Dream meaning of werewolf

Dreaming of a werewolf can be frightening because it is a legend that represents fury, strength, and is commonly associated with bad things. In dreams, this is not much different.

To dream of a werewolf may be an indication that bad times are coming, in part.

However, there are also positive meanings to dream of a werewolf.

Despite being a creature that inspires fear, dreams associated with it do not always mean something bad. Let’s understand what each scenario means? Read on to find out.

To dream of a werewolf usually means that you are in search of your balance again, as you feel disoriented and lost in relation to your feelings, with many confused and out-of-order thoughts. You feel that your head is a mess and that you cannot think in an orderly way.

In general, werewolf dreams may represent times of challenges and difficulties that you are going through or feel you will go through. But don’t despair, these dreams are meant to warn you of something or even make you reflect on internal aspects.

In your dream, did you interact with the werewolf in any way? Be attentive to these details, because each situation in the dream has a different meaning in real life.

Remember everything you can and find out here what the message of this dream is for you.

To dream that you see a werewolf

To dream that you see a werewolf is a call for you to be more aware of the people and situations around you.

Some people may even seem close and true friends, but be aware because not everything is what it seems to be.

The dream also suggests that you keep some bad feelings suppressed and cannot deal with them in a healthy way.

Your anger or resentment towards some person or situation lives inside you very vividly, and you must be careful that these feelings do not take over your being.

To dream that you see a werewolf

To dream that you are a friend of a werewolf

To dream that you are a friend of a werewolf indicates that you are setting out on a path of deep self-knowledge.

Some situations have happened in your life recently that have made you certain that some aspects of your personality need to be worked on and improved.

This dream is a great sign, because it indicates that you have already taken the first step in search of your personal evolution.

Accepting that we have something to be improved and striving to make this change makes us more malleable and agreeable people.

We should do this exercise for ourselves, and not only for the other.

To dream that you transform into a werewolf

To dream that you transform into a werewolf indicates that you are emotionally unstable and overexplode at the slightest adversity.

If a small thing happens outside of your planning, this is already a reason for an emotional explosion. Beware of this lack of control.

In addition, this dream can mean a warning for you.

It could be a warning that your habits are not very healthy, such as smoking, drinking, or spending too much money.

Have fun and enjoy life to the fullest, but remember to take care of your body and your health.

To dream that you are killed by a werewolf

To dream that you are killed by a werewolf indicates that you need to pay close attention to your lifestyle and everyday habits.

Are you taking proper care of your health?

This dream symbolizes that you are not. You have adopted bad habits that can have a very negative result on your life.

Don’t let bad habits eat you up. Logically, you can drink and go out to have fun with friends, but don’t make it a daily habit or constant exaggeration.

Try to take some time off to detox and soon you will be on track again.

To dream that you are being chased by a werewolf

To dream that you are chased by a werewolf may be a reflection of some mistake or failure of yours from the past that leaves you feeling insecure and uneasy about your present.

This is a mistake you made a while ago, but you just can’t seem to leave it in the past.

The feeling of having failed torments you, however it is important to understand that mistakes are part of our evolution.

In addition, this dream also indicates that you are insisting on a mistake in the present, going back to attitudes and positions that have already proved ineffective.

Try to change this position as soon as possible.

To dream that you are afraid of a werewolf

To dream that you are afraid of a werewolf indicates that you feel that changes are approaching in your life and this has made you absolutely frightened in dealing with it.

The first step to stop feeling fear is to accept that changes are absolutely normal and always happen.

Try not to interfere with these changes, as this could be detrimental to you in the future.

At the moment you may think that all this renovation will harm you because you prefer everything to stay the way it is, but regardless of your will, it will happen.

To dream that you are not afraid of a werewolf

To dream that you are not afraid of a werewolf indicates that you are learning to live with your “monsters” considerably well.

We all have something that we dislike about ourselves, this is important so that we always seek to evolve and improve.

And this dream indicates that you have recognized some of your defects and are considering the best way to deal with these internal problems.

Keep in mind that we are constantly evolving, and recognizing that we need to improve is a very important step on that path.

If you dreamed that you fight with a werewolf, this is an indication that you have made important decisions and are dealing with your traumas and unresolved feelings in a more mature and balanced way.

You have been through a very difficult situation recently, and the dream indicates that you are getting back on your feet and recovering from these events.

All this emotional charge was even frightening a while ago, because you were dealing with many emotions and did not know how to name and understand them completely.

However, you have managed to live with and understand each of them well, and now you are working to deal with them well.

To dream that you are attacked by a werewolf

To dream that you are attacked by a werewolf indicates that there will be a betrayal by someone very close and highly esteemed to you.

This attitude will disappoint you deeply, since you trusted this person intensely.

This dream may also indicate that you are constantly living within yourself.

Your moments of fun and leisure with your family are also experienced in a withdrawn way, as if you are not completely there. It is important not to let fear and anxiety keep you from living and enjoying the present.

To dream that you kill a werewolf

To dream that you kill a werewolf is an indication of overcoming. You will finally overcome that problem that has been giving you an immense headache for a while.

The solution is getting closer and closer, and the unfolding of it all will be much smoother than you expected it to be.

It is important to keep your head on straight and to keep in mind that some of your actions will be crucial for everything to end well.

Remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and you can ask for support from someone you trust who will help you at this time.

To dream that you are a werewolf and you are attacking someone

To dream that you are a werewolf and you are attacking someone indicates that you feel unappreciated or wronged in some recent situation. You expected recognition and thanks, but the response was not what you wanted. First, understand exactly what got you this way, and then express to others how you have been feeling.

Another meaning for this dream is that you may be repressing and stifling some emotions, which results in a bad mood that is perceived by everyone around you. This behavior is even starting to interfere with your relationships, because people are already thinking twice before talking to you.

The werewolf can manifest itself in different ways in your dream. He may be howling, attacking a child or another person, and each of these situations carries different meanings. Find out below the message of each dream for you.

To dream of a werewolf attacking a child suggests that feelings from your past are not yet understood. You carry some traumas that happened when you were little, and these have marked you in a very present way, even though you may not be immediately aware of them.

Know that you can always ask for help in dealing with the confused feelings. In addition, another meaning for this dream has to do with your fear of change. You feel that something new is coming, and this makes you very anxious. Try not to suffer in anticipation.

To dream of a small werewolf could mean the arrival of moments of intense renewal for your life. Prepare yourself for the new things to come and do your best to make the most of them. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from experiencing new things.

This dream is also a warning for you not to take unnecessary risks or let insecurity prevent you from making important decisions. Keep in mind that some situations need to come to an end so that new chapters can begin in your life.

To dream of a werewolf attacking another person suggests that your emotions are starting to get out of control. Your mood goes through numerous swings during the day, with fits of extreme happiness and sudden anger. Beware of this emotional imbalance, as it can directly influence your relationships.

If possible, get the help of a professional, such as a psychologist, to better deal with all of this. It doesn’t mean that you are mentally ill, but that your emotions need to be better understood at this time. Ask for help if you need it and focus on your well-being at all times.

To dream of a howling werewolf is a warning sign for you. Something not so good is approaching, and probably a dangerous situation is surrounding you. This situation could be something internal, such as a health problem, or something external, such as a person intentionally trying to harm you.

In addition, the dream also suggests that you will have a money-related difficulty soon. If it is possible, try to save some money and hold back a little on your spending. You will soon find that this will make a big difference.

To dream of a giant werewolf is a sign that some problem in your life will soon be finished. You have had a recent disagreement with someone, and this is the time to lay your cards on the table and maturely resolve the situation.

The dream also indicates that you have stepped out of your comfort zone, and some significant change has happened in your life. With it comes insecurity and fear of the unknown, but it is important not to give extreme importance to these feelings.

To dream of a dead werewolf has a bad meaning, because it indicates that you have missed a great opportunity by being afraid to make a significant decision. Therefore, this dream is a bad omen, since it suggests that you have not been assertive in your decisions.

However, do not lose hope. Just as this opportunity has arisen, others will arise as well. Just be careful not to let it pass you by again. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and don’t be afraid to dare.

Still haven’t found the meaning of your dream? There are still many other scenarios and situations for this dream, and one of them may be the same as yours. Pay attention to the details and curiosities of your dream and find out the message it wants to send you.

To dream of a white werewolf indicates that you are in a delicate moment in life and find yourself with your faith and hope shaken. The dream brings the message that it is important for you to reconnect with your spiritual side again, seeking strength and motivation in your faith.

In addition, this dream also suggests that you are beginning a new phase of your life, and new beginnings and opportunities will come your way. Currently, your phase is one of transition, in which some situations come to an end so that others can begin. Do not suffer for the closings of cycles, for this is what will give way to new situations.

To dream of a black werewolf indicates that some feelings within you need to be resolved. There is a hurt and resentment from some past situation that you cannot overcome. So you feed these bad feelings and don’t make room for new emotions to flourish. Be aware of this tendency to keep everything to yourself, and if possible, always choose to talk about disagreements.

Another meaning of a black werewolf dream concerns your need for acceptance. You seek to improve your self-image and are very concerned about how others see you. This can trigger an extreme preoccupation with your physical appearance and you end up neglecting to take care of your inner self.

To dream of a gray werewolf indicates that you need to respect the personal space of others. You have a communicative and outgoing personality, but you must be careful not to force yourself to be close or to cross barriers. Keep in mind that some people are naturally more reserved than others.

It is important that you do not get upset by this lack of openness, or try to change your ways to become more agreeable. The dream also indicates that you need to be more careful in your decisions, and analyze all available options very carefully.

To dream of a brown werewolf indicates that you need to reconnect with your inner self and get closer to your roots. Routine, everyday life has distanced you from your origins, but know that you can always return in search of this motivation again.

Besides this, this dream also represents a good omen for your life. It indicates that you will have a time of good financial prosperity and will receive profit for your investments. Learn to use this money wisely and with balance.

To dream of a werewolf costume indicates that you are going through a time of great stress, in which you feel overwhelmed from all sides and with few alternatives to unload this avalanche of feelings. Take a deep breath and try to find your balance, this tense phase will soon pass.

The dream may also suggest that you have difficulty opening up to people and taking a more intimate and sincere step in relationships. You are very good with friendships and relationships, but you feel withdrawn when you need to make yourself vulnerable so that others can get to know you better.

To dream of a werewolf in the forest indicates that you are going through a phase of seclusion and do not want to be seen or see other people. You do your best to avoid social contact and spend as much time at home as possible, away from other people. You may even be a sociable person who likes to go out, in general, but your phase at this time requires a departure from this routine.

The dream also suggests that someone has shared with you some secret or very intimate information, and you have been very careful not to tell anyone. Be grateful for the trust you have received and try not to break this relationship.

To dream of a werewolf and a vampire is a clear warning for you to be very attentive to those who approach you. The werewolf symbolizes people of false and dubious character, and the vampire symbolizes people who become friends for convenience and seek to suck something from this friendship.

Be more aware of who is around you, and see if any friend has suddenly changed the way they treat you. Try to stay away from bad company and trust your instincts. If you do not like a person, there is some reason for that.

To dream of a werewolf woman suggests that you are feeling too many emotions and feelings all together, like a whirlwind, and you don’t quite know how to properly manage it all. If necessary, take a step back from what has been causing you so much stress, so that you can understand more clearly the reason for all these feelings.

The dream suggests that a time off and escape from the rush of your day can be very beneficial for you. Take an afternoon off and do something unusual, something that gets away from your routine and gives your mind a rest. This moment of peace will give you some extra strength to deal with those urgencies.

To dream of a werewolf and a witch suggests that you are having trouble taking care of yourself, making some wrong choices, and not prioritizing yourself enough. Don’t let this happen, since if the situation persists for too long, these attitudes can lead to serious health problems.

In addition, the dream indicates that you have associated with some people of questionable character, who are deliberately influencing you and hindering your evolution. Try to stay away from situations in which you do not feel comfortable, and do not allow people to make choices for you.

Usually, dreaming of a werewolf is associated with a lack of trust in some way, either in yourself or in other people around you. You feel that you cannot fully trust some people and you wait all the time for some betrayal from the people close to you.

However, dreaming of a werewolf is not always associated with something bad. We have seen in the topics above that it can be related to the arrival of new moments, financial prosperity, and many other positive things.

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2 Definitions
  1. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 6:34 pm

    The beast lives within all human beings, but when bit by the werewolf, the beast unleashes the shadow in relationship to the cycle of the moon. The moon represents all that is unconscious, and when it is full, we are able to see more of what is usually hidden. The werewolf is one of the most powerful symbols of the dark parts of human nature that must be faced when looking at the unknown.

  2. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 20, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    If you dream a werewolf is chasing you or attacks you, you fear your own inner urges and instincts. You feel like you might lose control of them and you might do something you shouldn’t.

    If you dream of escaping from or killing a werewolf, you’ve mastered your urges … for now.

    If you dream you turn into a werewolf, you aren’t acknowledging the darker side of yourself and it is trying to come out in protest.

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