Dream meaning of vase

Generally used as decorative objects, vases call the attention of people who appreciate art. In addition to modern designers that add many types of materials, vases are also part of the ancient history of mankind, and are even the cultural identity of several peoples.

Loved by some and indifferent to others, the truth is that the vase is very present in most homes, in the four corners of the country. So much so that, in some cases, these objects transcend the material barrier and start to figure in the imaginary world of many people.

Identified with certain frequency in dreams, vases have different meanings, which can suggest that something good is coming, or in the form of a warning. It all depends on the situation in which it appears in your dreams. To know more about this, it is worth paying attention throughout this article.

What it means to dream of a vase

To dream of a vase means that the time has come to look at your health. Depending on the form in which this object appears, this dream may signal illness or good health.

Before you begin to decipher all the situations in which vases can be inserted in your dreams, you should know what they are: they can appear full of liquid, empty, broken or as an object used by you to drink some liquid, whether it is pleasant tasting or not.

This dream can have good or bad meanings, it will depend on the context in which the vase appears.

What it means to dream of a vase

To dream of a full vase

When in a dream you see a vase filled with water or any other liquid, this suggests that it is time for you to take a closer look at yourself. In this regard, your well-being and the friends you are approaching should be taken into consideration in order to be pleasant.

To Dream of an Empty Vase

In cases where vases appear in empty daydreams is a warning for you to be careful with your own conduct. This is because some people around you who really want you to be well, may be moving away. This is not good, since they protect you and give you advice for the good.

To dream of a broken vase

This is an omen that many people do not want to have, since its meaning is connected to the appearance of some disease or failure in the professional sphere. Take this warning as help to guide your next steps, since everything will depend solely and exclusively on you.

To dream of using a vase to drink

In contrast to the last meaning, to dream that you are drinking something you like in a vase is a sign that you will enjoy robust health and that you will find satisfaction in all your circles, whether in the personal, professional, or even love affairs.

To Dream of Taking an Unpleasant Drink from a Vase

As well as the uninviting taste you are experiencing in your dream when you encounter this situation, it suggests disappointment and heartbreak for your life. In this case it is good to pay attention to your actions, since they will become very predictable and can interfere incisively with your future from then on.

To dream of a vase, denotes that you will enjoy sweetest pleasure and contentment in the home life.

To drink from a vase, you will soon thrill with the delights of stolen love.

To see a broken vase, foretells early sorrow.

For a young woman to receive one, signifies that she will soon obtain her dearest wish.

To see an empty vase in a dream is a certainty that if you know how to use your charisma and your intuitions, professionally you will be a champion; but if the vase is full, the affective sector will be the most favored. If, in a dream, you saw a broken vase or broke a vase, it is a sign that you will have unexpected profits.

To dream of a vase is a warning from your mind, which is trying to show you that you should take better care of your health. Depending on how this element appears in your dream, it may indicate illness or full health. Before identifying all the possible meanings, it is important to pay attention to the details.

Vases can appear in your dream full of liquid, empty, broken, or even as an object used by you to drink some liquid, be it pleasant to the palate or not. Vases appear frequently in dreams and have different meanings, suggesting good things or giving a warning.

Dreams about a new, broken, or in other states clay vase have many meanings that are very relevant in people’s lives. The state and characteristics of the vase are important for the interpretation.


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4 Definitions
  1. A cracked or broken vase suggests a crack in the dreamer’s life—a broken relationship; a weakening outlook; and, possible sorrows ahead.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 8, 2022 at 4:22 am

    A vase full of water indicates the start of feelings.
    Offering a vase indicates your desire to share love and happiness.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    Tiresome trials and tribulations are forecast in a dream featuring a vase, but the experiences will be ultimately beneficial, so try to be philosophical for the time being.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 6:11 pm

    A primary use for a vase is to hold cut flowers, a symbol of beholding beauty for beauty’s sake. Therefore, a vase is symbolic of your own ability to contain this principle. The state of a vase in your dream will reflect the state of your ability to attract and express love.

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