Dream meaning of umbilical cord

Many people think that to dream of umbilical cord is something exclusive to those who have been a mother or wish to be one, for example, but the truth is that anyone can have this kind of dream.

The true meaning of a dream about umbilical cord is not to do with motherhood, or a baby on the way, but rather with emotional factors, due to the meaning that the umbilical cord itself has.

For example, the umbilical cord exists so that the animal or baby is fed and receives all the nutrients that its mother consumes and provides throughout gestation.

This feeding process creates a strong emotional and extremely symbolic bond, after all, it is one life creating another life, a divine, loving and impressive act.

So, in general, to dream of an umbilical cord represents a very strong feeling for something or someone, acting in a very intense way, like an important emotional bond.

In other words, there is probably a very important person whom the dreamer does not want to lose touch with, and he or she wishes to have this person around for a long time or forever.

In addition, dreaming of an umbilical cord can also indicate emotional problems, but don’t worry, it is not in the sense that emotional problems will arise, but that there is probably some anxiety present.

The fear of losing someone, or fear of new things can also generate anxiety, so this dream comes as a warning to pay attention to your mental health, if you are going through some kind of emotional problem, seek help to be able to deal with it.

Anyway, to interpret this type of dream everything depends on the details of the dream itself. So, to dream of an umbilical cord, what does it mean? To find out more, read on to the end!

What does it mean to dream of an umbilical cord?

As previously mentioned, because it is a dream related to strong feelings, it has several meanings according to what was dreamed.

Here is a list of some variations of dreaming about umbilical cord and their meanings.

⦁ To dream of a ruptured umbilical cord
⦁ To dream of a baby in the umbilical cord
⦁ To dream with several umbilical cords
⦁ To dream of childbirth and umbilical cord
⦁ To dream of own umbilical cord

To dream of a ruptured umbilical cord

You need to take into consideration two things when interpreting the meaning of dreaming about ruptured umbilical cord, the first is who broke that cord.

In this dream did you see someone breaking this cord? Then it means that you have been letting people dominate things in your life that are your duty alone.

In other words, people are making decisions for you and taking important actions. So be attentive and take charge of your life, be brave! This dream shows that you have more capacity than you imagine, don’t be afraid.

Now, if in this dream the cord was simply broken and you didn’t see who it was, it means that a fear of losing someone important exists, so calm your heart.

Having this fear is normal, and this dream comes to show that this is part of life, so don’t let this fear overwhelm you and cause anxiety, there is no reason for it. Enjoy the one you love, without fear!

To dream of a baby on the umbilical cord

In this dream you clearly saw the umbilical cord connected to the baby? Then this dream is a warning! But don’t worry, it is an alert of evolution.

This dream comes to show that there is a situation in your life that has passed its limit, that no longer belongs to you. That is, it should no longer be connected, just like the umbilical cord.

It could be a person, a place, an emotional attachment, or any other situation. So think very sincerely in the back of your mind before you make a decision, evaluate the current situations in your life, and reflect.

For, remember that although it may seem painful, removing something that no longer does so well, will make your life evolve.

To dream of having several umbilical cords

To dream of several umbilical cords means that you have strong friendly and loving attachments in your life.
In other words, the people who are currently in your life have a very strong identification with you and many things in common.

This is why these connections were represented by several umbilical cords! Enjoy, it is very fortunate to be surrounded by special and important people.

To dream of childbirth and umbilical cord

To dream of childbirth, in general, has to do with new or existing love relationships.

So if in this dream you dreamed of childbirth and umbilical cord together, it shows a strong desire to establish a more special bond with an important person in your life.

In other words, pay attention to this person and allow the bond between you to become stronger, the result will be one of great happiness!

To dream of one’s own umbilical cord

There is a strong emotional charge in dreams about umbilical cords, so they almost always have the meaning tied to emotional relationships.

So, if in this dream the umbilical cord was your own, it means that you badly need to take control of your goals and create a bond with your inner self.

In other words, take control of the goals you have set for yourself, don’t let anyone get you off track, and strengthen your inner bond with what is really important to you, with your true desires, and not those of others.


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1 Definition
  1. An umbilical cord in a dream can represent a source of nourishment, but it often carries less pleasant connotations of dependency, or a crippling emotional tie to one’s mother.

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