Dream meaning of vagina

The meaning of dreaming of the male or female sex organs is connected with sexual desire and libido. Dreaming about a vagina can have several interpretations, but in the vast majority, it shows the fear of losing libido and the decrease in desire. But, like erotic dreams, it is not always associated with sex.

The dream is directly linked to female desire and receptivity. However, it can also represent other meanings, such as in finances.

To dream of a vagina usually means that you are dealing with internal issues, such as your own sexuality, for example. Most of the time, its appearance in dreams is linked to the fear of losing libido and sexual desire, but the meaning can go in totally different directions.

Thus, depending on the context of the vagina, the dream reveals important meanings for you to avoid problems in your health, or even seeks to call your attention to aspects linked to your relationships, or with transformations in your life.

In any case, you will discover all this in this article, which brings several possibilities for your future and will give you the answers you are looking for. So do your best to remember the most eye-catching features of the vagina in your dream.

To dream of one’s own vagina

To dream of your own vagina is a warning to you to pay more attention to your own vagina. When you dream of your vagina, it means that something may be happening to it that you have not yet noticed, such as an illness or an allergy.

In this way, dreaming about it is a way for the unconscious mind to warn you that your private parts need to be taken care of more. After all, it is always important to perform routine exams and keep your vaginal health up to date. Our body needs attention and care, and because it is a sensitive place, the vagina needs extra attention. So be sure to visit your gynecologist regularly.

To dream of someone else’s vagina

Now, if you dream of someone else’s vagina, it means that you have difficulty taking care of your own life. A lot of attention is needed, as this is a negative aspect that will put you in a very vulnerable place.

Therefore, the tip is that you start paying more attention to your life. Not paying attention to yourself is not good and puts you in a place of risk, so make a change immediately. Putting yourself as the center of the world occasionally is necessary for your health.

To dream of one's own vagina

To dream of a hairy vagina

When you dream of a hairy vagina, you are being warned that you need emotional protection, because turbulent days are ahead. So seek tranquility in the coming days, that way you will be able to better cope with the difficulties that will appear in your path.

Also, although it is extremely common to have a hairy vagina, many may see this as absurd. Even though hair is essential for protecting the site from infection, many are not willing to give up their judgments. Anyway, listen to the message of the dream and protect your emotions.

To dream of a shaved vagina

When the vagina in your dream is shaved, it means that you need to give more value to your sex life or even need a spiritual purification. This is because an energy that is vibrating around you is taking away your energy for everyday life. Be aware of situations and don’t forget to seek the best for you.

Furthermore, to dream of a shaved vagina is related to total nudity, meaning that the dreamer has an intense bond with things in their natural state. This connection with organic shows your constant search for transparency and truth. Therefore, you should make a retreat have a contact with nature to have a connection.

To dream of a small vagina

To dream of a small vagina shows that you are an unreceptive or overly closed person. In other words, we can say that when challenges come your way, you tend to isolate yourself so that you don’t have to get involved. With an invitation to reflect, this dream invites you to think about the way you handle problems, and how negative these attitudes can be.

Also, the dream also represents a great fear of change. Being closed off, you have a very suspicious manner, which prevents you from experiencing many moments. The dream is a warning for you to give up your fears and take more risks.

To dream of a large vagina

The message of dreaming of a large vagina shows that you are a very receptive person who is always attentive to the goals of those around you. By always paying attention to what people need, you end up offering constant support to everyone. This makes you very likable.

As we can see, the size of your vagina shows how you relate to and deal with other people. However, regardless of the size of your vagina, it may not always be clean in your dreams. If you dreamed of a vagina with diseases, be aware that your unconscious mind may be sending you a sign.

To dream of vaginal diseases

If you dreamed of vaginal diseases, check out all the details in the following text. It is extremely important to understand how the dream unfolded for you to know what the correct revelations are. In the following topics, you will learn in more detail what vaginas with pus, blood, larvae or even ants mean.

Dreaming of a discharge from the vagina

Although vaginal discharges are normal in the physical world, when the discharge is seen on the dream plane, you need to be very careful. This is because the dream is warning you of a future health problem that you are not yet aware of. The tip is to visit the doctor for safety.

Also, the dream may also present itself as a metaphor, intended to warn you of a negative atmosphere. Dreaming about a secretion coming out of your vagina is usually something intense, because it shows that your life is full of harmful habits, toxic relationships, or even addictions. So be careful with your relationships and the environment you are in.

To dream of a vagina with pus

When pus appears in your vagina in your dreams, it means that there are many chances that you are facing health problems. Therefore, visit the doctor as a precaution and be especially attentive to any changes in your intimate region.

In addition, another interpretation of dreaming of a vagina with pus indicates that you will soon experience situations that will leave your emotions vulnerable. The circumstance may be work-related, since pus indicates changes that are beyond your control. Therefore, it is necessary to be attentive to the transformations in your life.

To dream of vaginal diseases

To dream of a vagina with blood coming out

When you dream of a vagina with blood coming out, you are being warned about your anguish with everyday situations. It is normal to be nervous about everyday life and to make rash decisions, but the dream shows that you must remain calm in order to solve your problems.

In addition, blood can also mean that you are in a time of transformation. After all, the vagina bleeds during childbirth and menstruation, which are times of renewal of the uterus. Thus, the dream may be a sign that your life is entering a new moment. This dream is common for people who are seeking change and are reaching their goal. In short, accept renewal well.

To dream of a worm coming out of your vagina

Although it is rare to dream of worms coming out of your vagina, it does indicate that big trouble is coming. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare yourself to make serious decisions that will help you deal with the new challenge and even solve problems that have been troubling you for some time. So face the problems head on, and don’t be afraid.

Worms also indicate that you are worrying more than you should, so it is difficult to think clearly. So you need to calm down and take back control of your life and your attitudes.

To dream of maggots crawling out of your vagina

Although it is scary, dreaming of worms crawling out of your vagina reveals a lot about your current situation. When, in a dream, these worms come out of your private area, it means that you were seeking change, but although you achieved this transformation, it was bad for you.

In this way, the dream shows that in pursuing the goal, you ended up losing something very important: your personality. Because you no longer recognize yourself, you are lost, and you no longer know how to act. The moment calls for calm and reflection about who you really are.

To dream of a vagina with ticks

When, in a dream, ticks are present in your vagina, this shows that the desire to change is very latent, but this desire does not result in action. This is because ticks are animals that, once they have grabbed the skin of other animals, there is great difficulty in getting them out.

To dream of a vagina with a tick presents this difficulty you have in changing the present context. It takes a lot of calm and patience to change this aspect of your life. Change will come when you let things flow naturally.

To dream of ants in your vagina

If in your dream you saw ants coming out of your vagina, it means that you are surrounded by false people. If many are approaching you lately, beware, some may be after your friendship only for their own interests.

In this situation, the best thing to do is to identify who these people are, and then cut them off as soon as possible. Although it is difficult, actions like this will protect you from the evil of people who do not want your good.

Does dreaming of a vagina mean fertility?

As you have noted in this article, there are several contexts in which the vagina can show itself to the dreamer. It is not because you dream of this region that it necessarily implies fertility, for example. The sign of fertility only comes when the dream takes place in a context where there is a baby coming out of the vagina.

And even in this case, fertility can come into other areas of life, such as work or the financial aspect. In short, as we have seen, to dream of a vagina can mean anything from an alert to diseases to positive transformations in your life.

Therefore, always try to remember all the details of your dream in order to know how to make future decisions, or even to prepare yourself for difficult moments. Simple attitudes like this will be very necessary for your life to be peaceful and healthy. Take care of yourself, don’t give up on your dreams, and stay brave!

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  1. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    The vagina is the ultimate symbol of the power of the feminine principle of creativity and receptivity. This can have sexual connotations and also be an expression of primal productivity. A man dreaming of having a vagina is connecting deeply to his inner feminine on an archetypal level. The same is true for a woman, but without the archetypal meaning.

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