Dream meaning of undead

Have your dreams been haunted by the undead? When undead appear in our dreams, it can certainly be terrifying. What, however, does this dream mean?

Dreaming of the undead usually represents your emotions and symbolizes your emotional activities.

In addition, the dream symbolizes that you should follow through on your dreams and pursue your passions. You should trust your intuition when life presents life changing choices and analyze these changes from a different angle.

The undead dream often also points to a turbulent relationship that has left you feeling like there is no closure. Usually, this type of dream points to a romantic partnership, but it can also mean a friendship or business relationship.

This failed bond is the basis of your current situation. The dream is a reminder of the lesson to be learned, that you must not fall into the same patterns as in the past. In fact, it is important that you understand how this is currently affecting your life, and adjust.

To dream of the undead also appears to push you to follow your passions. You need, therefore, to consider every positive aspect of your life and explore avenues that seem likely to improve your future.

Perhaps it is a hobby that you are considering turning into a business venture, or perhaps a new romance that you feel could be long-lasting.

When you dream of the undead, it indicates that you should follow your path, but with caution.

The dream is also indicating a future driven by emotions, rather than one driven by logic and reasoning. It is therefore important that you figure out which aspect of your life seems too good to be true before it is too late.

To dream of the undead chasing you

Being chased by a zombie symbolizes that you are running away from something in your waking life. So think about what it is that you are trying to escape. What are you trying to avoid? Some emotion that you want to repress? In other words, being chased by an undead is forcing you to pay attention and deal with this situation. Trust your abilities and your intuition.

To dream of the undead attacking you

This can be a very frightening dream, can’t it? The meaning, however, is not negative.

The dream is an incentive for you to explore your feelings. This is a very positive omen, especially for your relationships. If you are single, it is a good sign that soon a new love will come into your life, so keep your head up and your heart open, because love is just around the corner! On the other hand, if you are already in a relationship, the dream symbolizes that you should take your relationship to the next level. This could mean finally moving in together, marriage, or perhaps a pregnancy.

To dream of the undead

To dream that you are killing an undead

To kill an undead in your dream is very positive. It symbolizes that you will be able to solve your problems, but that you will need perseverance and bravery to deal with your problems and achieve your goals.

Remember that your situation is not as hopeless as you may believe, so have confidence and faith in yourself.

To Dream that you are the Living Dead

If in your dream you are an undead, this symbolizes fear in your life and perhaps fear of your own death or your emotions. You may feel as if your emotions are out of control or that you have lost control of a certain situation. So take some time to think about what is going on and how you can take back control of your life and your emotions.

To dream that a friend is the walking dead

When someone you know is the undead in your dream, it signifies the feelings you have towards that person. Perhaps there has been some misunderstanding or some confusion with this person….

To dream of the living dead conversing with you

To dream that you converse with undead is a symbol that you are very stressed and overwhelmed in your waking life.

It is important, therefore, to consider all your options and seek the changes that could potentially affect your life in a positive way.


Dreaming of the undead is not as negative a dream as it appears to be.

The dream draws your attention to your emotions, to situations that are arising in your life that you feel you are not in control of. You should therefore pay attention to your dream in order to determine what aspect of your life it is referring to.

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