Dream meaning of sweeping

Many people find sweeping a tedious task, few people enjoy doing it. But this does not mean that dreaming about sweeping is something negative, even if we do not believe it, dreaming about sweeping can be a very good omen.

By sweeping we remove all the dust – or impurities – that lurk in our home, room or office. It can be beneficial for the hygiene of the environment and even for body aesthetics and health. It is usually a common task and many people may dream of sweeping, so this time we will study the interpretation of this dream vision.

As in our daily life, dreaming with a broom or with things related to cleanliness such as dreaming of sweeping the house is the symbolism of getting rid of impurities or what we dislike in our subconscious.

It also means that you are a person full of good vibes, responsibility and coherence. In the same way, it can presage a significant improvement in your work and economic life. You always see the good side of things and are guided by the right path, choosing good over evil.

You avoid vices and temptations.

What does it mean to dream of sweeping?

Based on the opinion of many dream experts, dreams related to housework talk about the responsibility you show every day. Therefore, dreaming of sweeping is a clear sign that you are a consistent and responsible person. You know how to differentiate between right and wrong, always choosing the right path. You avoid and reject at all costs any vice and temptation.

So too, it is likely that right now you are having sweeping dreams because you are trying to expel from your life certain habits or companies that do not suit you. You have realized that certain things you do on a regular basis are only causing you consequences. Another group of dream analysts suggest that dreaming of sweeping indicates at first glance a sense of neatness. However, this does not mean that you like to have everything neat and tidy. It may also refer to the care you take of things and people. You are a delicate and kind person with everyone around you. You seek to create harmony and overshadow chaos.

To dream of sweeping up trash

What does it mean to dream of sweeping

To dream that you are sweeping garbage is a good omen, since, both in dreams and in life, garbage is usually something quite unpleasant, and to dream that we sweep it indicates that we get rid of things that we do not like or dislike.

Dreams of sweeping someone else’s house

This dream does not directly portend something good or bad, it means that soon a friend will ask you for advice and you will be a fundamental part in the process of getting rid of old habits that are currently affecting your life, so when dreaming of sweeping someone else’s house do not hesitate to advise your friends if they come to you for help.

Dreaming of sweeping earth

To dream of sweeping dirt or to dream of sweeping dust usually means that we will get out of our life certain confusions or problems that we may have at present, in this way we can achieve greater stability in our life and thus be able to see improvements in our professional, economic and social life.

Dreams with sweeping the street

This foretells that you will be in sight of everyone, that the eyes of every person around you are on you studying your every move, this can cause anxiety in you and probably that is the reason why you dream this. To dream of sweeping the street may also mean that you are carrying a great weight on your shoulders that you want to get rid of.

To dream of broom sweeping

To dream of broom sweeping can have two meanings: if the broom is new, it means that you will achieve success as long as you refrain from certain things that only make your life dirty. On the other hand, if the broom is old and worn out, this is an omen of bad omen, you will live difficult times where you will experience economic losses, even losing your job.

Dreams with sweeping the house

To dream of sweeping the house or to dream of sweeping the floor of the house means that there are things in our life that we must change or renew, remember that in the dream world the floor is the representation of ideas or principles, and the house could represent ourselves, from which we would have a direct translation that we have to change some principles of our life.

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The Dream Encyclopedia

A dream about sweeping is likely about clearing away something, either feelings or something else in our life we want to “clean up.” A dream about sweeping could also be drawing on one of the many expressions that use “sweep” metaphorically, such as “making a clean sweep,” “sweeping something under the carpet,” or “sweeping someone off their feet.”

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

To sweep in dreams is equivalent to getting rid of old ideas and attitudes. You must set aside what is worthless to begin a new life stage.
Dreaming of sweeping has different meanings depending on where it is done.

If it is the subject’s room, it predicts a good end to romantic projects; if it is the house, it signals the need to address an everyday problem; and if it is a business space, exhaustion due to work overload. In the case that you need to sweep and have not done it yet, you could suffer great upset soon.

According to a superstition, to sweep what is unnecessary out of your house, you run the risk of sweeping out good luck. Thus, these dreams have negative connotations.

The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett
The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett

Whatever your troubles are they will be swept away on a happy wave of money luck if your dream featured this menial task.

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