Dream meaning of stomach

To see your own stomach in your dream refers to the beginning of new changes in your life. The dream may highlight the difficulties you have with accepting these changes. It is also indicative of how you can no longer tolerate or put up with a particular situation, relationship, or person, as in being able to “stomach” something.
Alternatively, the stomach is often seen as the center of emotions. Thus the dream may be about how you process or handle your emotions.

To see or touch someone’s stomach in your dream indicates that this person is trying to reach out to you. He or she is trying to connect o you on an emotional level.

To dream that you have sticks stuck through your stomach is a pun on sticking to your guts. If you pull out the sticks, then it means that you are going against your gut instincts.


To dream that you have a stomachache indicates that you are experiencing a high level of stress. You tend to take on more than you can handle. Alternatively, a stomachache refers to some painful emotion that you are refusing to confront.

The Hidden Meanings of Your Dreams

Physical Physical
You need to pay attention to what you eat, and how you assimilate your food. Similarly, you need to be careful about the people you bring close to you and the kind of support you give yourself.
Emotional Emotional
You’re receiving emotional, instinctual information. A knot in the stomach means you sense something is wrong or false about a situation. Not being able to “stomach something” means you are disgusted, afraid, or threatened to the point of physical nausea and vomiting.
Spiritual Spiritual
You are digesting new ideas, attitudes, and nourishing resource materials.
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The Dream Encyclopedia

Dreaming of one’s stomach may indicate that the dreamer has lost his or her appetite for (“can no longer stomach”) a situation, relationship, or job. 
The stomach also symbolizes the source of the feelings and the emotional power or capacity to meet or withstand a demand on the feelings (“need a strong stomach” to handle a situation or event).

The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

In oneiric terms, dreaming of the stomach may have a physiological origin. Otherwise, this is often related to your refusal to “digest” the events that disturb you. The message of the dream is clear: you must take things more philosophically.

Symbolizes maternity and the need for care and protection. Dreaming that you have a swollen belly indicates that you are saturated by responsibilities.

If it hurts, it signifies that you are trying to evade a problem or situation that you believe has nothing to do with you.

Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson
Dream Dictionary » Eve Adamson & Gayle Williamson

If you notice your stomach in your dream, you feel vulnerable.
If you dream someone touches your stomach, you are feeling ready to be intimate with someone.
If you dream your stomach hurts, someone has hurt you emotionally, or you could have a health problem.

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