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Believe it or not, dreaming of being stabbed is quite common among people, as most dreams tend to repeat themselves constantly, so this dream does not necessarily mean something bad. However, dreaming this kind of thing usually speaks a lot about the dreamer, as it can represent a desire to actually do it or it can also speak about the existing negative feeling towards another person.

This dream itself should not be a cause for concern, but dreaming it or knowing someone who dreams about this constantly may be something that needs urgent attention and a specialist in this area should be seen.

These types of dreams where a stab wound is the main element can manifest when something is expected to happen, and that something could go wrong, such as medical tests, an exam, the worry of losing a job. Worries are usually the origin of these bad dreams and the meaning of each worry or fear depends on the location or situation of the stabbing.

If you’ve been surprised to have a dream with a stabbing (being stabbed), you should know that there are many more people who have it, they all have something in common and that is that they do not stop wondering the meaning of dreaming of being stabbed.

Usually dreaming about this kind of situations can mean that you should be attentive to everything around you, anticipating possible problems to come. It is well known that for this type of dreams you do not get physical damage, however, this could cause that you could not lead a quiet life, because it can create a real concern that this happens.

This nightmare is common among certain types of people. Likewise, when you have already had it once, it is possible that it repeats itself in successive nights or periods of your life. After all, that is what dreams have, they await mystery and unknowns that are difficult to unravel but that when you solve, you will know yourself much better, you will discover things you never imagined.

What does it mean to dream of being stabbed?

What does it mean to dream of stabbed

To dream that you are stabbed, is the most common dream, it reveals that there is someone who tries to hurt you, so you should walk with caution, go carefully so that the person who tries to hurt you without your knowledge does not succeed. This is because the subconscious knows much more than you think and deep down you have realized what is happening. On the other hand, it may mean anxiety about the possible arrival of bad news. Try to prepare yourself for the worst, so it won’t affect your mood so much.

On the other hand, this dream may also lead you to ask yourself certain questions such as: Are you arguing too much with your partner, Could you have an illness and you are waiting for some test results, Do you think you are going to be fired from your job? You may not identify with these arguments, but each dream is subjective for the dreamer and you have to take into account the personal situation of the dreamer.

Therefore, it is always advisable to stop and think for a few minutes to remember what exactly happened in the dream, as it will later influence the interpretation. It is not the same to dream of a backstabbing as a symbol of someone trying to betray you behind your back, than to have it done to your face, straight to the heart, as a consequence of heartbreak in real life. It is worth noting that here you will find different interpretations for different scenarios which will help you find the precise meaning of your dream.

To dream of being stabbed in the back

To dream of being stabbed or stabbing someone in the back means that you show feelings of contempt or envy towards someone. You feel frustration inside, you feel envious of a friend who is doing better, you have anger, hatred or desire for revenge. The best thing to do is to unburden yourself with a loved one you trust or go to a psychologist to tell him about your problems. He will know how to model your behavior and expel the anger you carry inside.

Dreams of being stabbed in the stomach

To dream that you are stabbed in the stomach warns that you may suffer a wound to your pride. This dream is associated with hatred and fear, it shows desires for revenge. If you have encountered situations in which you have been hurt, you are likely to have this dream. Avoid realizing that negative feeling it causes you.

Dreaming of being stabbed in the neck

To dream that you are stabbed in the neck signifies separation between your mind and your heart or feelings. You must analyze what is flowing wrongly in your sentimental life. In this way, you will avoid feelings taking you by surprise, finding a solution in a simple way.

Dreams that you are stabbed in your side

To dream that you are stabbed in the side represents sorrow, obligations, anger, psychological or emotional damage, also the anguish that you are living, it is necessary to stop a little and take some time to heal. When dreaming of wounds on one side we must take into account how big the wound is, because depending on its size and depth it may be foretelling good things.

To dream that you are stabbed in the heart

To dream that you are stabbed in the heart is a reference to the lack of support in your real life. Perhaps you are going through a bad time in your love life and you feel that you are lacking love or you feel that you are going to be betrayed at a key moment.

Dreams of being stabbed with scissors

To dream that you are stabbed with scissors assumes that you will end a business relationship or friendship. It may include the feeling of betrayal from someone at work or a very close friend.

Other meanings of dreaming that you are stabbed

To dream that you stab several people. If in the dream you see several stabbings happening simultaneously, it means that your steps are moving in an environment full of insecurity, lurid.

If you have dreamed that you are stabbed and you survive, it means that you will overcome all the difficulties along the way. You are good at solving difficult problems in life. You may find yourself in some complicated conflict, but fear not, because you are trying hard enough to overcome it. However, it could also be a sign of a reckless and vehement personality, so you should tread carefully.

To dream that your partner is stabbed means that you feel concerned about how you are currently living. Your partner symbolizes the support you receive in your daily decisions.

Dreams in which you are stabbed and large pools of blood are generated refer to the fact that you have recalled stories from the past that disturbed you and that you did not solve at the time. Wounds that hurt you a lot and have not completely healed. Introspection is the best way to become aware of those situations that you have not been able to solve.

If you dreamt that you stab a stranger, it means that your self-esteem is very low and that you do not trust people. You are overcome by fears that you may be betrayed. You even feel inferior to others. It is recommended that you work on your self-confidence and self-esteem.

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The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke
The Big Dictionary of Dreams » Martha Clarke

If in dreams you stab someone it means you must solve an emotional conflict that has been postponed for too long; it has consequently taken on exaggerated proportions. Therefore, if you interpret it correctly, you need to urgently approach the person or the emotion stabbed in order to solve this problem in a positive way. In this case, dreams validate the premise that there is a thin line between love and hate. Not surprisingly, it is common for oneiric images to display scenes in which the subject attacks those whose affection is most needed.

Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox
Complete Dictionary of Dreams » Dr. Michael Lennox

Something is making a deep and penetrating impact on you, perhaps a betrayal of some sort. The act of stabbing creates a very narrow, deeply penetrating wound that can do a surprising amount of damage by compromising a fairly small amount of flesh. In other words, a little goes a long way.

Harsh or sharp words can have the same effect. The right phrase, delivered with the proper tone, can cut very deeply and wound a person at a surprisingly deep level. In fact, any penetrating action that occurs suddenly and contains a touch of violent intention could be represented by stabbing in a dream.

A sudden change in loyalty is often referred to as a stab in the back. Unexpected news can feel like a stab in the heart. The nature of a small wound that produces a great deal of blood symbolizes the devastation that can follow even the smallest of hurts.

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