Dream meaning of viking

The name Viking is given to several peoples who arose on the Scandinavian Peninsula, who were expert navigators who forayed into the European continent between the 8th and 11th century, launching countless journeys to conquer and dominate other peoples at their pace.

Considering that Vikings are symbols of strength, power and conquest, dreaming of Vikingos can be interpreted as that we are willing to take on any aspect of life for our purposes.

They symbolize the inner strength capable of facing with tenacity and good tactics, any obstacle present in our sphere, whether it be labor, social, family, or sentimental, being perseverant until we achieve the desired purpose.

Vikings embody the struggle to obtain power in our vital space, it is the tenacious search for a coveted social ascension, very important and hierarchical. To dream of Vikingo means that we are about to fight stubbornly for jobs or domination of groups in our surroundings.

In the following we intend to illustrate the presence in our dreams of these historical characters, in several blocks, where we have tried to separate the most significant aspects in which we can relate them, not only from an individual point of view, but also in our social sphere.

General interpretation of dreaming of Vikings

In a general analysis of dreams, Dreaming of Vikings may be a warning for us to protect ourselves against unfavorable influences. They may foreshadow a threat of hostility, unexpected verbal or physical attacks by other unknown persons.

Yes it is a man who dreams, the image of vikings may refer to a thirst for adventure, feeling agobio and tiredness of a routine life. Especially if you see him in person as a Viking with long hair, and unbridled strength.

If a woman dreams of a Viking, it can be interpreted as a revelation of hidden loneliness that needs to be cured with an expression of romantic feelings. It represents the woman’s desire to satiate a restrained passion.

Positive Dreams about Vikings

In general, dreaming of Vikings can bring many positive aspects considering that it represents good energies, strength and an unmatched adventurous spirit. One just has to pay close attention to the actual situation in which it manifests itself. That is why we will now analyze among the most positive interpretations.

To dream of seeing a Viking

To dream of seeing a Viking from the front

To see in a dream a Viking facing the front, represents a person willing to change, with the necessary strength and power, ready for adventure and the conquest of new possibilities or opportunities in his vital environment.

So if this is the case for you, analyze what is happening in your environment at present, you are possibly about to undertake an adventurous journey and your spirits are very good. The positive omens of such a dream will, in this sense, be of great personal significance.

To dream of seeing Vikings

To dream that we are in a place and in it we see one or several Vikings may mean that our adventurous spirit is alert and will give us very good results in a quest we are undertaking.

We are not referring only to a physical quest, but a psychic and very internal one. It is possible that we are undertaking internal changes, which will only give us results if we carry them out with great impetus and confidence in ourselves. May there be nothing around us that tries to attack our spirits.

To dream of being on a Viking ship

If we dream of being on a Viking ship, it is clearly an omen that we will make an unforeseen, adventurous and safe journey, which presents us with new perspectives in life.

In general, dreaming of Vikings will always be very connected with travel but above all with power. You may be looking for a higher position and you are very close to achieving it. Be sure to act with that strength as it is possible that you will get it.

To dream that we see ourselves fighting with a Viking

If in a dream we see ourselves fighting with a Viking, it symbolizes that we have an inner struggle with something that afflicts us and worries us. If we fight with a Viking and win in the dream, it means that we will be able to dominate our impulses and explosive character, being able to conquer our fears.

If, on the contrary, we wake up without having won the battle, it is possible that we are experiencing insecurities with ourselves and these struggles are still going on. Therefore, we would need to pay more attention to our inner self in order to be able to externalize our fears or insecurities.

To dream that a Viking helps you

To dream of a Viking helping you, not often, but not crazy either, is an augury of a very interesting encounter at work with a person of long experience who will help or push us to conquer new advantageous and productive proposals.

To dream of Vikings walking on a beach

Yes we dream of Vikings walking along a beach carrying their swords and shields, it expresses to us that we are ready to make decisions with the necessary security to come out ahead in upcoming economic difficulties.

In addition, it also makes reference to inner struggles with our innermost frustrations. The path is already made, all we have to do is walk, we already know how, so it remains for us to walk the path with the only weapons we have, each of us will know which one we are referring to.

To dream of Vikings near by

To dream of Viking very close to us, means that we are about to face several very competitive people for a job position, which represents a rise or improvement in stability for us.

As well as people that in one way or another represent some kind of threat to us, be it a neighbor or some kind of unreliable friendship that tries to impose itself in some circumstances in front of us. In this sense, we have to be attentive.

To dream of a Viking on the road

If we dream that we simply see a Viking on the road, this means that our adventurous spirit is giving us very good results that will fill us with joy and prosperity.

But yes it will be necessary not to lose sight of it, not to let go of those adventurous wills, since in one way or another it has always been in us, only we let it go well either because of our work obligations or our family, Or perhaps some internal fear of letting it flow.

To dream of a Viking tending his hand

If in a dream we are presented with a Viking tending to our hand, it is a warning sign that there are complex challenges and tasks ahead. And we should be prepared, but we should not be uneasy or insecure, since it represents outside help that will support us.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that we are getting to know some travel ideas or other adventurous people that are generating such restlessness to travel. So much so that we may come across some new experiences that we are enjoying.

Reflective Dreams about Vikings

Every dream is a symbol of experiences that we are living but our subconscious brings us images and even projections that we, from our conscious state, cannot see. In this sense, we have that as long as we are dealing with characters that have gone down in history, whether or not they have to do with our own culture, globalization has ultimately made it so ours whenever we see ourselves bound to it.

Dreaming of Vikings may be one of them, either because it is a theme we are passionate about or because in actuality we have found ourselves surrounded by such a theme. Perhaps you have been surrounded by others who have brought the theme to light and it has remained in your memory, what is certain is that there is always some interpretation to bring about in such a dream state.

To dream of being married to a Viking

Symbolically a Viking is the owner of strength and power, in dreaming to see ourselves married to a Viking reveals that we feel very dominated at home, that we have no power of decision before our couple. It is a sign that we should review our relationship as a couple and look for points of balance.

To dream of seeing a Viking in front of the house

If we dream of a Viking standing in front of our house, it is a sign that we must prepare ourselves very well to fulfill a complex encomienda which will be given to us by a person of hierarchy and on which our stability depends.

In addition, it is possible that someone in our environment is forming an important part of changes in ourselves, in this sense we should take a little more confidence in the changes we are generating to flow in a certain way for better changes.

Dreaming of Vikings Sailing

If in the dream we are shown Vikings sailing on the sea in one of their boats, they are telling us that we should NOT break the will of the boss during our work day, the can be on the lookout for any faults.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that in our present we have been surrounded by such circumstances. That is, possibly we have been watching some television program constantly where the central theme is Vikings, or well certain video games around it and for this reason our dream state has reflected it.

To dream of seeing a Viking battle

To dream of seeing a Viking battle has erotic connotations. It means that we are trying to control our sexual instincts or perhaps trying to suppress them, so there is an internal struggle in our actions between pleasure and duty.

In this sense, paying more attention to such manifestations is what this dreamlike manifestation tells us in one way or another. If the Vikings are the representation of adventures, we must also internalize our sexual instincts, project them to a liberation of ourselves.

Not so positive dreams about Vikings

As well as positive dreams with Vikings, considering all that they represent in our dream states such as strength and adventurous states in ourselves, they can also bring negative interpretations. Some of these are as follows.

To dream of being in a Viking battle

To repeatedly dream that we are participating in a battle of Vikings can mean that we work too hard and neglect to relax. We should take a break and rest. So as not to create a conflict between our rational acts and our irrational impulses. It is good to take a break and then to take momentum

To dream that we observe a battle between Vikings

In contrast to the previous one, dreaming that we are the spectators of a battle between Vikings may be occurring to us something similar in our intimate life. We are probably observing how a loved one has been in constant non-stop travails and this is causing us some uneasiness but we are not prepared to intervene, or we simply don’t know how to act in the face of it.

On the other hand, if we dream that we are watching a Viking battle but not directly participating in it, it foretells us changes in our workplace that would affect us well either positively or not, but it does not depend on us directly.

To dream that a Viking tries to kill us

Not all dreams are interpreted literally, in fact very few of them work that way. If we dream that a Viking tries to kill us, it is possible that we are losing our adventurous spirit and are suffering a great loss of energy in the face of things we are passionate about but, whether for personal or work reasons, do not have the ability to face it.

In fact, such a dream can cause us a lot of anguish and be an unpleasant awakening, so it is suggested to pay certain attention to our innermost interests. Perhaps we just need a vacation to regain our energy.

To dream that we murder a Viking

In general, to murder in a dream can mean precisely the elimination of some stage in our lives that we should overcome and, in effect, be that our current process. But in the case of a Viking, on the contrary, it can bring us other interpretations.

If we said that a Viking represents strength and an adventurous spirit, in general, to murder him is precisely to annihilate this inner strength that we have to face situations of risk and adventure. It is possible that we are being exploited or overburdened by our work, and that we feel that this other part of us is being eliminated from our lives.

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  1. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 6:15 pm

    You are dreaming about a deep-rooted sense of archetypal power. The Vikings were a fearsome nation of traders and explorers who crossed the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and Northern Europe early in the last millennium. We still connect to their powerful mythology led by the Norse god Odin through the collective unconscious. In modern media mythology, Vikings are ferocious warriors and conquerors.
    A dream about a Viking is to be calling upon this masculine-principle form of power to enter your life in some circumstance that is asking you to be more decisive and action-oriented.
    The most universal image of a Viking for people today is of a rugged sea traveler who is large in stature and strong in every way. If a Viking character appears in a dream, you may be being called by something from this mythology through the power of the collective.

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