Dream meaning of virgin

To dream of a virgin, denotes that you will have comparative luck in your speculations.

For a married woman to dream that she is a virgin, foretells that she will suffer remorse over her past, and the future will hold no promise of better things.

For a young woman to dream that she is no longer a virgin, foretells that she will run great risk of losing her reputation by being indiscreet with her male friends.

For a man to dream of illicit association with a virgin, denotes that he will fail to accomplish an enterprise, and much worry will be caused him by the appeals of people. His aspirations will be foiled through unwarranted associations.

The meaning of virgin dreams, virgin dreams have realistic effects and reactions as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. See the detailed explanation of virgin dreams below to help you sort it out.

To dream of a virgin indicates that your career will shine brightly.

A married woman dreams that she is still a virgin, indicating that she will feel ashamed and regretful for some of the things she has done, but the regretful heart will not bring her good luck.

For a young woman, to dream that she is no longer a virgin indicates that the integrity of her behavior with men will damage her reputation.

A man dreams of maintaining an improper relationship with a virgin indicates that he will not be able to complete a certain plan, no matter how hard he tries, and that other people’s actions will cause him a lot of trouble; or that his ideal will be due to lack of cooperation. cannot achieve.

Single women or even virgins may dream of having children.If you are talking about friends, dreaming of having children or having twins, then you may have to break up with your boyfriend. “Giving birth to a child” signifies your reincarnation, a new self.

To dream of having sex with a young virgin will face adversaries in all respects.

The divorced widow dreamed of going out to have sex with a young virgin. There may be minor problems, but it is all right.

The old man’s dream of having sex with a young virgin shows that his luck is not certain in this period, but it is slowly developing, you can take the opportunity and make a plan to welcome the dawn.

Dreaming of girls, girls usually give people a very beautiful and painful feeling. There is a saying that dreaming of boys has a bit more “enemy” elements, while dreaming of girls will make you happy, suggesting that the dreamer will be assisted by a lady in the near future. In fact, if you dream of a boy or a girl, while you feel depressed in the dream, it is actually not good. The dream about the child you dream can make you happy and content, it is a good dream, which will bring you luck and make you happy and content.

A grown woman dreams of giving birth to a daughter means that life will become happier and happier.

A grown man dreams of his wife giving birth to a girl means that he is very happy in his old age.

To dream of a lively and beautiful girl implies that the dreamer’s distant relatives and friends have good news.

To dream of a nasty girl reminds the dreamer to beware of the villain around him.

Virgin Mary

To see the Virgin Mary in your dream signifies selfless love, compassion, spiritual harmony and ideal motherhood. Alternatively, the Virgin Mary represents a repressed fear of sex and difficulties in personal relationships.

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2 Definitions
  1. A virgin can represent innocence and purity. A feeling of being free, unattached, and receptive.
    Alternatively, a virgin can represent barrenness.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 8, 2022 at 4:36 am

    This dream could the effect of nostalgia. Maybe you are observing the past, when you experiment for the first time the pain and complexity of human relationships. In the same manner, a virgin could represent something pure and innocent in real life.
    In dreams, the Virgin Mary represents the soul.
    It is the spiritual guide that brings personal plentitude to man.

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