Dream meaning of tub

To dream of seeing a tub full of water, denotes domestic contentment.

An empty tub proclaims unhappiness and waning of fortune.

A broken tub, foretells family disagreements and quarrels.

To dream of a bathtub means the need for self renewal, spiritual hygiene and greater care of the body. In general, it brings good feelings, for surely one of the pleasures in life is a good bath after a day’s work.

However, our dreams can be varied. A bathtub may be full, and you may be in it. The bathtub may be empty, and the dream doesn’t make much sense. Someone else may be taking a bath, other than you. The bathtub can be dirty or clean, full of water or even something else. Our heads are a little strange, aren’t they?

If you saw in your dream an empty bathtub, be happy, because financial worries will be eliminated; if the bathtub was full of water, a moment of relief and improvement in the work sector, in the near future; however, if the bathtub was full of another liquid or other material, expect peace and prosperity at home. If in your dream you were bathing in it, you will receive encouraging news, however, if you saw someone else bathing in a bathtub, stay away from false people. To get out of the bathtub, in a dream, is an explicit warning for you to do what must be done, not to retreat under any pretext.

But there is hardly any explanation for your dream. As much as our heads can invent the weirdest baths possible, there is always an example in which yours will fit. If not the same, it will be very close. Check out our article below and find yours!

In general, dreaming of a bathtub indicates a need for relaxation, a desire to renew yourself, and an inclination toward cleanliness. It shows that we have habits that are harmful to ourselves that we are somehow feeling “dirty” because of it. As if some things are disturbing to the point that we need to clean our soul.

First we should locate where the stains are that bother us so much, and then get a soap and extract that. Take more care of your body, renew your actions at work and in your personal life. Clean yourself and take better care of yourself. Come out of this bath better than you went in.

A white bathtub is like the representation of a very common object. It has no great particularity and thus symbolizes a certain lack of meaning. Perhaps your life lacks some more precise direction to follow.

It is okay to desire a simple white bathtub, but your life probably needs to be more defined and to desire that which represents your highest aspiration. Look inside yourself, remember the things that make you feel good, that old dream that has been left behind, and draw the most specific wish possible.

A new bathtub is an excitement and makes you want to use it right away. A purchase that we make, with our own money and fruit of our own efforts, is a just reward that gives us pride and pleasure. It is a dream that brings meanings of novelty, innovation, and even curiosity.

Our head is projecting an image that is good for us. It knows us deeply, and our desires are transposed into comforting and delightful images like a brand new bathtub in the house. Give yourself a present once in a while. You deserve it. Our daily struggle is also to conquer moments like this.

A broken object in our dream shows much more than something that doesn’t work anymore. Our head prudently is able to give us warnings of what is about to happen to us. In other words, you may be on the verge of breaking too.

But be calm. The warning is just that: a warning before the worst happens. Time is on our side and it is possible to change this. An object breaks because of too much use and because it is somehow “tired”. In other words, fatigue or excess can cause this. Recover your energies and gain strength not to break.

The old tub is time passing too fast. The days can sometimes slip through our hands and we have the feeling that we are not keeping track of it. An old bathtub is the image of a situation that is getting out of your control and you are not managing to avoid it.

To combine time you need to pace yourself. Take a deep breath to avoid anxiety and have control over yourself. Time goes by and there is nothing you can do about it, but the secret is to know how to enjoy it. So in the future you can look back and say: it was worth it.

A baby bathtub is one of the simplest and sweetest objects that we see in our lives. It is a childhood memory, the tenderness that a bath in that little one brings us, and the aspiration of many women who one day want to be mothers.

In short, it is a good omen. A baby symbolizes hope, purity, and a new life is like an opportunity we have to be more than we are. Be prepared for new changes and births in your life. And don’t be afraid. Change is good.

Cold water causes the body to shrink. We become more shrunk and therefore more reclusive and less open. These layers of meaning can demonstrate anything from a relationship that is cooling off to a sexuality that is too stuck.

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  1. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 1:15 pm

    The meaning depends on whether the tub was full or empty, what it contained, and what it was made of, so all these details must be correlated to the action.

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