Dream meaning of tail

Dream Meaning of Tail: Extensions of the Self, Hidden Desires, and Balance

To dream of seeing only the tail of a beast, unusual annoyance is indicated where pleasures seemed assured.

To cut off the tail of an animal, denotes that you will suffer misfortune by your own carelessness.

To dream that you have the tail of a beast grown on you, denotes that your evil ways will cause you untold distress, and strange events will cause you perplexity.

The tail is an intriguing symbol that can appear in dreams, often evoking a variety of interpretations depending on the context. Whether it’s an animal tail, a tail on a vehicle, or even your own tail, this dream symbol can offer multiple layers of meaning that are as fascinating as they are insightful. Here’s a closer look at what dreaming about a tail might signify:

Extensions of the Self

A tail is often seen as an extension of the body for many animals. If you dream of having a tail yourself, it may symbolize aspects of your personality or skills that you are not fully acknowledging or utilizing. Just like animals use tails for balance, communication, and other functions, your “tail” could signify latent talents or qualities that you need to bring into focus.

Hidden Desires and Repression

In many cultural stories and mythologies, the tail is often linked to the hidden, repressed, or “darker” aspects of a character. If you dream about hiding a tail, it might reflect your own hidden desires or emotions that you are not comfortable expressing in your waking life. Alternatively, a tail being revealed could signify that you are coming to terms with these suppressed aspects.

Balance and Stability

For many animals, tails serve a practical function in maintaining balance. Dreaming of a tail could symbolize your need for balance in different areas of your life—whether it’s work-life balance, emotional balance, or even balancing relationships. If the tail is cut off or missing, it might signify feeling off-balance or unstable in some way.

Social Signals and Communication

Some animals use their tails for signaling or communicating. A wagging dog tail, for example, generally represents happiness or excitement. If you dream of an animal using its tail in this way, consider your own nonverbal cues and what you may be communicating to others, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Transformation and Identity

In some dreams, people may find themselves growing a tail, which could signify a transformation of sorts. This could range from personal growth to a change in how you see yourself or how you wish to be seen by others. In more negative contexts, this could indicate a fear of becoming something you’re not, or being labeled in a way that doesn’t resonate with your true self.

Power and Control

The tail can also be a symbol of power or control, especially if it’s a strong or dangerous tail like that of a lion or a crocodile. The act of holding or grasping a tail might signify controlling a situation, whereas being struck by a tail could indicate feeling overpowered or threatened.

Context Matters

As always, the context and details of the dream are crucial in providing a more accurate interpretation. For example, the type of animal the tail belongs to, its condition (healthy, injured, etc.), and how it’s being used in the dream can offer further insights into its meaning.


Dreams about tails can be as complex and varied as the tails themselves. They can represent everything from hidden desires to balance and stability in one’s life. Like any dream symbol, the meaning is often highly personal and should be considered alongside other elements of the dream and your personal life experiences. Consider keeping a dream journal to note down specifics, and if necessary, consult a dream analyst for more targeted insights.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams:

Physical Physical
You are focusing on maintaining balance, remembering something from your past, or you’re waiting for someone or something to catch up with you. You’re looking at basic vitality, male sexuality, and sexual needs. A situation is dragging out, taking too long.
Emotional Emotional
A wagging tail means happiness and excitement. A curly tail means mischievous, sometimes lustful, feelings. A switching tail means you feel annoyance, irritation, or occasionally, pleasure. “Hightailing it” means you’re moving rapidly, suddenly, or high-spiritedly. To “turn tail” or leave with your “tail between your legs” means you are humiliated, defeated, or frightened and want to flee from difficulty.
Spiritual Spiritual
You’re focusing on instinct and urges. Holding the tail of an animal means you’re following your gut instinct. Cutting off a tail “curtails” access to the wisdom of the body and earth.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

A tail can refer to excitement, as in a dog that wags its tale, or the opposite, as when a tail is dragged between one’s legs. There are numerous idioms involving this word, and dreams in which a tail is featured can be alluding to the meaning of any one of them: “turn tail,” “on someone else’s coattails,” a “tail wagging the dog,” or the “tail end” of something.

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

If in the dream you grow a tail it represents your animal nature. The fact the tail is on your back can also mean rejection of part of your sexual dimension.

If you cut off an animal’s tail, the dream predicts you will not receive care and affection.

If you grow a tail, your dream could allude to a bad action that you have done, such that the subconscious perceives you as a demonic being. It could also be interpreted as a phallic symbol or be a masculine sexual allusion.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

The tails of domestic animals indicate domestic happiness; wild animal tails suggest profit after adversity; and fish tails signify successful speculation.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Tails in the animal kingdom have a number of functions, from expressiveness to movement and balance. Since our most consistent relationship with this body part is through domesticated pets, it is the tail’s ability to express anxiety and joy that is most likely the meaning of a tail in a dream.
If you have a tail in a dream, it relates to both a return to primitive instincts as well as the transparency that comes when you can’t hide your true feelings.

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