Symbols and meanings: bee

The bee symbolizes immortality, order, diligence, loyalty, cooperation, nobility, soul, love, and pain. Some striking characteristics of these insects, which seek pollen from flowers to produce their food, are organization, hard work, and discipline.

Symbols and meanings: bee

Master Bee

The queen bee is the matriarchal of a bee community, since life in the hive revolves around her existence. After this consideration, the queen bee symbolizes royalty, motherhood, and fertility, since it was once associated with the Virgin Mary.


Symbol of immortality in Greece, since beehives were shaped like tombs. In addition, it is a symbol of freemasonry and represents cooperation and order.

Bee in Ancient Egypt

The bee was a symbol of royalty in Ancient Egypt and it was believed that this flying insect was generated from the tears of Ra, the Egyptian sun-god. Thus, a royal and solar symbol, its most widespread image is as a symbol of the soul, that which purifies by fire and nourishes with honey.

Bee in Greece

Associated with Demeter, the “mother goddess” of agriculture and harvesting, the bee, for the Greeks, symbolizes the soul, either the one that leaves the body or the one that descends to hell. According to, the Greek philosopher Plato, “The soul of dark men is reincarnated in the form of a bee.”

Bee in Christianity

The bee in Christianity symbolizes light, loyalty, diligence, order, and cooperation, and even sweetens with its product, namely honey. Moreover, the opposites good/evil are also symbolized in the bee, since evil is symbolized by the sting and good by the honey.

In the same way, the bee is considered an emblem of Christ, since he, on the one hand, possesses great sweetness and mercy, associated with the honey; and, on the other hand, justice, represented by the bee’s sting. Nevertheless, in turn, the workers of the hive symbolize the servant of God, the loyal, orderly, and diligent.

Bee in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the bee is associated with Kama, the god of love, represented by a young man riding a kite, who carries a bow and arrow, the string of the bow is made by bees can be associated with cupid and symbolizes pain and love.

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