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This time we will talk about a somewhat peculiar and distinctive dream. Unlike dreaming about objects, animals or things this time we will talk about a fact or situation, it is about dreaming about war and beyond what this may mean we will talk about why we may have dreamed about this and some of the most relevant dream meanings that we can have when dreaming about being in a war. To know what a dream has meant we must keep in mind that there are situations, acts and actions that will depend on us to determine the meaning of that dream.

These war dreams can be influenced by news we have recently seen about war conflicts. Dreams are not always due to this type of situations or influences, commonly these are given due to feelings or internal thoughts of the subconscious trying to communicate a fact or reality. So if we are dreaming of being at war, it is because this news has touched us in some sensitive part of our subconscious.

Dreams are an essential part of the communication we have internally with the brain and that is why we must take into account the dream and its interpretation.

Many centuries ago, different cultures tried to find a way to interpret dreams. Many tried from a mystical and esoteric approach.

Others tried from science but just as today there were charlatans and people who really understood in their time how dreams were interpreted and their relationship with the human psyche.

Everything that happens in our subconscious can be useful to make sense of many doubts and solve some questions that we cannot decipher in a conscious state. Possibly this is one of the reasons why the human being has been trying to decipher these meanings for hundreds of years.

What does it mean to dream of war?

What does it mean to dream of war

Generally, dreaming of war has two interpretations that are related to this dream. The first interpretation is related to when we have a major problem with someone close to us (family, friend, acquaintance) and we have some kind of inconvenience or discussion with this person. The second interpretation that can take this dream and give a meaning to dreaming of war is the following. This dream can occur in a situation in which we are in a struggle or internal conflict with ourselves. These two previous interpretations are the most frequent and with which our mind associates more this type of dreams.

If you have felt identified with any of the two previous interpretations, surely there must be a reason for it. Something is making us feel uncomfortable or upset or perhaps we are arguing with a close person. Also these dreams are influenced by family or work problems, this provides our mind with more than enough impulse to originate this type of dreams. To this type of dreams they also usually attribute more personal and deep interpretations that are due to internal problems that we have not solved.

It is very probable that we do not feel identified with one of these two previous interpretations. This is because dreams are different for each person, personality and type of thinking. All this makes the meaning of the dream vary in each person. Below we will see some of the other meanings of dreams about war.

To dream of medieval war

Among so many types of dreams, dreaming of being in a medieval war is one of the cases that can occur among the variations of dreaming of war. To dream of medieval wars, this particular dream is about an affinity we have for video games of this type of scenarios and events or simply that we like this type of medieval stories.

Dreams with civil war

This dream often occurs by consuming too much information about these civil conflicts that are found in some nations. In addition, this can arouse concerns and insecurity and wonder if it will happen in our country. To dream of civil wars may mean that we will have a family dispute, possibly with some inheritance.

To dream of nuclear war

If you have dreamed of a nuclear war, this is the meaning of feeling trapped and with no way out, inside we live everything in a dramatic way (because we do not see a way out, and we see everything wrong) we have no solution to anything of what we are living. It is as if we no longer find the meaning of life and we consider everything as lost.

Dreams with war in the sky

To dream of war in the sky is one of the most rare and uncommon of these dreams. Like the previous ones this dream is due to a conflict or discussion that we may be having or will have with someone of higher rank than us or more power.

Dreaming of war at sea

If we are dreaming of a war at sea is a sign that a wave of continuous problems is coming and we must be strong to manage to withstand the and move forward regardless of trying to drown us.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

A common dream experience if one is a military veteran, a dream about war can also represent conditions that call for aggression (war) or for a resolution (peace treaty).

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Every war concerns the struggle of light against darkness, of good against evil. At the psychic level, it symbolizes the struggle between the subject’s actions and thoughts, because we always have the tendency toward inner unity.

According to Jung, this dream reflects an inner conflict; war is being waged between your conscious and unconscious part, between the instinctual impulses and social norms. In oneiric terms, this dream reflects insecurity and fear of the events of life, but it also shows your desire for rebellion against inner oppression. When you see no end of the fight, it indicates that the conflict is not exactly about to be resolved.

A time of difficulties and dangers is announced. The dream also predicts family discussions.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

War in a dream indicates that shifting boundaries are causing enormous upheaval. The object of war is for one entity to obtain the land and/or resources of another. Therefore, war in a dream indicates change on such a large scale that it can only be accomplished by the use of major force. Our world is a set of organized boundaries that we know as countries. Our psyches are divided in a similar way. These boundaries are, ultimately, fluid. Things change – sometimes dramatically – which leaves us feeling vulnerable. When the change is sudden and violent, the unconscious may use a dream of war to express the enormity of the internal shift that’s occurring.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

If you dream of war, you feel anxious about the future and fear that it holds instability and anger, even violence, either in your personal life or in the world.

If you dream of nuclear war, you are terrified that an upcoming change will make your situation worse, or you feel fundamentally unstable in your life, like everything could fall apart.

If you dream you are called to fight in a war, you have a big responsibility you know will be difficult.
If you dream you are fighting in a war, a conflict with someone has gotten out of control.

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