Dream meaning of weapons

To dream of a weapon may represent our will to do and to happen, impatience and the impulsive, aggressive and imposing force that moves us.

The weapon is a yang symbol, that is, of the masculine energy, which is geared towards imposing, going after, fecundating, generating, creating. Therefore, it may be that this side of our nature is predominating when we dream of a weapon.

To see or hold a weapon in your dream indicates a need to defend and protect yourself emotionally and/or physically. You are experiencing some conflict in your waking life.

Alternatively, the dream may indicate your hidden desire to hurt someone or something. Your dream provides a safe haven for expressing these desires. In dreams, weapons also often have sexual connotations.

Think about the context of dreaming of a weapon:

  • Are you carrying a gun that fires shots, or is it a dagger or sword, for example?
  • Are you assaulting or defending yourself aggressively?
  • Are you the one shooting and using the gun, or is someone or something using it against you?
  • Is your weapon working, or is it defective?

Reflect on what your unconscious mind may be signaling when you dream of a weapon

  • Are you feeling more impatient and irritated with people? Are you acting too aggressively or using your words too harshly?
  • Do you find yourself receiving a lot of criticism and disapproval? How are you reacting? Are you defending yourself aggressively?
  • Are you acting in an overly imposing, combative, and impulsive way?
  • Do you feel more motivated to accomplish what you want? Do you have a strong will to win, to face challenges, and to achieve what you long for?
  • Are you hurting people with the way you have been acting, or are you the one who feels hurt by the aggressive and harsh ways of the people with whom you are relating?

To dream that you are holding a weapon

When the dreamer holds a firearm, it may be that he does not want to get directly involved in certain challenges or conflicts. When it is a melee weapon, however, the willingness to be present and noticeably active in challenging or conflicting situations is greater.

To dream that you are using a weapon

If, in your dream, you are using a gun, pay close attention to which person is the target of your armed action, because what they represent (their characteristics, the most striking type of situation they have been through, or the phase they are going through) (link) is somehow driving you crazy. You may be unhappy because you notice such characteristics in yourself or because you are dealing with a circumstance similar to what this person has experienced or is experiencing. You are reacting rebelliously, impatiently, and aggressively to these facts.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

Weapons are usually symbols of aggression, either aimed toward, or exhibited by, the dreamer.
Weapons may also represent inner struggle and conflict.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Possessing a weapon denotes personal insecurity. You are not trusting yourself or your own strength to cope.

If the oneiric weapon is fired, it shows a marked tendency to solve problems aggressively. Although you have a lot of energy, you are using it for negative purposes. The dream is an invitation to stop considering life as a constant struggle.
Arms also express anger, resentment, and conflict. When used against someone you know it means that you hold emotions such as anger or rancor. Perhaps you do not dare to speak frankly with that person. In case you do not know such individual, it may represent undesirable aspects of yourself: you are having internal problems that need to be resolved. Furthermore, swords, arrows, knives, pistols, and daggers are phallic symbols denoting male sexual aggression.

Dreaming of weapons is an indication of ferocity and honor. Holding them with your hand is an omen of glory and success. Making them represent convalescence and recovery of energy. To see someone armed fleeing portrays a probable victory. Watching the latter person getting away means safety; the dreamer has nothing to fear. A fired shot predicts unexpected profit.

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