Dream meaning of vinyl

To wear vinyl in your dream represents your lack of freedom and limited abilities. You are feeling restricted in some area of your life. Alternatively, the dream symbolizes a shield that you have put up to protect yourself against some emotional hurt.

In the past, artists’ music was sold on phonograph vinyl records. Eventually these were replaced by a much smaller compact disc, the silverCD”. Today, this is also considered obsolete, because most music is now also offered for digital download. Very few people own a record player; it is mainly the vinyl lovers who consciously listen to their music on the old device, because the sound quality is special.

However, the vinyl record can still appear as a dream symbol. We happen to dream of seeing one, hearing it, or perhaps holding in our hands the latest single of our favorite artist in record form. What can these dreams mean?

So what is the general interpretation of the phonograph vinyl record in dreams?

Anyone who dreams of seeing or playing a record can basically understand this as a positive sign for their own future. The symbol predicts prosperity and wealth. Business will proceed according to the dreams wishes. But the person dreaming will also be satisfied with his private life. He lives in harmony with his fellow men, he can count on friends and family. In the partnership many good hours of coexistence await him.

In addition, buying a vinyl record in a dream may indicate good news. Soon this good news will arrive. A pleasant surprise can also await you in this context. The same applies if someone dreams of receiving a vinyl record for free.

To dream that you are a musician and you receive a gold record symbolizes the recognition you receive on a daily basis for your achievements. They need not necessarily be artistic, but can also be related to other personal abilities for which he is praised by others.

In addition, the grooves of a vinyl record may appear as a spiral in the dream. Therefore, in such a dream situation, it makes sense to refer to the aspects of the “dream with spiral” symbol.

The psychological interpretation phonograph vinyl record in dreams.

Phonograph vinyl records connect many adults with the past, childhood and youth. If a vinyl record appears as a dream symbol, this may, according to the psychological view, indicate an examination of personal memories and experiences. Certain experiences in real life have brought them back to consciousness.

According to the psychological approach to interpretation, one must also take into consideration what music the vinyl record was playing. For example, was it a loud march or hip-hop song? The genre and the type of melody allow conclusions to be drawn about one’s own mental state.

In this context, pleasant and calm music heard on a vinyl record indicates inner satisfaction and balance. Shrill and ugly tones, on the other hand, suggest emotional conflict. The “vinyl record” symbol urges you to deal with this and find a solution.


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