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To see a swordfish in your dream represents your ability to cut through your emotions and break through the emotional barriers. Alternatively, the swordfish symbolizes masculine sexuality.


Physical Physical
Catching a fish, especially a big one, portends success in a venture. Seeing fish means you need to be more adaptable, flexible, and sensitive.
Emotional Emotional
You are focusing on specific feelings in your subconscious. Catching a fish means dealing with one deep emotional issue. Trying to hold a fish that wriggles away means you’re having trouble forming or maintaining a relationship. A dead or dying fish signifies disappointment or hopelessness. You are insecure, “fishing for compliments.”
Spiritual Spiritual
You are dipping into the collective unconscious for creative ideas, or messages from the superconscious mind. You are actively pursuing a spiritual quest and transformation.

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Reply to  Ella

Dreaming of a swordfish connects with the emotional side of yourself; it is your ability to be wise without being strategic. You can often simply respond instinctively to what is going on, without needing to analyse it.

The collective unconscious as Jung called it is part of life you share, the common experience, awareness and knowledge which you have is becoming available to you.


I dreamed of a HUGE fish! I realize this usually means pregnancy, but this fish was so huge, I thought it might mean something else. We were trying to get it out of a pail, that was obviously too small for the fish. And by the way, I cannot have anymore children so..
The swordfish was not aggressive, I just saw it. It was not moving

Reply to  Ella

Dreams don’t foretell things like getting pregnant anyway.

It could mean that you went looking for something and wound up with way more than you could handle. Also it could represent a memory or idea that you brought to the surface that is also more than you can handle.

Being a swordfish means there’s a danger to it more so than any old fish. You don’t mention whether it’s aggressive or whether you have it under control but those would be important in terms of how you’re handling this issue, whatever it is.

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