Dream meaning of turban

To dream that we are wearing a turban means that we do not pay attention to the negative comments that other people may make about us. Likewise, we should be attentive to these comments in order to clarify them in time and avoid fraud.

When we dream that we wear a dark-colored turban, it means that we hide truths that threaten us all the time, so we should act on time and say them, even if they hurt. If the turban is white or pastel colors, it is an expression of feelings of love for someone, but we don’t have the courage to tell them for fear of not being reciprocated.

In dreams where our mother hugs us with a turban, it indicates that we will always have her support and protection.

To dream that we are wearing a turban

To see or dream that you are wearing a turban indicates that you feel satisfied with social norms or that a family or work rule holds you back today. A turban symbolizes feeling or knowing the truth, but tied or locked up, with no possibility of being revealed.

If you dream of a gold turban, you may feel that your ability to understand and solve a problem is very limited. To dream of a white and blue turban, an impending encounter will be felt and you will experience a much desired truth in you.

In fact, dreaming of a turban may reflect the advancement or curbing of events, ideas, projects or wishes for unforgettable moments. It is as if it is connected to the proximity of an important and transforming event.

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