Dream meaning of target

To dream of a target, foretells you will have some affair demanding your attention from other more pleasant ones.

For a woman to think she is a target, denotes her reputation is in danger through the envy of friendly associates.

Whether it’s the bullseye on a dartboard, a military objective, or a sales goal, the concept of a “target” pervades many areas of our lives. It’s no surprise, then, that targets might appear in our dreams as well. If you find yourself dreaming about a target, it can have numerous interpretations, each offering a unique glimpse into your subconscious.

Here are some of the most common meanings and interpretations of dreaming about targets:

Goals and Aspirations

The most straightforward interpretation of seeing a target in a dream pertains to your personal or professional goals. The dream might be a representation of your ambitions and the steps you need to take to achieve them. It could also be a reminder that you need to focus to achieve your objectives.

Precision and Accuracy

A target often requires precise action—whether it’s hitting a bullseye or accomplishing a specific task. Dreaming of a target may indicate that precision and accuracy are needed in some aspect of your life. It could be a sign that you need to pay more attention to details in order to succeed.

Decision Making

Targets often require a choice—to aim, to shoot, to focus. In a dream, this can symbolize that you’re in a position where you have to make an important decision. Consider what surrounds the target in your dream for more context. Are you hesitating to make the shot? This might indicate a fear of making the wrong decision.

Vulnerability and Exposure

Being a target in a dream, as in being hunted or aimed at, could symbolize feelings of vulnerability or being exposed. If you find yourself as the target, it may suggest that you feel as though you’re being unjustly blamed, attacked, or singled out in some area of your waking life.


Hitting or missing a target in your dream could be related to a sense of responsibility. If you hit the target, you may be feeling confident about fulfilling your duties and obligations. On the other hand, missing the target could mean that you’re anxious about not meeting expectations, either your own or someone else’s.

Seeking Clarity

A blurred or constantly moving target in a dream might signify that your objectives or enemies in life are not clearly defined. You could be grappling with a situation where the parameters are continuously changing, making it hard for you to focus and take appropriate action.


Sometimes a target in a dream may signify opportunities, almost like a dartboard of options. If you are aiming at multiple targets, it could mean that you are faced with a variety of opportunities and need to choose wisely. On the flip side, multiple targets could also mean you’re spread too thin and need to focus your attention on a single goal.

Relationship Dynamics

If the target in your dream involves another person, such as a competition to hit the target, it may symbolize the dynamics of a relationship. This could be indicative of a rivalry, a mutual goal, or a shared challenge that you and this other person are facing.

Personal Interpretation

As with all dream symbols, your personal feelings and the context of the target within the dream are crucial for accurate interpretation. Your personal history with targets—perhaps you’re an athlete or served in the military—can heavily influence the meaning.


Dreams about targets can serve as both motivation and warning, asking you to consider your goals, your roles, and your responsibilities carefully. As you aim for the bullseye in your waking life, these dream targets offer you a moment to reflect, refocus, and possibly even redefine what you’re aiming for.

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  1. Dreaming about a target often reflects one’s aims and goals. Alternatively, perhaps the dreamer feels like she or he is the target of something.

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