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Wheat is a widely cultivated cereal. So much so that it is the third most widely produced grain globally, since it possesses many virtues that serve as sustenance for the population. Therefore, it is excellent to dream of wheat, as it could mean that you are a very dear person.

One of the reasons why wheat is highly demanded worldwide, is due to the many benefits it offers to its consumer. Among these benefits we could highlight the vitamin B2 that allows us to fight migraine, maintains good eye health and improves problems in the nervous system such as insomnia. For this reason, if you dreamed of this cereal, good health will accompany you.

Symbolically, talking about wheat has many meanings, but all of them are oriented towards very good things, such as abundance. Since it is a silver that is related to wealth. According to Greek mythology, wheat is a cult for the goddess Ceres, who for this mythology is the inventor of the way of sowing and harvesting wheat.

What does it mean to dream of wheat?

When we dream of wheat, it can have many meanings, as well as diverse. But they are all based on very positive things, since this cereal is only related to success. Therefore, it is likely that you will soon find a job, receive unexpected money or start a business.

The meaning of dreaming of wheat depends a lot on the type of dream you have had, but they are usually related to abundance as we have already mentioned. Although we can highlight that in addition to abundance, it also symbolizes prosperity. However, here are some common interpretations of this symbol.

Dreaming of wheat fields

Wheat fields are usually very showy as they are very pleasing to the eye. Therefore, dreaming of these spaces means that you are a person who generates a great pleasure to others. Just by the simple fact of seeing you, you usually make a good impression at first sight.

To dream of yellow wheat

Wheat takes on the color yellow when it is already in its state of maturation. Therefore, having a dream vision with yellow wheat can symbolize that you are ready, or prepared to undertake new goals that you want to develop in your life. Now is the time when you can start. Always remember to be cautious and do things correctly.

Dreaming of green wheat

When wheat still has a green color, it is because it is still in the process of growth and development. Therefore, if you just dreamed of green wheat it could mean that you are still in a formative stage. It denotes that you must continue to mature, so that when the time is right you will be ready.

Dreaming of wheat hominy

The wheat hominy has many different meanings depending on the region or country you are in the world. For us, mote de trigo is a soup or wheat broth. If you find yourself dreaming of such a soup it could mean that you are ready to start enjoying your sacrifice and effort. Since eating is related to reward for work.

Dreaming of harvesting wheat

Those who dream of harvesting wheat are dreaming that it is time to get on with the course of their work. Harvesting wheat, usually symbolizes that you are in a new stage. A period better than the previous one in which you can begin to feel the fruit of your patience, sacrifice and waiting. Let’s keep moving forward!

To dream of wheat in grain

Wheat in grade is considered purity. So to dream of wheat in grain is because you consider yourself a noble person. Perhaps your partner, or some people in your social nucleus. However, also, although noble at heart you have other not so good qualities that define you as someone who has not finished maturing.

To dream of cooked wheat

Cooked wheat is a cereal ready to eat. And to have a dream vision of this type, means that you are ready to start enjoying life. Also of the fruit of your work, of abundance and of your good will. Since you sacrificed enough, now it’s time to have a good time.

To dream of dried wheat

Dried wheat is often used as a decoration. Those who dream of this symbol are considered pleasant people. They tend to brighten up the lives of other people, because of their good mood. Since the good decoration, can give life to the environments that we frequent. As well as, to fill with good vibes to those who inhabit them.

To dream of toasted wheat

Generally, wheat goes through a state of cooking to reach that point before being turned into flour for making bread or other foods. Therefore, if you just dreamed of this, it may mean that you are in the right process to become something better, to transform yourself.

Dreaming of black wheat

Black wheat is considered a cereal of great versatility in the kitchen. So to mean that you are a very versatile person, able to adapt to any circumstance. In addition, that you can occupy any job and do it very well since you have the ability to achieve what you want.

Dreaming of wheat and rice

Rice is the second most produced grain in the world, and wheat, as we said before, is the third. For that reason, dreaming of wheat and rice means that you feel comfortable with the work team in which you are developing your work because you feel that they are the best.

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3 Definitions
  1. A symbol of prosperity and nourishment, wheat can also suggest that the dreamer can “separate the wheat from the chaff.”

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 8, 2022 at 5:03 am

    Dreaming of a field of wheat foretells richness, as well as the culmination of your projects. The wellbeing will be proportional to the amount of wheat that appears in the dream. This type of image shows you that your efforts always pay off.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    The meaning depends on the condition of the grain. If the wheat was flattened or in poor condition, it suggests difficulties which can be overcome; if it was ripe, it is a sign of abundance and prosperity; and if it was harvested or in sheaves, it forecasts solid achievement in your current endeavors.

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