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Having recently been in a circus or having traveled through Africa or India is not the only way to dream of tigers. The image of this imposing animal could be engraved in your mind just by watching a documentary or a magazine. What is certain is that the tiger has marked your subconscious with a lot of strength.

Dreams with tigers are very common among young people and teenagers. However, this is a dream that is not only exclusive to them. Anyone can have this type of dream.

In the dream world, the tiger represents one’s personality. People who experience tiger dreams are actually dreaming about themselves, like looking into a mirror. This is a mirror that reveals the deepest part of the self, that which is hidden behind the mask you wear every day to survive society.

When you have a dream experience with a tiger, you appreciate the purest part of your being, so the expressions of that dream are very accurate in their interpretation.

To dream of tigers is a full reference of your character. Which now makes you wonder with more curiosity what it means to dream of tigers. This dream experience shows you your need to externalize what is in you.It is an indicator that you are in the midst of a stage of conflict that will allow you to grow internally.

It also reveals that you are repressing your feelings and they are now trying to come out.Remember that tigers are fierce animals, very fierce and with a great courage and speed that makes them deadly creatures.

In this order, to analyze these dream experiences it is important that you analyze what is happening right now around you that lead you to have these dreams.you must also take into account the context in which your dream develops. It is not the same to dream that you are invisible in front of a hungry tiger than to dream that you are being chased by a tiger.

Whenever you have dreams with tigers you will be facing the purest of your being. It is a dream experience to which you should make the most of to know your future.

What does it mean to dream of tigers?

When psychoanalyzing dreams with tigers, as we have already mentioned, it is a direct encounter with your hidden character, probably your interior is full of rage, therefore, you need to shout like a roar to the four winds. This makes you feel much stronger and you glimpse the end of your suffering. You see yourself dominating everything around you, or at least your decisions. You are evolving and soon you will be a cunning, quick and intelligent beast, but, above all, with a lot of honor. The events around you that have unfolded in recent months have made you look from a different perspective.

As we have mentioned before, it is of vital importance that you observe in detail the context that your subconscious shows you during the dream experience. Keep in mind that it is not the same if during the dream the tiger attacks you or if you dream that you are the one who ends the feline’s life. We invite you to read on and discover the meaning of dreaming about tigers.

Dreams with white tigers

Dreaming of white tigers is usually somewhat disturbing, but don’t worry, its meaning is good. What this dream means is that your soul is very pure. You are a person who stays away from temptations and sins, also avoiding hurting others. You love to help others, you have a high altruistic sense. You live a life with many positive values and with a strong tendency to achieve success in your projects. It is difficult for malicious people to deceive you because in spite of your goodness, you have discernment to differentiate the bad from the good. This, in turn, makes you an honest person.

Dreaming of lions and tigers

To dream of lions and tigers is closely related to overcoming trials and obstacles that you have faced throughout your life. However, in situations where there is an attack by one of these animals towards you, it is necessary for you to know that you will not be able to solve that problem. It is a warning for you to be aware that you may end up hurt by someone close to you.

Dreams with tame tigers

To dream of tame tigers is a sign of good omen which indicates that you will have a time of peace with your enemies. Those who in the past wanted to harm you and wished you harm, will no longer be part of your list of priorities. From now on you will follow lighter paths. On the other hand, this dream experience is also synonymous with a positive season for your physical and mental health.To dream of tame tigers also indicates that you are a person with the ability to master your emotions to achieve your own benefits and that of your own.

Dreaming of baby tigers

To dream of baby tigers reveals the presence of a strong protective mentality in you. You are someone who is concerned about the safety of your children or your future baby. You wish to always hold them in your arms and give them all your love on a daily basis. An interesting observation made by psychoanalysts reveals that the tiger is one of the animals that your subconscious chooses to reveal to you that deep down you want your child to grow up to be independent and adventurous, to be able to defend himself from the atrocities of the world and to take care of himself.

Dreaming of tiger cubs

If you dreamed of tiger cubs it reveals a strong personal need to find someone who will overprotect you. However, it can also be a dream experience that reveals your overprotective nature over others.

Dreams of tigers attacking you

To dream of tigers attacking you speaks of problems that need a prompt solution. Perhaps in your real life you are threatened. At the same time, this dream shows how you are coping with your problems. To do this, you should take into account whether throughout the dream you were running away from the tiger or you decided to face the tiger. This may signify your anguish in the face of new events in your life.

Other meanings of dreams with tigers

To dream of Bengal tigers is a dream experience that few have the privilege to experience. This dream reveals that you are a very wise and elegant person who is very graceful with others and very attractive. This dream relates to your sexual energy

To dream of seeing a tiger running towards you indicates that you are a person who will know how to cope with all the problems that arise throughout your life and you will become a person of renown in society.

To dream of a caged tiger means that you will have the power and the ability to overthrow all the plans of your enemies.

To dream of a tigress and her cubs is a dream of good omen. In the near future you will realize each of your dreams, both personal and financial.

To dream that you are hiding from a tiger in a cave is a rare dream. However, this dream experience reveals how you project yourself into the figure of the tiger. To see yourself hiding from the tiger itself is closely related to your intention to hide your most primitive and primal instincts. This dream makes you aware of those feelings that you try to hide deep inside you because they could bring out the wild beast within you.


Two interpretations of the tiger have been offered which are easily reconciled: ‘It is associated with Dionysos, and is a symbol of wrath and cruelty’; ‘In China, it is symbolic of darkness and of the new moon’. For darkness is always identical with the darkness of the soul, and corresponds to that state which the Hindus term tamas and which falls within the general symbolism of level, and also denotes the unbridled expression of the base powers of the instincts.

When the tiger appears in association with other animals, his symbolic significance varies according to the relative status of the animals within the hierarchy: for instance, the tiger struggling with a reptile stands for the superior principle, but the converse applies if it is locked in combat with a lion or a winged being.

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3 Definitions
  1. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 7, 2022 at 6:21 pm

    The tiger almost always represents hidden aspects of one’s own personality, normally those that frighten you.

    It is also the symbol of strength and aggressiveness. Because of this it is associated with the liberation of the basic instincts: plenty of energy that could turn against you. A domesticated tiger, in contrast, reflects the triumph of reason over passion.

    In the children’s poem “Tiger” by William Blake, the animal represents material existence. Its frightening character is the suffering that people experience when they lose their innocence.

  2. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 4:22 pm

    The tiger is the ultimate animal symbol for strength and sensuality and is also connected to vitality and health. When a tiger appears in a dream, you are being acquainted with a powerful totem to guide you through any difficulty. Tiger medicine is the perfect antidote to fear and aversion, for the courage, strength, and cunning associated with this animal are without parallel.

  3. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 20, 2022 at 8:13 am

    Tigers symbolize power, nonconformity, and standing out from the crowd.

    If you see a tiger in your dream, you can make a strong impression right now or strike out on your own and do just fine.
    If you are threatened or attacked by a tiger in your dream, you regret a bold move you made. It has come back to bite you.
    If you dream that you ride or pet a tiger or have a tiger for a pet, you have power over others. Your strong personality and charisma can rule the show.

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