Dream meaning of visions

As we know the world of dreams is usually abstract and very mysterious, but that does not mean that dreams do not have very hidden messages and interpretations that can define different courses of our life.

To dream of visions means that you are a person who has a sixth sense and you are very intuitive.

You rely a lot on feelings and that is why you open the doors of your heart to anyone who approaches you, often without measuring the consequences.

What does it mean to dream of visions?

This dream vision tells you that you like to anticipate events, you are very organized and for this reason you anticipate your future plans well in advance, you do not like to make hasty decisions because you know that the results will not be as you expect.

The meaning of dreaming of visions depends on many factors such as the details that are reflected in it or how we can react to them. In this article you will learn about other interpretations related to visions.

Dreaming of visions of the future

When you dream of visions of the future it is usually related to the fears and all the concerns we have about the direction of the things we are doing, and here the sentimental plane is highlighted.

Communication with your partner is very important so that things can flow in a positive way. Look around you for the support you need to move forward and make things work well. In business you should try to achieve a balance and be very careful with finances.

To dream of a vision

To dream of a vision basically you have to take into account what kind of vision you have experienced to then be able to interpret it, it is usually a warning sign as it is not a guarantee that things will go well.

You should not be guided by what the dream says. In the work environment, new opportunities present themselves and projects that were pending are materialized.

You receive the support of your closest environment in difficult times, and from there you can draw conclusions about who your true friends are.

Dreaming of visions in the sky

If you dreamed with visions in the sky, it shows us a lot of information about the psychological processes, but also about the hidden potential of the personality, to travel in dreams is to enter a magical and mysterious dimension.

The visions in the sky make us enter an infinite world where we feel that we are going to the beyond and we want to go further and further. This natural activity is one of those we would like to experience more often.

To dream of blurred visions

To dream of blurred visions signifies the soul’s yearning to find answers to deep questions or problems, you are not prepared to experience situations that make you feel a little confused and you have a hard time understanding the situation, as you do not have a clear picture of what is going on.

This dream also indicates situations of fear before a past, in which you have lived many economic and family shortages.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

Vision is a common metaphor for insightfulness, perceptiveness, and point of view. Any of these meanings could be indicated in a dream emphasizing vision. To experience an obstruction to one’s vision could indicate that the dreamer is having difficulty perceiving such things as errors in judgment, or how significant and important their role is in the world. The term “vision” can also be used in the sense of an apparition, which in a dream could indicate that a spiritual message is being given to the dreamer.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

If the visions were pleasant or merely strange, they predict a happy surprise; but if they were unpleasant and/or confused, they suggest a physical origin and a medical checkup would be advisable.

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