Dream meaning of trowel

To dream of a trowel shows that you need a fresh, new perspective on some issue. Someone is trying to help you solve the problem at hand. You are progressing through life slowly, steadily and persistently. You are doubting yourself in the choices and decisions you are making. You are recognizing a special occasion.

To dream of a trowel says it is best to focus on your obligations and finish them as soon as possible. It is your turn to give in and find a more suitable time for that activity that only you enjoy. You can only accept what has happened, talk to who you have to talk to, and then be compassionate. The smart thing to do is to let the flurry pass by without giving it any more thought. Life has currents that flow for some times and against others.

To dream of a trowel indicates that they will put a stone in your path, but if you make up your mind about it, you will not trip over it. Something that had not been done to you gets a return, is resolved to your satisfaction. Home, the house or your place of residence will be the meeting point with friends. The day will be excellent for making you known. You will breathe easy after a rather intense conversation.

Try to be honest with your feelings and don’t lose your temper at any time. Be sympathetic and understanding, even if you overreact.

Take care not to bring home any last minute tensions that may arise at work. Don’t be impatient, everything comes at the right time.

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