Dream meaning of thunder

According to mythology, thunder is a tool of the gods to wreak havoc on the population of the earth. It is not only a symbol of divine intervention, but also of judgment. For that reason, dreaming of thunder could mean that there is a “storm” in the process of your real life. Also, it could mean that you feel guilty about something in your past.

Even when we dream of thunder it has a different meaning in different circumstances. Some dreams arouse our curiosity by showing vivid scenes, others could be a great source of information for our own well-being. Therefore, this phenomenon of nature is associated with something that torments us.

Just like any other dream interpretation, seeing thunder has some advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation in which you have observed it. As we have already mentioned, some visions are signs of happiness and success. While others warn us of some bad moment that awaits us in the future.

What does it mean to dream of thunder?

What does it mean to dream of thunder

Dream interpretation of dreams with thunder signifies sudden awareness, insight and spiritual revelation. Often, this vision is associated with a sense of surprise and strong emotions. Pay attention to the context and your emotions within thunder-related dreams, and they will offer clues for real life and your near future.

In general, seeing thunder in dreams represents a bad time or the beginning of difficulties for you. But how do we know what exactly this incident means, and should we really associate it with our real life or is it just a fantasy that crossed our mind while we were dreaming? There are some simple interpretations about thunder variations. Below we give you a clear idea about what their variations mean.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning

The meaning of dreams with thunder and lightning predicts that you will soon meet someone very familiar, and unexpectedly you will be surprised by the abrupt appearance of that special person. This will be the person with whom you will spend exceptional time and with whom you will enjoy truly pleasant company.

In other contexts, thunder and lightning can also be a warning about an emotional explosion you will have. If you see thunder coming your way, you can avoid that situation before it happens. Thunder can also be a symbol of deep anger that you have built up inside of you.

Having seen thunder and lightning in dreams also points to forces that are beyond your control. These forces can be destructive and you don’t know if they will fall upon you. However, you could still take appropriate precautions to reduce the risk of being affected by them. Protect yourself when times are bad, for trouble is coming that although you can weather it will leave you with consequences.

Dreams with lightning and thunder

Those who see lightning and thunder in dreams should expect bad news. Hearing thunder also represents a commercial loss, and problems that are in front of you, in relation to a business. On a sentimental level, they predict arguments, problems and incompatibility of characters of the members of the couple.

Seeing lightning is an indication that you will receive certain warnings about future surprises or dangers. Try to be attentive to any sign in real life, as they could be the prelude to a sudden and surprising change in a short time.

To dream of lightning and thunder brings news of meeting someone you have always admired, possibly from your past. This will be a happy meeting where you can exchange experiences. Hearing thunder in the distance warns that negativity is building up around you. This warning may give you enough time to move away before it affects you.

Dreaming of rain and thunder

If you have dreamed of rain and thunder it means that you feel strong enough to fight problems. Walking under a heavy rain and seeing lightning in the sky, promises the overcoming of your fears and your current problems. If you have been brave enough to go outside in a rain, storm and lightning, that’s how you will be in real life.

If you saw yourself running during a heavy rain with thunder, it means that you will achieve your goals thanks to the support of your friends. Dream experts say that these natural phenomena are associated with the desire to open your soul to someone.

Dreams with loud thunder

If you dreamed of loud thunder, it is because a certain improbable event will occur after you hear some news. Be careful with the people around you, as they may react and act in a surprising way. This dream signals that there will be very interesting chain reactions.

Dreaming of thunder in the sky

A dream vision with thunder in the sky promises a brilliant event. If you watched with joy the thunder and lightning in the sky, in the midst of the storm, your stubbornness and assertiveness will help you to achieve the desired. If you were trying to take pictures of this phenomenon in the sky, you will live an experience that will be very memorable.

Dreams with thunder and fire

To dream of thunder and fire symbolizes a sudden change or rebirth after a shocking event. You may have to completely change your way of thinking and acting to complete the transformation. Try to do a complete restructuring in your projects or endeavors.

Dreaming of thunder and hail

A dream with thunder and hail is a prediction of disappointments. Partners will suffer painful disappointments without response. Businessmen will have material losses and people in general will have a hard time. You will be disappointed even from your friends and loved ones.

Dreaming of water thunder

This vision with water thunder indicates that you will encounter situations in which you will have to make quick and concrete decisions. Perhaps you will meet someone and you will have to decide quickly if he or she will be a good choice for you.

The meaning of dreaming of thunder in the sea points to the wisdom and knowledge of these dreamers. You will learn the truth after going through a shocking event, this will resolve many doubts about a specific situation and you will be able to move on with your life.

Dreaming of thunder at night

The interpretation of dreams with thunder at night can be a symbol of something undiscovered or difficult to understand, which requires you to try harder. In some cases, dreams about events that occur during the night could be a sign that you may soon experience trouble.

Dreams with Deafening Thunder

A vision with deafening thunder is a sign of mental torment and worries, say dream experts. If you hear thunder over your head, this dream symbolizes that you know you are guilty before someone. The best thing you can do in this situation is to apologize.

Dreaming of a lot of thunder

Dreams with a lot of thunder symbolize turbulent feelings of anger and hurt, bitterness and revenge. This may even be about a stormy relationship with ups and downs. This dream may also signify dangerous pastimes, such as sailing or hunting, where you are very dependent on the external elements for success.

Dreams of hearing thunder

Whoever dreams of hearing thunder will soon receive news. To find out what kind of news you will receive, let’s look at the details of the dream. If you were frightened by thunder because it sounded very loud, it will be worries that will come. If you were just looking at the sky full of thunder, it will be good news that awaits you.

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5 Definitions
  1. Thunder may indicate a loud knocking at the door of the dreamer’s conscious mind to force the dreamer to pay attention and to learn. If accompanied by lightning bolts, inspiration and enlightenment may be indicated.

  2. The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke April 7, 2022 at 6:18 pm

    Thunder represents our feelings of fury. It could be that you will have a discussion.
    It is very possible that your relationships are too stormy. Hearing thunder also foretells the imminent approach of some danger in your life.

    If the thunder is accompanied by lightening, you could suffer betrayal by a friend.
    In ancient Greece, it was believed that the cause of storms was the disputes between Zeus and his wife Hera. In Sumerian mythology, the storm was associated with the roar of the bull and rites of fertility. The dream represents your indomitable and powerful psychic strength.

  3. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    The message in the dream depends on the quality of the sound. If it muttered and rolled, it was warning you that your suspicions of false friends are well-founded; if it boomed and crashed, it was telling you that your most urgent problem will soon be solved.

  4. Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox April 15, 2022 at 4:20 pm

    You are seeing evidence of dramatic moments of enlightenment. Thunder is the auditory evidence of the presence of lightning.
    If lightning is to be understood as a sudden burst of enlightenment and awareness that appears in an instant and changes things forever, thunder is the booming announcement that comes along with the moment. There is an old method of determining one’s distance from lightning strikes by counting the number of seconds between the lightning strike and the clap of thunder that follows.
    If thunder and lightning are both present in the dream, it raises the stakes of the dream. It can also point to the distinction between a moment of awareness and the secondary impact of the change it initiates.

  5. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 20, 2022 at 8:09 am

    Thunder symbolizes anger, loud words, outbursts of emotion, and aggression. If you dream of rumbling thunder in the distance, someone’s anger or aggressive feelings are building. If you dream of loud cracking thunder or a big thunderstorm, you are angrier than you realize. You haven’t been letting it come out in your waking life, so it is exploding in a storm inside your dream.

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