Dream meaning of walrus

To see a walrus in your dream represents your display of dominance in some situation or relationship. You are always on the lookout for anybody who is trying to out-maneuver, out-rank, or out-wit you.
Alternatively, the walrus represents your protective shell and thick-skin. You do not let the comments/criticism of others get to you.

For Eskimos and Native Americans in the North, the walrus symbolizes supernatural ability and power.

Of course, the walrus is a large and imposing animal, it symbolizes leadership and power in a group, it is indicative of supremacy, which tells you that in any kind of relationship is good professional, social or affective you would like to have the last word.

The presence of this large mammal in your dreams represents excellence and strength to protect your loved ones.

Due to the peculiar characteristic of the walrus’ thick skin, it indicates to you the ability you have to protect yourself from negative energies, unpleasant events, and unfounded criticism.

You are a strong human being with the innate power to be a group leader and guide another along a good path and thus protect your flock.

To see a walrus in your dream

Not a frequent dream

So in some interpretations you should carefully observe all the elements that appear, to keep that in mind when interpreting.

With the image of the walrus you are in the presence of a mammal that is usually kind to humans.

However, if you suddenly enter their territory, they tend to be aggressive. Therefore, you should be aware of how it interacts in the dream world.

According to experts, dreaming of this fabulous animal is a representation of your life and your immediate environment.

Thus, it may even indicate that a relative, kinsman or friend is in trouble, in a difficult situation, but it is likely that they do not want to turn to you for pride.

Likewise, with your gift of leadership, you will reach out to them and provide the support they need.

Another Association

Dreaming of walruses can also be related to the desire to protect someone from our environment or something similar.

It is likely that you are in an unpleasant situation within your social sphere and have been forced to make actions and decisions in which you had to impose your opinion.

Some experts yes It has been said that dreaming of walruses is also because you feel in danger or threatened by some individual and are looking to your inner strength to protect you and make you permeate bad comments and make you resistant to attacks.

The walrus represents your resilience and permeability in the face of any bad intentions they may have towards you.

These mammals with large body volume, appear clumsy and lethargic.

But make no mistake, walruses are equal or faster than humans, when you use their fins they can move quite skillfully if they are on the surface, and better if they are in the water they are much more agile.

So in your dream it may be indicating that you should not go out caught by appearances, you have to look inside.

The walrus is also the interpretation that you want to discover new destinations, places and different cultures. It is the symbol of pleasure travel.

You may feel trapped in your daily routine and need to cleanse your life of so much passivity, with unique experiences and even a little risk.

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