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To see a villain in your dream symbolizes the negative aspects of your own self that you are ashamed about or not proud of.

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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

This figure could represent a part of your personality that you need to reform. The villain symbolizes your rebellious side and your hidden desire to abandon societal norms. On the other hand, it could show feelings of vengeance that you harbor, or your craving to interfere with someone’s plans. Equally, the dream could be caused by the desire to overcome a vice, like smoking or drinking.

Dreaming of a victim predicts that you will receive a gift or card from the person that you love.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

If you dream of a villain, someone in your waking life is playing that role for you—your nemesis or arch enemy—and your dream is making this easier for you to see by simplifying matters into black and white: good (you) vs. evil (the villain).

If you dream you are the villain, you’ve done something that has given you an unfavorable reputation, or you feel guilty about something you did and now you feel like a bad person.

If you dream someone rescues you from a villain, you feel victimized in your life, and you long for someone to save you because you don’t feel able or inclined to save yourself from a force so menacing.

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