Dream meaning of union

To dream of union can be related to several situations, among them we can say that union represents situations such as, commitment, harmony and transition.

If you dream of a union between a man and a woman, it may also symbolize the unification of opposite aspects of your character, such as the union of your feminine side with your masculine side within your personality.

To dream of a union between childhood friends

When your dream directly indicates that this union is related to your childhood or long-time friends, this dream shows your communication with other people.

You are able to go deep, to get involved naturally, in all aspects of relationships in your life, whether at work, with family members, childhood friends, personal relationships, etc.

In fact, you are an engaging person, and people around you admire you for this, however, you need to be cautious and watch out for possible and probable looks of envy.

To dream that you are united in the pursuit of a common project

This dream indicates the manifestation of your subconscious, it shows that a new cycle is opening for you, that is, new opportunities, new paths.

A job opportunity or a business trip abroad? Everything is possible, this dream makes it clear that new projects are in search of you and obviously you feel ready for this new step in your life, so take advantage of it!

To dream of a union between a man and a woman

There is a clear manifestation of your inner self in this dream. Here occurs the unification of the opposites of your character, the union of your feminine and masculine side within your personality, indicating maturity to face life openly, away from preconceptions.

This dream also indicates a sexual maturity, you are free and easily adapt to any kind of relationship or gender.

To dream of a marriage union

If in the dream the union occurs through a marriage the meaning can have two meanings.

If you are one of the individuals who is getting married, then the dream does indeed indicate a desire to unite with another person. You probably find yourself in love and believe this love to be true.

If in your dream you only observe the union (the wedding) of an unknown couple, this dream indicates that you need to look within yourself. Evaluate your needs better and really run after your dreams.

To dream of friends joining together to destroy another person

Difficult times are on the way. All people have problems in their lives, so we need to be calm and peaceful in order to overcome everything that is contrary to our thinking.

This problem will teach you to respect differences in thought, and will take you a step further in learning life.

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