner child in you. You are a very generous person, and when you feel that you have found your true friends you do everything to make that friendship last over time. This dream indicates that you have not lost the will to have fun, and that you know yourself too well not to let anyone bend you down.

What does it mean to dream of video games?

There are different types of dreams, which could be classified according to their themes. Dreams with video games mean that you must make important decisions in your life. The time has come to leave behind a little bit the moments that are not important, and occupy your time in doing things that are really relevant in your life.

This dream vision also speaks of new opportunities coming soon, and that maybe it’s time to take that big step you’ve always wanted to take, but don’t do it for fear of losing everything. In order to deepen the study of dreams, it is important to know all the mechanisms involved in them to be able to make a complete analysis in a very detailed way. For that reason, below we analyze other elements involved.

Dreaming of a video game

What does it mean to dream of video games

A video game in your dreams indicates that you are prone to spend long hours sitting around doing nothing. Wasting time is your thing, and that’s not bad. But you have a very creative mind that you’re wasting. Start planning some daily activities that will take you away from laziness. Take responsibility and prioritize what really matters to you.

Those who dream of video games suffer from anxiety and a lot of anguish. The recommendation is to solve problems in the family, try to do things for good. Do not get carried away by your instincts that can only make things worse. This dream vision reflects that you have a lack of attention, and that is why you immerse yourself in banalities as a form of distraction so as not to externalize your problems.

Dreaming that you are in a video game

If you have dreamed that you are in a video game, it means that you are mature enough to face your problems without the help of third parties. You feel like a hero and think that nothing can stop you. Do not play with the feelings of others, it makes you fall badly in your social environment and remember that all bad actions can someday be returned.

Those who dream that they are the protagonist of a video game usually experience situations that are a little confusing in their lives. They are very insecure people, and they think that everyone who approaches them does it with bad intentions. Therefore, they create external barriers that only cause them harm. When you dream that you are in a video game it means that you feel very powerful, but it is only an external facade.

To dream of a video game console

The video game console means that you have to solve certain problems that are weighing you down. This electronic device denotes that for some time you have been immersed in your own world and you must get out of it before you fall into a depressive state. Try to go out and distract yourself with your friends, and remember all those moments you spent together during childhood.

Dreaming of a war video game

When this dream vision occurs, you should be very careful. War video games symbolize that you are a very violent person. You like to judge other people, without first checking what you are doing wrong in life. You believe that things are solved “as in war”, because your motto is win or lose.

To dream of a horror video game

Although it may seem like a dream of bad omen, the truth is that dreaming of a horror video game is an excellent omen. Your fears are disappearing and soon new doors are opening in business which will be very productive and your income will gradually improve. Ghosts, monsters and other characters that inspire fear are only a product of your imagination.

Dreaming of playing video games

If you dream of playing video games, it denotes that you had a very happy childhood, and you still feel nostalgic for that time. Your mind is looking for a way to make that dream come true. The meaning of this vision is related to the lack of attention that you feel you have had and that is why you have taken refuge in this activity so as not to feel alone.

Dreaming of buying a video game

To buy video game in your dream indicates that you feel great desires of overcoming, and that for that reason you must fight to be able to reach everything what you propose to yourself. New stages in your life cause you to lose interest in activities of great importance. A new member arrives to your family and you feel very happy.

Dreaming of many video games

Those who dream of many video games are very attracted to outdoor activities. If you dreamed of this, it is because you feel the freedom of being able to choose between many options that present themselves, but you are a little indecisive and you have a hard time deciding on just one. You are involved in a big problem at work for not being able to finish a task that was assigned to you.

Dreaming of watching video games

When you see video games in your dreams, it means that you have a great desire to meet your childhood friends again. You want to relive those great moments you spent together, and for which there are still those bonds that unite you so much. New opportunities present themselves in your life, you must let things flow little by little.

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  1. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 20, 2022 at 7:07 pm

    Dreaming of playing a video game might mean you’ve been spending too much time playing video games! But video game dreams can also symbolize a longing for a different life, whether you dream of playing the game or actually being inside the game. Maybe you wish you were someone stronger or more powerful, or had a life with more excitement and adventure and the chance to defeat villains. Or you might just wish for a world where good is good and bad is bad; everyone is gorgeous and powerful; and there isn’t any gray area, moral confusion, or complicated human relationships. Whatever video game you dream about will suggest what vision of the world you long for.

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