Dream meaning of urn

To see an empty urn in a dream, something that worries the dreamer will soon be clarified; however if the urn was full, luck in the game. A violated urn is a warning to speak less about your life, protect yourself. An urn in which some different detail (decoration, painting, transparency) catches the dreamer’s attention is a good omen: good luck in every way.

To dream of an urn is not a common dream, in some cases people are afraid to dream of a funerary urn, but still this dream is uncommon and does not bring any great revelation, on the contrary, it indicates longevity and good health.

To dream of an urn has many topics and different interpretations, so we have selected the dreams with urns that are most sought after by people and specified below each of their meanings. If you are curious to know what the message of your dream is, scroll down the text.

To dream that you see an urn

To dream that you see a ballot box is an allegory about your victory against your most prickly enemies. Just as we see in elections, the race for office is always very close and the attitudes that opponents are capable of doing always surprise us by the worst aspect.

If your morals are good, clean, and if your intentions are always positive, there is nothing to be afraid of, go ahead confident in what the future is preparing for you, after all, what you reap is what you plant, and against this there is no adversary and no enemy that can compete and come out ahead of you.

To dream that you hold an urn

To dream that you hold an urn means that you will have to go through a very uncomfortable phase of deep sadness and melancholy. You will be able to find comfort and support in the people you love, they will be your greatest emotional support.

The most important thing here is to identify what is making you feel so sad. Dive into yourself and share with someone you trust your pain and suffering with your eyes closed, this can ease your heart and your head.

To dream that you see an urn

To dream of an empty urn

To dream of an empty urn represents that you will be emptied of your worries. Whatever is occupying your thoughts this semester, rest assured that dreaming of an empty urn shows that you will find the paths that will give you the right answers to the question at hand.

Sometimes we get to a point where everything seems to have no end, no way out, but you just have to believe in the future and little by little the paths open up and reveal to us the right answer. Follow with faith and patience, your time of peace and tranquility is not far away.

To dream of a full urn

To dream of a full urn means luck in gambling and betting. Despite the name, not all games of chance bring bad luck and this is a propitious moment for you to venture into some kind of game.

The trends indicate that you will receive an unexpected amount of money from a bet or a game. Nothing big, even a little faith with friends will bring you good luck.

To dream of a violated urn

When you dream of a raped urn, know that this is a message for you to stop talking so much about your life, to protect yourself from becoming the target of gossip and evil tongues. Everything you keep secret needs to stay secret, but if you keep opening your life to people as if it were an open book, your story may be turned upside down and exposed to everyone.

You have to be careful, after all, you never really know who is on your side cheering you on and which people are lurking around waiting for an opportunity to pull the rug out from under you and bring you down. Don’t trust everyone, be safe.

To dream of a detailed urn

To dream of a detailed urn, which can be any kind of detail such as an ornament, a painting or a carving, indicates that you will be very lucky in your professional life. The urn is a symbol of a choice, of a vote, and it seems that you will be chosen to be a leader of an important company or representation.

If you are already in a leadership position, get ready to embrace even more responsibilities and a lot of hard work because your position will be elevated through a unanimous vote, which may be to represent a board or management.


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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

An empty urn suggests a certain egocentrism with respect to the relations between a couple. You are enclosed in yourself with allowing anyone – not even that person with whom you share your existence – to see what you have hidden inside. In contrast, an urn full of papers indicates the tendency to leave your projects unfinished.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

An urn filled with flowers or plants predicts happiness, unless the flowers were withered, in which case it portends some minor disappointment in the offing. A funeral urn featured in your dream forecasts news of a legacy or an inheritance.

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