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To dream of being underwater. To dream of being underwater. Interpretation

To dream that you are underwater suggests that you are being overcome by emotions that are flooding your head regarding some situation. You need to gain greater control of your life.

But being underwater does not always suggest destabilization in the dreamer’s life. It will all depend on the context of the dream and the sensations experienced in the dream.

So let’s analyze some dream contexts in which the scenario is being underwater.
Analysis of dreaming about being underwater, in some contexts.

To dream that you are breathing underwater

Dreaming of breathing underwater is an ability that most of us would like to possess! It could easily turn a dangerous situation into something quite fun. Many people dream of drowning as a way of expressing great stress or depression. Therefore, being able to breathe underwater is one way to combat this -. You feel the stress, you feel the darkness, and you are still able to work through it and get on with your tasks. Not only that, but by being able to breathe underwater, you can now get to all sorts of fascinating places that are not normally available, with beautiful coral and fish. So it’s not only incredibly practical and useful, but it’s life-enriching.

Of all the superpowers you can dream up, this is probably the most complex. It gives you freedom – but the freedom to accept the burdens and responsibilities and get on with your tasks. It is not the easy freedom to fly -, but it is the mature freedom to take what life has given you and achieve your goals anyway.

To dream of being underwater.

To dream of an underwater city.

To dream of a city underwater represents your subconscious mind. Through a deeper understanding of yourself, you find common ground and shared experiences with others.

To dream of underwater houses

To see underwater houses means that you are experiencing a time of much emotional balance. This dream may also be a reflection of your life situation. Perhaps your problems, especially inner ones, have been dispelled from your life.

To see yourself under the depth of water and observe other people from there means that you are seeking support from your family and friends in real life.

To dream of objects underwater.

If you dreamed that you saw an object underwater, this could be symbolizing a repressed feeling. Objects can lead you to an emotional memory that you need to process. Think about what the object means to you, and what the memory may eventually trigger.

Dreaming of submerged objects that refer back to your childhood, such as toys or bicycles, refer to an emotion that was suppressed when you were a child. If it is an underwater car, it reveals regrets or sadness about not having taken a different direction in life.

When you discover what this object represents, think deeply about this memory. Re-experience the event and allow yourself to feel what you need to feel. This will help you release this repressed emotion.

To dream of physical intimacy with someone underwater.

Dreaming about intimate physical relationship underwater can signify the desire for close (but not necessarily sexual) communication with someone; the sensory basis of the dreamer’s character and worldview; the desire to cross a certain line in a relationship, to overcome an obstacle.

In addition, a dream about sex underwater can signify merging with the maternal element, the desire to return to the embryonic state, to reconnect with the mother’s body, to escape adulthood and eliminate.

To dream that you are underwater and cannot return to the surface.

To be underwater and unable to rise, to be afraid of drowning: this dream means that your emotions (of which water is a symbol) are overwhelming you, you have no control over your emotions, you are not at peace with your world. The helplessness and frustration of not being able to resurface may represent the difficulty of expressing your emotions in a way that is understandable and at the same time acceptable to others; it may also manifest the inability, despite having understood many things, to apply real and effective changes to your situation.

If you have this dream frequently it may be a symptom of sleep apnea; talk to your doctor for further testing.

To dream that you are underwater during a storm

To dream of being under the surface of the water in the middle of a storm at sea, is predicted to resolve for you a complex family conflict in a very short period of time.

To dream of traveling in land vehicles, but under water.

To dream of traveling on water by car, bus, train or other means of transportation: represents a journey into emotions, experienced collectively if there are other passengers with you.

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  1. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 5:53 pm

    Water is symbolic of the emotional side of the human experience. To dream of being underwater is about being immersed in the nature of your feelings.
    A common dream is to be able to breathe and move with ease underwater; this represents a level of grace and ease with a current emotional situation.
    Fear of being underwater reflects the opposite.
    If it is you that is underwater, then it is your own life experience that is being expressed.
    If someone else is underwater, then the aspect of your character that the person represents may be key to what is creating an upheaval of feelings.

  2. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 19, 2022 at 5:58 am

    Dream of floating or swimming underwater, and you are so wrapped up in your own emotions that you can’t communicate with anyone very well. You may need to really immerse yourself in these feelings for now, but don’t forget to come up and take a breath or ask for help if you can’t seem to get back up to the surface.

    To dream of seeing someone else underwater suggests that you feel separated from someone else because that person is too emotionally engrossed in his or her own problem.

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