Dream meaning of widow

The main meaning of dreaming of a widow or widower is isolation from social life. It may be your own, or someone else’s.

Those who dreamed of widowhood will have to deal with tedious and vain tasks. Interpreting this dream gives a warning about things that will not bring the long awaited satisfaction.

It also means that bad people will come into your life. This is another meaning for widowhood dreams.

If a man who gives a widow an engagement ring in a dream, the dream book announces that a carefully planned business deal will end in disappointment.

What does it mean if you dreamed that you felt sorry for the widow?

This dream promises difficulties that may sadden you, but you will quickly face unpleasant moments. If you pushed the widow, it means that impending events may turn into depression, install feelings of hopelessness and helplessness.

If a young woman who has a partner in reality happens to be widowed in a dream, it means trouble due to indiscretion of the soulmate.

A guy who puts a wedding ring on the finger of a young widow in a dream will experience great disappointment with his beloved in reality.

This dream foreshadows an interesting romantic relationship that may turn into a great and bright feeling, explaining why someone dreams of seeing a widow.

For a young man, the dreamed widowhood serves as a reminder that he should not forget his business. Esotericists are sure that his current love interest is contrary to his professional ambitions.

Being near a widow dressed in black who buries her deceased husband in a cemetery means that it is time to choose between your own comfort and the happiness of a loved one.

To see your wife in black clothes at your own funeral portends a business trip or a trip full of dangers and surprises.

The interpretation of a dream depends on the behavior of the widow:

  • a young widow – foretells good luck;
  • an old widow – announces unpleasant news from relatives;
  • cheerful widow – promises a brief romance with a frivolous and unprincipled man;
  • Weeping widow – warns about the betrayal of the soul mate;
  • pregnant widow – speaks of a veiled opportunity to fulfill her dream.

According to some sources, a widow who buries her deceased husband in a dream should think about her future in the waking life.

If a widow dreamed that her deceased spouse got married, it means that the lady should think about creating a new complete family.

To see that a friend has been widowed in a dream speaks of the need to support a friend in matters important to her. This dream indicates a lack of support for the character.

meaning of dreaming of a widow

What does it mean if you dreamed of being widowed and remarried?

This dream means that your stubbornness and ridiculous whims are the cause of your broken hopes.

For a widow, the wedding dream is identified with a new stage of life, fundamental changes in personal life. It is easy to guess why a widow dreams of putting on a wedding dress. This dream foretells the meeting with an interesting and complete person.

For a woman, wearing widow’s clothes in a dream is a symbol of family problems to come. Perhaps due to insufficient attention from the dreamer, her husband will find himself in love with another woman.

According to some references, a young woman who marries a widower will be extremely upset by the actions of her admirers. In addition, the dream interpreter predicts a meeting, or even marriage, with a promising, reliable and reasonable guy.

The Jewish dream interpreter predicts large financial expenses for those whom the widower visited in a dream. If you happen to meet a widower on the street in a dream, you should not expect a large monetary reward for the proposed work.

Seeing a widower

To see a widower in a dream often means that the dreamer is seeing someone lonely around him. The dreamer feels sorry for this person, but does not see himself in a position to help him. The widow figure may be a widow in real life, but could also be someone who has lost a family member, lives alone, or seems to lead a lonely life. The dreamer is sympathetic and keeps this person in his or her unconscious thoughts.

Being a widower

If the dreamer dreams of being a widow, it signifies a regular feeling of loneliness. The feeling is so established in the dreamer’s life that he feels very isolated from other people. As a widow is separated from her husband by death, the dreamer feels that something serious has separated her from the people around her.

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2 Definitions
  1. It has been said that a woman dreaming about being a widow can represent either fear of losing a husband or a desire to be free of one’s marriage.
    The same meaning can be extended to a man dreaming about being a widower.

  2. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    An omen of contrary. To dream of being in this mateless state predicts domestic satisfaction and/or happiness in love.

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