Dream meaning of trident

To see or use a trident in your dream symbolizes the God of the Sea. Because of the relation to the sea, it relates to some emotional issue. Also consider the symbolism of water and the ocean.

To dream of a trident means that you need to find a middle ground so that all parties involved are satisfied. You may be experiencing feelings of guilt about something you have done. You do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed by stress and pressure. You have lost the ability to balance aspects of your life. Some death is still fresh in your mind.

To dream of a trident says that you breathe peace and love around you and forget old quarrels and resentments. Since you have started this new care for your body, you feel much better about yourself. It is a promising beginning, full of positive energy. There is someone in your family that requires, now more than ever, your attention and love. This is something that may alter your mood, but it is best to assume that you have other priorities.

To dream of a trident means

To dream of a trident means that your desire to take a trip will soon materialize with you doing practically nothing. There are possibilities of promotion in your company. You will enter into a deep and meaningful relationship with your mother. Making the right decision will avoid conflict at home. The idea of taking a trip could come suddenly.

Cultivate your good faith and good heart but with your mind wide awake so that you are not abused. Watch more what you do and how you do it so you don’t make any mistakes.

During the next few months, don’t waste and try to save. If you are single, don’t rule out a seemingly random date with the person you like.

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