Dream meaning of turnips

In general, dreaming of a “turnip” can indicate failure and consequent unpleasantness. The dreamer is disappointed by failure in his life. In addition, the turnip can be interpreted as a sexual dream image, pointing to the desires of those affected in this area.

The person who sees turnip seeds in his dream is probably in for a social upswing. If the dreamer sows turnip seeds in his dream, times shows his readiness for something new. Growing turnip may point to an improvement in the current life situation and successes.

The harvesting of turnip in dreams usually illustrates that the dreamer will successfully achieve his goals. If you cut turnips in your dream, you are often trying to make better use of your life chances. This project is likely to be favorable. Digging turnips from the root, such as horseradish, of the ground may indicate delays in the dreamer.

The sale of turnips, perhaps in a market, may point to slander and ridicule, according to general dream analysis.

If the dreamer cooks turnips in his dream and eats them afterwards, his plans in the financial or even emotional area are likely to be crowned with success. Turnip food during the dream often indicates health problems.

To dream of one or more rotten turnips is a bad omen, because it speaks of fraud, betrayal and emotional level of frustration, but to see them in good condition and appetizing indicates that professional projects will march on wheels and after a while, you will get the expected results.

The Psychological Interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the dream symbol “turnip” is primarily considered as a phallic symbol. Therefore, such dream content can refer to the sexual desires and needs of dreams.

If a meal with turnips, such as a soup or a stew, is cooked in a dream, you can look forward to a happy time in life and prosperity. This stage is due to both your own efforts and a certain degree of luck. If the dreamer sells his turnips in a dream, he will probably fail despite his efforts. He may even make a fool of himself.

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  1. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 8, 2022 at 3:52 am

    Its symbolism has contradictory meanings. For some, it is a sign of mediocrity and laziness. For others, however, it represents immortality. The life circumstances of the dreamer and the analysis of other elements of the dream will be crucial for a proper interpretation.

    To dream of turnips augurs wealth, a good paying job, and emotional fortune. It announces healing for the sick.

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