Dream meaning of vanity

Any reference to vanity in a dream foreshadows mismatches and disagreements with co-workers.

To dream of vanity symbolizes that you are feeling lost in what you want to do. You lack spirit and enthusiasm in some area of your life. You are trying to find a solution to some problem in life. Your personal desires and illicit pleasures can get you into trouble. You are putting too much of your energy into one element of your life.

To dream of vanity says that the vacations and the summer period are no excuse to relax and have a disordered diet. Good weather makes you feel good and feel like doing things. Your greatest virtue is to inspire, support and help others. Your health comes first because without it you cannot move on to other matters. An old project is on your mind that you have been thinking about for a long time.

To dream of vanity symbolizes that you are feeling lost

To dream of vanity symbolizes that information on the Internet can give you good ideas. In any case, it will be a day at peace with yourself. Your thoughts are focused on achieving what will benefit you and your family. A family member needs your help, but will not ask for it until you take an interest in it. Your attractiveness will be multiplied, and you will attract different people thanks to your charisma.

ADVICE: Enjoy Monday, even if it sometimes seems impossible. Take an interest in her, and plan everything so that it goes perfectly.

WARNING: You don’t need to control anyone but yourself. You don’t need to think so hard about certain issues that have been bothering you for days.

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