Dream meaning of wells

To dream of a well is a sign of meditation, it can also signify a person’s temperament or reserved aptitudes. Although some people claim that it has to do with the level and purity of their emotions. Sometimes, it can mean the unexpected arrival of various problems when everything is going great.

In general, dreams with wells from which we draw water indicate that you will get work continuously; and if you see that the water overflows, it warns us that we will have a year full of abundance and expansion of the family.

Dreaming of wells can have many meanings. Therefore, it is important to analyze in which environment it is located, to know exactly what it means to dream of wells, what is its meaning in real life and what it represents in it.

What does it mean to dream of wells?

A well is a hole or very deep excavation that is made in the ground to extract subway water or oil and for other uses. It is common to see in our dreams one or several wells, depending on its context we will determine the correct interpretation of this.

To see in our dreams a well where we fall, would indicate that because of bad actions on our part could cause accidents or family conflicts, periods of bad luck, difficulties in making our own decisions. However, when we dream of water, it generally portends that our finances will prosper notably.

Dreaming of a well of water

If you have dreamed of a well full of water, it means luck in the actions undertaken, which will be successful and therefore will represent economic improvements.

Generally, dreaming of a well full of crystal clear water indicates that there will be renovations and positive movements in our lives that bring abundance to our environment.

Likewise, to dream of a well that has a lot of water symbolizes wealth for its owner. Similarly, if it is well built, unclogged and full of water, it becomes a symbol of sincerity, honesty and optimism.

Dreams of falling into a well and getting out

To dream that you fall into a well indicates that you must overcome inner fears or problems to overcome that arise in a certain period of your life. In addition, when you manage to get out of it, it means that you have thought about it and taken actions that allowed you to get out of that stage.

However, others interpret that falling into a well and getting out of it, indicates that we are facing an unavoidable danger but from which we will get out. The one who dreams that falls and comes out of a well of crystalline waters indicates that you will work under the subordination of an equitable and generous boss. If, on the contrary, you come out of a well of turbid waters, it indicates difficulties with oppressive and harmful people.

Dreaming that someone falls into a well

If you dreamed of someone falling into a well, it announces that this person may have an accident.

Also, it may indicate that this person sinks into the depths of the unconscious without being able to emerge back to consciousness, which resembles the despair, neurosis or madness of the person who fell into the well. For someone to fall into a well reveals that they will go through a period of bad luck where serious misfortunes will befall them.

Dreaming that my child falls into a well

If you have dreamed that your child falls into a well we are facing a dream vision that can have several symbolisms. In some cases the well can mean negative news. While in other opportunities, it can symbolize positive events that will soon approach our life. The important thing to remember when dreaming that your child falls into a well, is to remember if the water was clear or cloudy. Since it depends on this the interpretation.

Water is for all cultures one of the four most sacred elements of nature. For this reason, dreaming that your child falls into a well means that you have strong emotions for him. That is, there is a feeling of overprotection that you must learn to manage before you seriously hurt him. Remember that water at any dream level has to do with emotions, but contained in a well gives another context.

Dreams with a bathing well

A cesspool is a cesspool or septic tank where sewage is discharged, built with impermeable materials, which must be emptied periodically. It is used in areas where there is no sewage system.

Every dream with a well has its interpretation, the toilet well corresponds to a sign about the owner of the house, his business, wife, employees, money, life and death of all those who are under his direction. Everything will depend on the state in which the bath well is.

Dreams with deep well

To have a dream vision about a deep well, has to do with turbulences that are to come. Not being able to see the end of the well or seeing it very far away, symbolizes how out of control our life is. We are living a period of excesses that must be stopped. Difficulties may come as a function of this behavior that we must correct. In addition, we have hundreds of contained emotions that we need to externalize as soon as possible.

To dream drawing water from a well

When we dream of drawing water from a well, we are referring to the emotions we are expressing. For better or for worse, we must be attentive to those feelings and the way we express them. For it is likely that others are getting the wrong message on the subject. In addition, it is also time to let out ideas that we have locked up in our minds for a long time.

Dreams with cesspool

If you have dreamed of a cesspool, the subconscious is referring to another person. This dream may mean that we are helping a friend get back on their feet, helping them embark on a new journey, or offering them new opportunities and blessings. Likewise, dreams with wells of this type allude to selfless offers to other people. Analyze who needs your help.

Dreaming of a full well

Emotions come to the fore again when dreaming of a full well. This dream reveals and suggests that we are seeking to be refreshed and renewed. On the other hand, if we dream of a full well it implies fear of getting sick, of continuing an illness we already have, or of some other contamination of the body and mind. It is time to release our fears and fears and trust ourselves more.

Dreams with well in the ground

Dreams with wells in the ground have a negative connotation. This dream vision indicates anxiety, fear, or a sense of being overwhelmed by outside forces. We could be experiencing a lot of stress at work, from our friends and family, or from our current environment and circumstances. We may have lost our job, or lost someone we love and feel that we are no longer in control of our emotions or our life.

Dreaming of a clogged well

If you dreamed of clogged well it means a desire to return to the womb, in particular, a need for security, protection and freedom from responsibilities. We may face difficult issues in life and be overburdened by commitments, so we are trying to return to a simpler and safer place.

Dreams of clean water well

This dream betrays a feeling of momentary helplessness, of not being in control, of regret for mistakes made and of possible unpleasant consequences. If in the dream you are also splashed by water, it symbolizes a wake-up call. We need to concentrate, clarify our thoughts and stop living in self-denial or self-deception. Otherwise, we may end up in a dead-end job, a bad relationship or a life full of regrets.

To dream of dirty water

To dream of dirty water suggests the beginning of an emotional outburst, or the need to show more emotion. Also, if water is thrown on us, it indicates that we may be the target of another person’s anger or strong emotion. But on the contrary, if we are the ones who throw dirty water on someone else, we should be careful with our anger and words towards a person we love.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You are digging down, seeking a source of energy and motivation deep within.
Emotional Emotional
You are dealing with your deepest emotional patterns, and source of love. The well that never runs dry indicates your inner wealth is inexhaustible. A dry well means you feel exhausted. You need to offer nurturing to others and let people gather around you and see you as a blessing.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are accessing the deepest recesses of the collective consciousness, from which you are drawing up knowledge, wisdom, your divine nature, and unlimited resourcefulness.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

The depth of emotional and spiritual resources, a well in a dream often represents knowledge and nurturance, a place from which emotions “well up.” It can also symbolize good health and physical well-being.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

The well symbolizes communication established with the subconscious; therefore, its condition will denote how your interior is doing.

If it is properly maintained and filled with water you will feel self-confident; but, if it is poorly constructed or spent, you will feel undervalued and depressed. Emblem of the uterus, the well indicates your desire for regression, for returning to the origin in search of a complete emotional satisfaction.
To collect water from it announces the encounter with a person who will help you fulfill your desires; and to fall in the well means the arrival of a of great tension that could frustrate your projects.

The images of the I Ching believe that dreaming of a well brings good luck. Jung was inspired by this Chinese oracle for one of his psychological theories.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

A well with a high water level signifies abundance; a low water level indicates a period of difficulties; to draw water from a clear well predicts happiness, from a muddy well disappointment in love; an overflowing well is a warning to be careful in giving confidences, a dry well portends frustration; discovery of a well indicates approaching wealth, but digging a well prophesies hard work for small rewards.
A public well predicts the uncovering of secrets; water rising in a well is a sign that your love affairs will flourish, and if you climbed into a well, you are likely to take an unexpected trip; to fall into a well predicts news of an illness, but to drink from one promises joy and success. Other than the foregoing, the dream must be interpreted by relating the action to the condition of the water and other details.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

The availability of emotional sustenance from deep places is what this dream is expressing. Anytime water is featured in a dream, what is being expressed is the state of your emotional life. Water is the necessary ingredient to sustaining life.
A well is dug to provide consistent access to this lifegiving elixir. In the symbolic world, there is a correlation between water as emotion and water as life-sustaining substance. We need water to live, and our souls need emotional balance to thrive.
A well is often a community resource, so the state of the well in your dream may be revealing your current life’s relationship to your own feelings and how much you may have to give to others.
If your well is running dry, you may need to consider your own needs first. If it is overflowing, take a look at how your emotional life may be more than you can contain.

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