Dream meaning of wig

To dream of a wig means self-denial and disillusionment. It may be a sign that you are going through a dazed time in your life, where you feel confused and directionless.

There are several interpretations that can be attributed to dreaming of a wig. One of them originated in the past, when people stood before society wearing long, white wigs full of curls, which was a symbol of social status.

This idea still remains nowadays, but it has also gained new symbology as when we wear wigs to represent a role, a character, i.e., a personality that is not ours.

The world of fantasy, lies, and deceit is directly related to accessories that are used to transform someone’s image into another one. For this reason, dreaming of a wig also has its negative side and deserves more attention and care from the dreamer. See below for other meanings.

To dream of a wig may have different interpretations depending on the situation presented in your dream and the feelings it arouses. However, we can say that if you dreamed of a black wig, it is an indication for a moment of introspection and recollection.

A man in a wig signals a male person with ulterior motives.

To gain a wig in a dream shows surprising opportunities approaching in the person’s life.

To dream that you look ugly in a wig points to the need to review choices. If many wigs appear in your dream, the message from your unconscious mind here speaks of estrangement and confusion.

To dream that you see a wig

To dream that you see a wig indicates that new positions within your professional field may be offered to you.

To give a more tangible explanation see this image as being symbolic of high positions, such as that of a judge who used to stand in court wearing only a long, white wig.

This image easily demonstrates what dreaming that you see a wig means.

Whatever your industry, earn yourself a promotion or a new job invitation that is even better than the current one, the moment shows that this is the right time to expose your talents and qualifications.

To dream that you wear a wig

To dream that you wear a wig signifies your own disillusionment, your own way of self-denial or self-deception.

Usually when this dream occurs it is because the person is going through a period of confusion, where they cannot see things as they really are.

This scenario is even more favorable for conveying a false impression of oneself, exposing erroneous points of view.

Often the dreamer will take over the ideas of others to make himself appear to be someone he is not, for example, saying that he has knowledge in a certain area when this is not true.

The tip here is to take hold of your true self and feel comfortable being who you are, after all we are all unique beings and that is what makes us special.

To dream that you wear a wig

To dream that you lose your wig

When someone dreams that they lose their wig, know that attention should be redoubled.

This dream shows that enemies will have even more contempt for the dreamer and he may be faced with two very different paths.

The first is to not give any importance, after all, we are talking about enemies.

The second way is to rebel against them and get into trouble, besides giving food for negative feelings that do nothing more than attract more and more heavy energies around you, turning your whole life into a real torment.

If you come to dream of another person wearing a wig, you will have announcements of upcoming changes.

Probably for some time you have lived with people and gone through situations in which you were afraid to move forward because you didn’t feel that the environment around you was real, was safe, or favorable.

From now on, little by little, security will return to keep you company, and everything that was giving you the impression of being a fantasy, or rather, of not being real, will disappear, showing you the best path to follow, and follow it, because there is nothing to be afraid of anymore.

To dream of a blond wig comes with an indication that you should be concerned about the falseness of certain people. The dream, in particular, says that falsehood may come to you through a blonde, false blonde person. Pay attention to the signs and observe everything very carefully.

Try to stay away from people who have already hurt you or will act in an offensive way towards you, especially if this person is blonde. To dream of a blond wig shows that you should avoid going around talking about your plans, and you should be very careful when choosing someone to trust.

To dream of a black wig alludes to a time of recollection and introspection. Avoid overly ostentatious actions and bold moves. It is a time to exercise moderation in everything, always choose discretion. Calling people’s attention will attract ill-intentioned or envious people.

To dream of a black wig shows that the time is more favorable for you to devote yourself to yourself and your interests, and less to devote yourself to others and interests outside of your own. Dedicate yourself to what you really enjoy doing, but do it quietly, no one needs to know that you are happy.

To dream of a white wig is a message from your unconscious that shows that in order to find the peace you seek, you will need to hide, to disguise yourself. You will need to act with more discretion, and you must learn to hide certain feelings and ideas. Keep your wishes and desires to yourself.

If you can work on your happiness without many people knowing about it, you will guarantee a lot of tranquility and a favorable path to build a solid base to carry out your projects and plans with a lot of peace. To dream of a white wig indicates that the path to your fulfillment lies in silence.

To dream of a red wig brings you a message about what you want to do. You need to learn not to make it so obvious to anyone what your true intentions are. Whenever you reveal your will, people come along to stand in your way.

To dream of a red-headed wig indicates that you should believe in yourself and in what you think is right, however, you should always avoid too much hype around your intentions. Opt for discretion in everything you do, and you will achieve success. Adopt silence as a strategy of action to walk your path and conquer your goals.

To dream of a colorful wig is a sign of a time that is rich in new experiences and of contact with the diversity of cultures and people. The dream speaks of a plural experience, full of contrasts, knowledge, feelings and experiences. A good time for a long trip to distant places.

To dream of a colorful wig indicates that an energy full of life is hovering over you. Take advantage of this moment to do things you like to do, to live cultural, gastronomic and sensorial experiences. Read classic books and watch award-winning movies, attend lectures with intellectuals and allow yourself to savor diversity in all its manifestations.

To dream of a man in a wig alerts you to a man close to you who is not exactly what he seems. For some reason he is hiding something, and to avoid unpleasant surprises it is important that no expectations are placed on this figure. To find out who this man is you will have to use your sensitivity.

To dream of a man in a wig asks you to pay attention when a man approaches you and shows interest in who you are and what you do. Do not judge anyone until you are sure of something, but to avoid unpleasantness only trust those you have known for a long time.

To dream of a woman with a wig on speaks of a woman you know or will know soon, who has not been very sincere. For some reason she is hiding something, and to avoid unpleasant surprises avoid generating any kind of expectations in relation to this person.

To dream of a woman in a wig indicates that in order to avoid problems, you must trust only those whom you have known for a long time. However, don’t judge anyone without being sure of something and pay close attention when it happens that a woman approaches and shows interest in who you are and what you do.

To dream of a big wig is a dream that emphatically underlines that your present moment requires a certain distancing from the people and places you live with. And if detachment is not possible at all, you will need a lot of discretion, if eventually you could use a disguise it will be great.

To dream of a big wig illustrates that you have a great need to avoid people and circumstances that don’t add to you, that don’t cooperate with you and your development, and especially that work against you, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Focus more on yourself and your feelings, and less on the will of others.

To dream that you win a wig

To dream that you win a wig signals a time of opportunities, however, these opportunities will be unusual, you will have a chance at something you never imagined.

Sometimes life surprises us, and this dream shows that life is preparing a special surprise for you.

Because it is a very different situation it is likely that at first you will not identify the opportunity when it appears before you.

However, to dream that you get a wig, points out that you will need to be very attentive so that when the time comes you don’t reject the gift that fate has brought you.

To dream that you make a wig

To dream that you make a wig indicates a moment of concentration and total focus on a delicate job that will take a long time to be finished. It is a dream about patience and dedication.

You can’t be in a hurry, and if you are patient enough you will accomplish something that will delight everyone.

Have faith in what you do and believe in, and follow it step by step, day by day, without hurrying and with much attention to detail, you will obtain a surprising result, and from then on you will be able to adopt new and unusual directions in your life.

To dream that you make a wig is about a job that will require total emersion.

To dream that you look handsome in a wig

To dream that you look pretty in a wig alludes to something inside you that you need to explore further.

There is an artistic side in you, such a side that likes to shine and stand out, and it is time to explore this more and believe in this intuition.

Try to realize this in yourself.

To dream that you look good in a wig is to dream that you feel fulfilled trying out new roles, new attitudes, new intentions.

Creativity cheers you up, artistic expression attracts you. Many will be against it, many will say that art is nonsense, that it doesn’t work. Others will be envious.

Pay no attention to any of them, listen to your heart.

To dream that you look ugly in a wig

To dream that you look ugly in a wig comes with a message that proposes a reflection: are your choices really doing you any good?

You choose a certain career, a certain walk, a certain kind of food, a certain kind of clothes, but is that really what you want?

Are you making choices that really make you happy, or do you choose something because it will please others? Or do you choose something because it is fashionable? Or do you choose something because it gives you prestige and status?

To dream that you look ugly in a wig invites you to rethink your choices, and to try to identify who you choose for after all.

To dream that you look in the mirror wearing a wig shows that you need to live your life more, experiment more, dare, try different things, do things you’ve never done before and those you’ve always wanted to do. The dream invites you to live according to the indications of your heart.

How did you feel when you dreamed that you looked in the mirror wearing a wig? Did you feel good? Did you feel that it was for you, or did you feel some kind of discomfort, of strangeness? If it felt good, follow your will and go after making your wishes come true. If it didn’t feel right, answer yourself what kind of feeling came up and what it wanted to tell you.

To dream of many wigs speaks of a time of confusion and strangeness. A time to observe more than to act, to learn more than to act. It is a moment of a great plurality of ideas and facts, of opportunities and problems to be solved.

In the face of so much confusion, a certain caution is necessary.

To dream of many wigs tells you to calmly try to understand what is going on, to evaluate the situation, to experiment, to see where you are stepping before taking any action. Focus on learning from the situation and try to understand how to prevent confusion from forming in your life again.

To dream of a wig falling off your head indicates that something about you needs to be adjusted. Something is not as it should be, and you need to fix it so that you can go on your way without hassles.

The dream presents the idea that the moment requires a necessary reevaluation.

To dream of a wig falling off your head also asks you to be more decisive.

You need to either settle the issues you are involved with in order to get on your way, or you need to abandon them. It’s time to give a definitive solution to the problem. Do what has to be done.

To dream of people laughing at your wig points to a delicate phase, where you need to review concepts and choices, so that you don’t have problems, annoyances, and especially so that you don’t get ridiculed.

Sometimes it takes a reaction from the people around us to realize our faults.

To dream of people laughing at your wig, then, indicates that you need to pay more attention to what you have done and chosen for yourself, lest you only realize your mistakes when it is too late. Before you show the world your plans and ideas, talk to someone you trust to make sure that you are not going down the wrong paths.

To dream of a clown wig alludes to joy and smiles, two things that you need to open yourself up to receive and give more often in your life. Life is hard for everyone, so why complicate it even more?

Smile, work towards bringing more joy and lightness into your existence.

To dream of a clown wig is an invitation for you to re-evaluate your choices and the overall context of your life, and identify ways to make everything smoother and more fun. Try watching comedy shows and movies for starters, seek the company of people who make you laugh.

To dream of a wig being burned signals a time of transformation. You need to get rid of the masks, the hoods, the makeup, it’s time to open up to the world and show who you really are. The fire in your dream symbolizes your will, your desire to change and transform the reality around you.

To dream of a wig being burned signals that you need to follow your will, and it will destroy in you everything that is false and artificial.

It will help you find the path that will lead you to yourself. And when this happens, you will never again need to appear to be something you are not.

For some of the wig dreams we can even say that dreaming about a wig reveals a personality.

But not all of them, because there will be several possible interpretations for the many different situations that can appear in dreams involving wigs.

The dreams might speak about transformations or certain aspects of destiny, for example.

However, sometimes the wig appears in dreams symbolizing a disguise, falsehood or omissions. And in this sense it may be talking about the personality of someone close to you or even the person you dreamed about. If in the dream the wig appears giving the impression that the person is different from what he really is, then he may be talking about a deceitful personality.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

A dream about wearing a wig could represent everything from disguising oneself under a new identity to adopting false or unnatural ideas. It has also been said that wearing a wig in a dream could reflect anxiety about losing one’s hair.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Unless you tend to wear a wig in real life, to see yourself wear one in dreams indicates an alteration of your self image. Some of what you project to the exterior does not reflect your true desires, feelings, or emotions. It points to the intention to conceal, disguise, or distortion. To see someone else wearing a wig expresses a feeling of distrust toward them, or the fear that their attitude or feelings will change.
For men, baldness is often the companion of a fear of impotence. A wig can be, in this case, a sign of the desire to hide a feeling of insecurity or disguise some other facet of his personality that he may be ashamed of.

There are many interpretations of this figure. A blonde wig, for example, predicts that you will have many admirers; a dark one brings loyalty; a white one, wealth; and a brunette one predicts that the person you marry will be poor.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

New faces in new places is the message contained in a dream featuring a wig or wigs; however, the color of the hair and details of the action must also be considered.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Anything that covers the head relates to your thoughts and intellect. A wig covers the head and is primarily a symbol that relates to wanting to hide your true thoughts and present something more to your liking to the world. There may also be elements of attractiveness and feeling deserving of attention that are highlighted if a wig appears in your dream.

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