Dream meaning of surfing

To dream that you are surfing parallels the ups and downs of some emotional situation or relationship. You may feel overwhelmed. One minute you can be in control of your emotions and the next minute you are not.

Alternatively, the dream means that you are going with the flow.

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2 Definitions
  1. The Complete Guide to Interpreting Your Dreams » Stearn Robinson & Tom Corbett April 12, 2022 at 10:44 am

    A modest but encouraging advance in either – or both – your love and business affairs is the message in a dream of the surf breaking on the shore.

  2. Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson April 20, 2022 at 7:49 am

    To dream of surfing means you are skimming right over the top of all those emotions, not letting them get to you. You’d rather have fun than dwell on things that are uncomfortable or difficult.

    If you are an actual surfer, surfing dreams may help you improve your skill.

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