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God of fire, Agni is a Hindu god whose name in Sanskritancient language spoken in India – means “fire”.

This god, who is the son of Shiva (supreme god of the Hindu faith) is attributed the essence of existence – the very life force – of trees and plants. He has both dark and destructive capacities, as well as compassion, friendship and protection. Thus, while he devours his victims mercilessly, he is also considered the protector of humanity.

Agni is the personification of all kinds of fire: the divinized fire (the Sun) as well as the earthly fire. The funeral pyre is a reference to this god, who has the responsibility of leading the dead to the final judgment.

Although he is an important Hindu god, he is also present in other sects.


There are several forms of representation of this god. Among them, the god Agni can be represented with one or two heads and four arms. He may carry a trident – a sun symbol – in his hands, and be seated or mounted on a ram or goat, or he may appear seated on a chariot pulled by seven horses.

His skin is usually black and his hair is always flaming.

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