Dream meaning » synagogue

To dream of a synagogue, foretells that you have enemies powerfully barricading your entrance into fortune’s realms.

If you climb to the top on the outside, you will overcome oppositions and be successful.

If you read the Hebrew inscription on a synagogue, you will meet disaster, but will eventually rebuild your fortunes with renewed splendor.

See also: Church

Physical Physical
You are looking at your mistakes and how to rectify things in your life. You need to treat your body as a temple.
Emotional Emotional
You’re looking for guidance, to be uplifted and nurtured, to forgive or be forgiven. You need to be appreciated by those you love.
Spiritual Spiritual
You’re focusing on a spiritual context or space, your value system and the things you hold sacred, religious beliefs, or attitudes toward organized religion. You need to pray for yourself or others, or receive grace, spiritual nourishment, or atonement.
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