Dream meaning of trophy

A trophy is an object associated with the word reward, used to reward people or entities for a certain task, and can be a proof of the action. A dream about trophies usually involves happiness and wealth that can be achieved through effort. But the dream may bring other interpretations, so be attentive to the details, and check below the main interpretations of dreams related to trophies.

Meanings of a dream with a trophy

To see a trophy in a dream indicates that you will soon receive recognition for all your efforts and dedication at work. It may be that the recognition will come soon, but you need to be persevering and keep walking the path of effort to keep deserving the trophy. The dream comes as a way to motivate you to continue your efforts.

To dream that you receive a trophy indicates that you are getting recognition even though you may not realize it. Recognition does not always come in physical form, but also through kind words and gestures. You have to know how to be grateful for any form of recognition and maintain your behavior in front of your work in order to receive it in other ways. The dream may also show a great victory in your personal life, or even a great boost in your professional life. Prepare yourself for success, but always be worthy of it.

To dream that you are competing for a trophy indicates your need to be recognized. You have to earn it to receive verbal or physical awards, and this dream, usually connected to school, work, or personal achievements, refers to the fact that you feel you have been wronged, perhaps by someone who is taking credit for your work. You need to take action in order to show who is really acting and deserving of the recognition, and contributing to the situation, deserving the “trophy” in question, but without riding roughshod over others.

To dream of receiving a trophy from your family indicates that you are doing what you can to maintain a good relationship, and that deep down, even if it doesn’t seem so, they recognize your attitudes.

Meanings of a dream with a trophy

To buy a trophy in a dream

It means that you seek success, appreciation and recognition for all that you have done, that you deserve more than you are currently receiving for your attitudes. The right thing to do in this situation, as unfair as it may seem, is to continue to act as you are, doing what you do best without thinking so much about the rewards. If you think that this is not contributing to your growth, open the doors and change your ways to find happiness and recognition in something that really makes you happy.

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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

Seeing that you give a trophy to someone in a dream signifies that you know how to recognize other people’s merits.

It is a clear sign that your professional relationships are improving. In case you are receiving the trophy, it indicates that it is advisable to be more humble (despite that you deserve the recognition).

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