Dream meaning of witch

Dreaming of witches enclose situations and varieties, based on characteristics and experiences of the person. Dreams with witches are unusual and should not always embody a bad meaning, many times they express things very different from what you imagine. So not only should you not take them as negative and evil energies. Each one represents a mystery that will be briefly uncovered.

Witches symbolize bad vibes, envy and unfavorable luck, they are signs of bad omen, of moments of uncertainty in any area of life, especially in the interference of that person. A witch represents a woman who possesses magical powers and is ugly, being favorable for some because they indicate that she provides divine protection.

These dreams with witches are not always influenced by dark connections, sometimes they mean success. You should take into account that if you got here is that this dream is not exclusive to the little ones of the house, adults can dream of witches, and this does not mean that they are childish.

What does it mean to dream of witches?

Dreaming of witches is linked to disasters and misfortunes in your life, causing the dreams to warn you and be premonitory. It can be interpreted as someone very close to you wanting to harm you and not doing the right things.

Also the interpretation of dreams with witches takes on a macho aspect as it is represented by a woman, as they are able to persuade spells and even deceive. If you have dreamed of witches it indicates that you have an influenceable personality and that many people can manipulate you as they wish.

Another symbolism that you can find is that it represents the marginalization from two areas, on the one hand, you feel fear of rejection especially in family and friends and away from those who want to benefit from you. If you are going through a difficult situation and you only think negative you may not progress and you get stuck.

Dreaming of witches flying

It represents that it is necessary to organize and change your life, as well as a cleaning of negative energies, on the other hand means that you will face problems to achieve goals, but you will quickly overcome obstacles that arise along the way.

It also suggests that you are using various unconventional methods to try to solve problems in your life, you may be being creative in the way you approach problems. However, beware of that process as people may not trust your actions. It suggests that you need to escape from your current situation and wish to reach the destination you long for.

Dreams of witches attacking you

If you dream of witches attacking you and flying over you in a strange way and you find yourself laughing, it represents that the time has come for you to release your emotions, to express what you think. Do not be silent about what is going through your mind, it is necessary that you communicate with what is happening in your life.

Other interpretations of dreams with witches is that failures are coming, frustrations in the personal and work environment; it also indicates that we will be hurt by someone close to us, but you will be able to overcome it by overcoming the adversities that are presented to you. In addition, this dream symbolizes evil and gossip, and that they are hurting you behind your back. Be careful of the person you surround yourself with.

Dreaming of witches chasing me

The meaning of dreams with witches chasing you, is similar to being chased by bees, in this case your subconscious, tries to warn you that you are wrong and have done something wrong, so try to reprimand the wrong act you have committed.

On the other hand, it represents that you have something pending to do, whether it is a job, love relationship, any family or personal matter. That is, they are situations that the mind wants you to turn the page and solve, facing life in the right way, leaving a broader perspective with positive energies.

When the witch is chasing you it means that in your life there is a dominant and strong person who is bothering you; maybe dreaming that your boss is a witch who is chasing you and needs you to comply with his orders. You may be having a bad day or a stressful season and thus have been having these dreams.

Dreams with bad witches

When we talk about dreams with bad witches we mean that there is a sphere in your environment of negative energy, you feel rage, anger, envy, and as a result of the bad vibes, your attitude will begin to change with the rest of society, looking like the person with more resentment and hatred in the world.

It symbolizes that there are people who want to see you destroyed, wishing you harm, these types of dreams disturb your tranquility and inner peace.

Dreaming of killing witches

You dreamt that you killed a witch, within the meaning of dreams means that you want to eradicate the problems that disturb your life and that you feel uneasy. If this is your case, that you have experienced feelings that make you suffer, it is really logical that unconsciously you want to kill this part of you, which is based on another person who in this case is the witch.

On the other hand, dream analysts reveal that it is about overcoming obstacles, overcoming money losses and defeating the enemy.

Dreams with witches fighting

It symbolizes insecurity, that you are afraid of certain problems that are coming and is stalking you, it also indicates that you need to free yourself from oppressions that have overwhelmed you. It also represents that you have competition in your workplace and someone wants to snatch your work results that you have achieved so much and begin to see that your performance will be in vain and may even fire you and you can not avoid it.

Dreaming of good witches

When we talk about the meaning of dreams with good witches we mean that you have to understand their various presentations given by the hidden message that the subconscious tries to warn. It represents the positive way that you are passionate about the world of sorcery, magic, and that you live in a fantasy world where no one bothers you. With this dream perhaps your mind wants to send you a warning to put your feet on the ground and be sensible.

It also refers that a great part of you abounds with wisdom, so take note in case the witch tries to tell you something relevant to your life. If you are a man and have dreamed of good witches, you need to pay attention to the way you treat women, do you treat them well, do you think they want your money, are you afraid to fall in love? This friendly witch that has appeared in your dream represents that your social life will be busy.

Dream interpretation analysts reveal that these are problems that come from childhood and are surfacing in your heart as an adult; perhaps the good witch is trying to tell you that you need to escape the difficulties in your life.

Dreams with ugly witches

It means that there is a person who is watching your steps, and is also willing to hurt you, so you should not trust at all. This type of dream is inclined towards evil, either by desires that were not fulfilled, or sadness, resentment, hatred.

If in your dream is an ugly decrepit, it is necessary that you pay attention, because some creepy situation will happen in your life, the witch as the main protagonist symbolizes disappointment either in the one that surrounds you.

To dream of witches laughing

This distressing experience in very negative, it indicates that you will be persecuted and singled out because of comments, gossip and misunderstandings of people who do not like the way you live and are desperate to see you badly defeated.

To hear and see witches laughing means bad omen, complications, bad results, represents something unpleasant in the interpretation of dreams. In addition, the loss of a loved one may be looming, or a friend or relative may arrive and tell you unpleasant news.

This type of dream is related to great solutions and efforts, so you should make the most of every complicated situation that comes your way. It means that they are trying to make fun of you, but it will fail, so be careful.

Mostly it speaks of internal changes and transformations typical of the feminine nature, especially if you practice sorcery; you may wish to change part of your body. You need to consider the intentions of the witch in your dream, for power, love or money…all your desires may be revealed. All your desires may be revealing themselves in your intense and deep dreams.

Dreams with witches on broomsticks

When talking about witches on broomsticks you must keep in mind the details of the dream to have a clear meaning, as it can vary between positive and negative connotations. It represents that you are willing to do anything in order to achieve your goal, similar to what happens when you dream of evil witches, it may be that your goal, personal effort you get it quickly and think it is unattainable or it also means that you are willing to face anyone who stands in the way of your goals.

Dreaming of witches and demons

The meaning of dreams where witches and demons appear has to do with self-negativity, as well as guilt over something. It is time for you to let go of what disturbs you. It symbolizes repressed evil and that the behaviors of those around you you you observe as unfair, and that bad and negative feelings have been awakened as rejection, repulsion towards people.

To dream of witches and demons augurs that there is a distorted reflection of conscience and that solutions should be sought for something that torments you so much; it also symbolizes the release of a guilt complex, distrust and fear of your weaknesses.

The dream with demons in the same way signifies the ease of hiding the faults and the guilt for something bad that you have done.

Other analysts indicate that your friends will try to deceive you, if you have dreamed of demonic creatures you are able to deal with the enemy and they will be left behind.

Other meanings of dreams with witches

If you dreamed of witches and angels: These entities in the interpretation of dreams are powerful because they reflect the internal conflict where other people intervene, it is required to ask for help so that things damaged by others can be repaired.

A witch in your house: this dream has to do with the envy of people who want to see you bad in projects, ideas and make it difficult for you to form a life given by resentful and vain people.

If you have dreamed of witches when you are pregnant: it symbolizes that you should ignore what people think about you, about your life or the baby that is on the way, since people talk because they do not agree with your decisions.

Seeing witches: this dream warns you about a loss, maybe you have a bad economic streak or relationship that is about to end, the betrayal of someone you love very much is very close.

Dreams where you have discovered a witch: when during the dream you have discovered a witch, it is possible that someone in your environment that you distrust is doing actions against you. If you meet that person in your dream, it does not necessarily have to be the culprit.

See with many witches in dreams: symbolizes that you are adventurous and partying, and this will be affected in your financial sphere as work, so try to combine and make a list of your priorities, as you will have problems so it is better to avoid it.

Dream vision with witch hunt: suggests that there are people trying to sabotage you, this suspicion may be unfounded and has no proof. So consider observing the people around you.

Beating a witch: this type of dream wants to reveal that you are resisting magic and are trying to escape from it, a sign of strength despite everything that comes your way, you are able to fight in the face of negative influences.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams

Physical Physical
You are focusing on something that might be an ill omen or superstition. You’re looking at negative ideas about women.
Emotional Emotional
You’re dealing with a suppressed aspect of your feminine energy that you have judged negatively, which needs to be understood. You want more magic and ease.
Spiritual Spiritual
You’re focusing on the destructive aspect of the subconscious. You’re aware of “the witching hour” when the magical reality shifts back to the mundane.
Since witches’ original roles were as priestesses and representatives of inner wisdom, you’re focusing on intuition and healing, and connecting to a deep understanding of the universal laws.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

From a Christian perspective, witches represent evil. From a more “New Age” perspective, the witch is the mother earth goddess. From a Walt Disney perspective, there is an evil witch, a good witch, and the fairy godmother who grants wishes. The meaning of this symbol depends on the tone of the dream as well as how the dreamer relates to a certain kind of witch.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Originally, witches were priestesses who possessed great wisdom and healing powers. With Christianity, witches began to get a bad rap, so, in dreams, they are associated with the destructive part of the unconscious. That is, with those feelings caused by the repression of your true self (moodiness, disappointment, jealousy . . .). 

For children and adolescents, this dream reveals unfulfilled desires and a fear of the unknown and mysterious aspects of life. In turn, for an adult it indicates the possibility that someone close attempts to take advantage of you for their own benefit.

In general, this dream is a warning that obstacles and problems will soon appear in your environment, whether at work or in your personal relationships.

Witches often presage diseases.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

These haggy characters in your dream indicate gay social times ahead, but if you’re involved in a love affair, they are a symbol of disenchantment.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

This is an archetypal character aspect that connects you to magic, the occult, and the mysteries of life. The witch is a creature of relatively modern invention with little, if any, presence in the older mythologies that have shaped Western culture. Today, the witch figures prominently in contemporary fairy tale folklore and is a staple character of Halloween.
The witch no longer heals and ministers to people – now she casts evil spells and eats children. Since this is an archetype, how the witch appears in your dream is important to your understanding of your own personal development. The areas of life ruled by this archetype are mysticism, healing, and magic, primarily in the feminine principle, which relates to creativity, receptivity, nurturance, and caretaking.
Examine your witch for character, skill, and motivation. Her character will inform you of the level of good versus evil within your psyche. The power of her skills will inform you of your personal access to the magic in the universe. Understanding what inspires her will get you in touch with your own movement toward integration and away from manipulation.
Any number of haglike female characters could be considered the witch archetype. Some may in fact be evil, while others may be disenfranchised healers. Given the witch’s origins in mysticism and the history of misunderstandings over the centuries, it is important to consider this duality when interpreting this symbol. Though she may inspire fear and dread, the witch has powerful magic that, if understood and properly used, can be invaluable to the human experience.

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